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Topic Subject:upon campaign making
posted 24 April 2003 10:07 PM EDT (US)         
Well, come on please show some more support on campaign making please.
Usually what I see here is a campaign post... mostly it just sink to the bottom. Iíve been to this frustration, and now Iím seeing others with the same frustration.

So far my campaign thread is being extra lucky because there are people actually trying to help me and two joined from here.

All Iím saying is that even though campaigns are not done in a week usually, so that you canít play it in the short run, but campaigns are usually bigger and better.

Bigger, thus harder to do. Then thereís the whole support thing. Campaign makers urgently need support and team members to join. Without a team, the campaign would most likely to be only a dream. Again, I am fortunate that I received numerous good team members. They are just awesome. There is also the normal support from the public, ďI canít wait for it to be releasedĒ and ďIt looks really niceĒ. Though it is almost ďpointlessĒ to say, if you think, but it works differently on the campaign maker. It is a form of almost magical encouragement that keeps the project together. For my campaign, I kept it up by myself for four months without any support, members, and I almost went nuts.

Occasionally I get people email me say they want to join, then I email them back... itís like I use a hunk of meat to hit a hungry lion--it never comes back again. That really delays the campaign making and annoying, if they suddenly decide not to, they should contact back.

Since campaigns are very hard to make, suggestion is a part of the factors as well.

blah blah blah. there are campaign tutorials out there, but how many people actually did make campaigns? how many people have thought of making campaigns? i'm sure there is a lot. then how many are keeping it up? not many.

Look at the pitiable amount of campaigns we have. Also they are short.
And what do you think about campaigns?
Just hope that you would participate a bit more in threads about campaigns than before. Just wish to make it easier for us. And more campaign production. Thank you!

btw if anyone interested in making cinematics for "the last of the Atlanteans" campaign, contact

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posted 24 April 2003 10:13 PM EDT (US)     1 / 12       
you have to understand that everyone has their own projects. It's difficult to find a designer that doesn't have enough to do as it is, so getting recruits for group campaigns is hard.

posted 24 April 2003 10:28 PM EDT (US)     2 / 12       
but we are terribly short at campaigns tho.
there are tons of scn and blood maps already.

well you are right on everyone has a project and even more right on it's hard to get a group going. I know and understand too, how busy it is. but there is always the time to drop some comments if you have the time to even come online to the forums.

but somethings like a voice actor wouldn't take that much to do. I already have enough stuff for half a year, but just help out others won't take that long and would be nice to them.

and you always can finish a project can't you? Then there's a break inbetween. yes some people have unlimited ideas they want to work on, same as my case, but not everyone. some even ask for ideas.

I'm not going to say that the net campaign shouldn't get people resources, it really, really should, as it's a priority, but the thread really shows that there are human resources out there. There is the possibility.

and i'm not speaking on my behalf now, I've got a good team i want.

posted 25 April 2003 00:39 AM EDT (US)     3 / 12       
We are terribly short of anything really. When I bought AoM, I came here immedietely to get some scns...woops, they all sucked.

They're so boring! Kill Kamos, Kill Kemsyt, Kill Garga-whatever.

You rcampaign sounds cool if you really worked that hard on it, but the 25 snc idea makes it sound kind of very poorly done. Have you got any screenshots?

posted 25 April 2003 00:53 AM EDT (US)     4 / 12       
Very True,

@Gaurdian112. There is few scenarios that are worth playing. But keep looking. There is always a little light inside the locked up coffen. Meaning that there is a few really good ones, just look.

@Battlestar. I suggest you look around and join a design team, if you ever want to start a big project. There is always someone that is willing to help, and things goes so much faster.

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posted 25 April 2003 01:16 AM EDT (US)     5 / 12       
nichts nichts. nein nein, no no.
it's not an "idea" anymore, nor "starting"
the idea would have its anniversary soon, a long history: started since i went to aomc as a noob, then got to be a mod, still looking for ppl, conner joined, happy, more joined happier, aomc closes, sad, more people joins, great. huh
it's been 6 months for me since start of making it and 3 months since the first crew to join.
Now I got my team assembled, and there are now 7 actives
Now itís gathered around for its max speed I think.
So I doubt if I look for a design team, the team would take up everyone in the crew...

oh yes, loads of them. however with aomc closed down... most aren't avaliable online. but here are some:
darn darn darn only three left online lol
username: battlestar
password: either battlestar or 134679

these are just mine, there are really good ones from other teammates as well.

Iím not working myself so 25 wonít be hard to achieve with a high quality.

By the way give me some ďnot boringĒ map ideas =)

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bo shek mafia ma
posted 25 April 2003 06:37 PM EDT (US)     6 / 12       
I think many people (me included) are making/hoping to make campaings its just that there is no campaing editor and, although there is a way to make a campaing, it can be very complicated.

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posted 26 April 2003 10:19 PM EDT (US)     7 / 12       
BAH HUMBUG hes got me on the team itll get done sooner or later and when it does itll kick butt.. if i can figure out his drawing ;-)
posted 27 April 2003 00:45 AM EDT (US)     8 / 12       
ur map is the most trigger complexed... but you will figure it out count me on that.
posted 27 April 2003 01:49 PM EDT (US)     9 / 12       
ill have to buy a bootle of asprin for that many triigers and possible errors :S
posted 27 April 2003 05:36 PM EDT (US)     10 / 12       
test em out one by one... and due to cheezy's editor, we can do different parts of the trigger all at the same time!!!
i just finished the description and am waiting to see ur reaction
posted 28 April 2003 06:16 AM EDT (US)     11 / 12       
battlestar000 would you like your campaign to be hosted by Ragnarok Studios? If so contact me or reply to this post.
We will give you support and give u a free site.

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posted 29 April 2003 03:00 AM EDT (US)     12 / 12       
Are you going to reply?....
Im very anxious about this

Leader of Liquid Fire. Animator Seb C.

One does not simply leave HG
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