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Topic Subject:Weekly Design Community Update
(id: lp_usa)
posted 30 January 2005 05:18 PM EDT (US)         
This week a lot has happened in the design community, so I'll break this update down to sections:

Age of Wiki Updates
Before I say anything, I *have* to give a big special thanks to Spitfire, Pete_22, and The Vandhaal. These guys contributes a ton with porting articles from the forums and library to the Wiki, and it's now even more useful. As for articles, many were added this week, too many for me to list, so go checkout Age of Wiki to find out!

Upcoming Projects:
Mythos_Ruler is at it again! This time, making a map of Autralia! Right now there isn't much except the shape, but Mythos is taking "wishes" on what to include, you can request a feature at his forum post.

Mouse Overlord announced that a team of designers (FC_Nidhogg, Forsythe_Racing, and Kronos_EXE) are working on a RPG called Persona RPG (Version 2), here's some of the features he has announced:

-A great ALL NEW map design! Made by Forsythe_Racing, you could never wish for more eyecandy. (And don't wish for more eyecandy, because then it will OOS every game.)
-Over 1000 triggers, and 10000 effects!
-More personas such as the petsuchos, the tent, the priest, and 3 secret ones!
-Less computers to reduce lag!
-New missions!
-Many more things to buy, including more god powers, all type of attack, mercenaries, and stocks!
-An all new stock market that allows you to speed up your llamas and gain gold!
-All bugs fixed! (Of course.)
-WAY Better bosses! (You'll see why!)
-More life choices - play with 1 to 5 lives, or even INFINITE lives!
-2 game modes (although the 2nd one isn't as fun). Normal mode is classic, kill each other fun, while in pacifist mode you have to get to level 20 first to win - no killing each other.
-And more stuff that I forgot![/ind].
Sounds interesting, to see more screenshots, request features, or simply discuss this project, you can visit Mouse Overlord's forum thread.

One of Age of Wiki's best contributer, The Vandhaal, also has a campaign under works, which sounds and looks extremely good. The Vandhaal says the campaign is 95% done (although no release date yet). Here's some features he mentioned:

-8 playable and 10 full cinematic scenarios
-Playable scenarios have mixed styles: rpg, ff, b&d
-Playable scenarios contain many cinematic parts
-All cinematics are very detailed
-Maps are very detailed and have personalized location features (some of you call this eyecandy I just call it detailed)
-Rpg scenarios contain *"simple" puzzles and *"simple" interaction (like buying stuff, choosing turning points, talk, etc.*At least: In my point of view they are simple
-Some scenarios contain weather conditions
-The sound/dialoque tracks are based on Leitmotifs just as the original opera.
-A nice story line. Links to the next parts of this tale (The valkyries, Siegfried and the twillight of the gods) are embedded in the storyline.
-For the techlovers amongst you: Campaign contains some nice trigger work (I lost count on how many but who cares...)
-Well a lot more of stuff which you have find out yourself.[/ind]

This campaign is looking quite good, if you want to drop a comment, and/or view the great screenshots and read some of the story, visit the author's forum thread.

Gaurdian_112, author of many popular scenarios for Age of Mythology, is working on a sequel to his popular Birthright scenario, Birthright 2: Avon's Grove is said to have many improvements from the first scenario, here's a quote from Gaurdian's forum thread:

Birthright 2 is the sequel to 2004's Birthright-The Adventure. The sequel will take the RPG series and AoM Scenario Design to a new level introducing new techinques, fast paced FPS-style combat and a powerful, romantic and suspensful storyline.

Gaurdian also goes on to explain the features:
[ind]-Fun, action-packed and fast paced combat- switch between multiple weapons, gather power ups, cast powerful spells, manipulate the terrain and every object to your will- and more!
-'Knights of the Old Republic'- inspired reputation system. For every mission, you can choose between the 'good' and the 'evil' choice- each with their own unique consequences.
-Over 200 unique missions.
-6 distinct areas to visit- each filled with action-packed moments sure to keep you entertained for hours.
-Highly immersive story-line- fall in love or get revenge, kill your enemy or show mercy- the story is in your hands.
-Dozens of fully animated cinematics.
-A massive world filled with memorable locations, secret areas and impressive eye candy.
-New Experience Gaining System- choose what skills, weapons, power ups and bonuses every time you level up!
-Unique use of 'special effects' to enhance visual experience during combat.
-Shops filled with armor, weapons, spells, 'powerup' potions and more.
-A massive arena filled with booby traps, chained lions and triggered battles- putting an end to the 'right click on your enemy to kill him' era.
-Single Player and Multiplayer Modes. The ability to play your quest online with a friend! (2 players only).
-In-game skippable Tutorial that will explain everything from top to bottom- no more annoying Readme!
-Craft your own spells- gather items from around the map and combine them into a mighty spell!
-Robbing houses now involves an in-door sequence in which you must use stealth to avoid guards and steal the unfortunate owner's belongings!

Multiplayer co-op mode sounds extremely fun! Gaurdian also goes on to say that those are *not* all the features, I can't wait to try this one out! You can comment on this project, give ideas, or call him a doodoo head at his thread.

Finishing off with projects, there's yet another project by Gaurdian (with my colaboration), Heroes Chronicles. Heroes Chronicles is a scenario focused on the AoMH community, you'll play as the most awesome, Lp (me), on his quest to... Well, I have no idea, but I'll definetly be kicking arse. Unfortunally, Gaurdian has submitted the scenario for a contest, and cannot release much information about it (for now), but you can still annoy him at the announcement thread.

Scenario designer Auron_ has written a guide on Cinematic Blocks & Invisible Objects, here's a description:
[ind]In this guide I'll teach you how to use invisible targets, non-visible in game play. I'll also go over how to use them, and what each object does. This includes; cinematic blocks, revealers, death revelaers, vision revealers, revealer to player, attack revealer, camera start, invisible targets, invisible ram, yardsticks, and Victory Marker.

Sounds very interesting, I've always wondered about some of those myself, you can read his guide here.

Forummer Pftq has also made an interesting discovery when copying some terrain. Pftq copied the HadesCliff terrain using the copy tool, and when he pasted it, the terrain lost it's "blocking" feature (which would normally not allow units to walk on, or be placed on the terrain). Some designers were not able to duplicate the results (Pftq has even posted a video to show how he did it), you can get more info at Pftq's forum thread.

I think that's it for this week's updates, I might've forgotten something, if so, please email me.

See ya next time!

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posted 30 January 2005 05:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Good job people .
The Vandhaal
posted 30 January 2005 05:40 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
Nice this update !

and yes good job everyone who did something !

My personal high light was that announcement of the persona Rpg.....The way it was done gave a smile on my face !

Oh and thanx for mentioning my campaign I hope I get it up and running smoothly a.s.a.p. it gave me a headache this weekend

best regards,

The Vandhaal


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(id: lp_usa)
posted 30 January 2005 05:43 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
Urgh, stupid formatting

posted 30 January 2005 07:42 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
Lp your yet to write me back and tell me why you didn't put me in your weekly up date. Seems like you should know why.
(id: lp_usa)
posted 30 January 2005 07:47 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
I replied your email, but since you didn't get it, here's (around) what I wrote:


Sorry, didn't do it on purpose, I do these things sometimes in a rush, and I might have skipped your project.

If you could please provide me with a description of your project, I could post about it next week.


posted 30 January 2005 08:10 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
Alright, I just felt forgoten. It's fine forgetabout it.
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