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Topic Subject:Correct trigger terms
posted 22 March 2004 12:33 PM EDT (US)         
Just a quick thought.
Many at these forums (and elsewhere) make some mistakes with trigger terms. Here are just some easy facts:

  • A Condition is an -indeed!- condition for an effect to happen.
  • An Effect makes something happen.
  • A Trigger is a combination of at least one condition and one effect.

Conclusions: you shouldn't ask "what's the trigger to grant a godpower to a player", because you're asking for an effect. A file that contains new conditions and effects (sorry Reyk ) named "Some New Triggers" has an incorrect name. Only if you ask something like "how can I grant resources to a player if an army is in a certain area", you are asking for a trigger.
A question for an effect presented as a question for a trigger often leads to an answer like:

"Name: (whatever you want)
Condition: (whatever you want)
[and here the author names the effect]"

Quite unneccesary (sp?).
Fortunately there are not many people who ask for a condition like this...

Well, this post was not to insult anybody, but to make trigger posts as clear as possible .

A condition is not a trigger.
An effect is not a trigger.
A trigger is a combination of one or more conditions and effects.
It causes effects to happen if and when conditions are met.

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posted 22 March 2004 03:20 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Is that in the FAQ already? If not, somebody should get it in there.
posted 23 March 2004 04:44 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       


...somebody should get it in there.


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