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Topic Subject:An update from MWD
Fire Giant
posted 20 March 2004 03:08 PM EDT (US)         
Well, finally, I managed to write this up. I've been quite busy lately due to personal things, real life jobs and other stuff, but I think the AoMH community could use an update on what we are working on and what you can expect to be released soon

So here's the update on MWD-projects.

(For those of you who don't know: MWD is the premier German AoM design-team and already published a number of top-rated projects in the past, including "Athyr - A Journey Into The Unknown" and "Eskilderia", the map which was ranked 2nd in AoMH PTCDC 2003).


1. The old projects
Yeah, there are some old projects at MWD which we are still working on. Most of them are modding projects like Tales of Fantasy, but there are also some maps which were already started back in spring 2003 and are not yet finished but still being worked on. Here's the list:
"Project 3": This codenamed map hasn't been worked on for quite a long time. It was started a long time ago and meant to be released quite fast, but unfortunately the designers who worked on it turned to other projects. The map has been taken back up lately and is being finalized now. The map design is almost done, but there are not triggers yet.
Project Athetos: This one was already being prepared before AoM even came out, and the story has been done for almost a year now. While the map had been done already in summer 2003, we reworked it after the first triggers were done, because some tricks had been discovered in meantime and we got some great new mappers who replaced the first "team" for this projects as they, one mapper and one triggerer, left the team in mid-2003. The map is being triggered now, and almost 20-30 % of the triggers are done (including two long cinematics with almost 5 minutes of cinematic action). Here's a sneak-preview screenie for the inpatient of you:

The dialog is German (as the first release of this project will be, too), translated it would be this (the "King" is talking): "Don't worry, we're well armoured. Who should dare to attack me ?". Have fun speculating what will be the story of this map

Tales of Fantasy: This project got somewhat abadoned recently. Some of the modders left us, and others didn't have time to contribute any more. We also got some kind of stuck because no one really know who should do what. Still, we are not sure wheter this project will be continued, but I'm confident we'll at least release a mini-version of ToF, as a lot of stuff is already done. Time will show.

Back to the Beta-Mod: Look at this thread for more info regarding BtB

2. New projects (announcements)
Not too much here, since most of the older projects weren't known by the English community, too. But here's some little information on what you can expect from MWD in the future.
First of all, we are currently working at a new-style RPG-map which is codenamed "The Threat" and features the adventures of a humble farmer who, inquiring why strange creatures attacked his village, starts on a long and dangerous journey - which may either lead him to hell or save his and his countrymens lifes. I'll probably post a screenshot of this map if many of you ask me to do it
Second, and this is a really new thing that hasn't been announced in the German community for now as well - yes, there will probably be a sequel to "Athyr - A Journey Into The Unknown", which has been like quite a lot by many of you. This sequel will most likely be named "Athyr II - Into The North", but the title is - as the contents and story are - still not decided and up for discussion in the team. Also, the map isn't done, so this is just kind of a "maybe", highly speculative, announcement. There will not be any more detailed information on this project in the near future.

I hope you got some impression of what we are working on at the moment - have fun speculating and keep supporting us as you are doing

MWD-Forums (english part):

P.S.: I'll probably put in some more things tomorrow, got to leave in a hurry now. There's also an RMS released by MWD recently... you'll hear tomorrow

.: Fire Giant :. staff member
Member of the Mythological World Designers, the first German AoM Design Team.
Member of the project 0 A.D. at Wildfire Games.

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