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Scenario Design
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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design » Scenario Announcement: ~ DOC.4: The Lords of the Shadows ~
Topic Subject:Scenario Announcement: ~ DOC.4: The Lords of the Shadows ~
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posted 01 October 2005 04:32 PM EDT (US)         

Single Scenario for Age of Mythology the Titans

Involved Designers: DWIEEB

Type of Gameplay:

Just a regular scenario

Story (Continuing from Guegurmoth's Post:
Note: I really think you should take the time to read this if you plan to play any of the DOC. Otherwise you might get lost

Guegurmoth's Post-
A few years ago, a summoner called Hefichi attempted to conquer the Western Cities.
At his side he had 7 disiples. They were his apprentices and would accomplish his every
will. But when he called them to burn the city down, killing thousands of innocent men, women
and children, three of them diclined. Hefichi cursed them with a terrible curse. The three
could not live if Hefichi was dead. The other four disiples fought and severly wounded the
three, then they carried out the Dark Summoner's deeds. The three warriors, Jaidon, Heriggo,
and Armehh, now must stop the dark forces from conquering all of Ommech. Their first task
was to speak with King Garius, of the Northerners, to ask his help in saving Ommech. He
accepted and provided a small fleet. The three were commanded to take out Guegurmoth's
Post, which guarded the now corrupt Western Cities...

Then the story from Reign of Agbar-
King Garius called upon the three warriors to travel to the Western Cities, not far from
Guegurmoth's Post. They came upon the city and saw the horror that they had fled from 2
years ago. Agbar, one of Hefichi's great disiples, ruled over the city with an iron fist.
Armehh, Heriggo, and Jaidon looked upon the burnt city outside the gates of Agbar's palace.
Everything was gone from the outside city, the fortresses, the farms, and the houses. Yet
people of this city still survived, and suffered. Agbar locked the palace's great gates, to
anyone outside. His dock was the source of imports that he relied on. Agbar, and the lucky
soldiers inside those gates were not allowed to exit the great gates. Inside the gates,
a once great city is forgotten, the Senate building laid untouched for years, as
dictatorship came in. The capitol just sits there, as decay and mold seep in. Agbar's
palace is quite the opposite, it stands majesticly in the center of the city. Your mission
is kill the one who made the outsiders suffer, kill the one who keeps things to himself,
kill Agbar, Hefichi's disiple, and return democracy and freedom throughout the West...

Then the story from Snotbeard and Hammerfoot-
Among the once seven disiples, two were the last to join the band. They were once fair
merchants off the Eastern Coast. Slowly, their businesses declined into piracy, and the
two were feared throughout all of Ommech. Once word reached the ears of Hefichi...he sent
his five loyal disiples to gather in the last two, Snotbeard and Hammerfoot. These two were
eager to join...but they soon saw what real evil was. When time came to burn an entire city of the largest cities in all of Ommech. Three of the seven diclined. Hefichi
then cursed the three and ordered his remaining 4 to do the same. Agbar and the other
disiple made sure that the three could barely escape with their lives. Then Snotbeard and
Hammerfoot watched as thousands of people died, cowardice holding them back from stopping
them. Now the two friends have been staying at the southern tip of Ommech. Farthest away
from anything. They stay there, running their own villages. They dread the day their
sworn master will ask them to leave the towns, and join him again, and continue on the
summoner's dark tasks...

The story of The Lords of the Shadows-

Hefichi is left with only one disiple. This one has been the first disiple since Hefichi
even started to gather in his loyal servants. This disiple is said to be the daughter of
the Dark Summoner. She was once a kind girl, who lived with her mother in the south.
When her mother was killed, she was put into the hands of her hated father. She came to
Hefichi when she was 16, and he was horrible to her. She soon ran away from her father
and came back to the southern tip, where her mother was once housed. An elderly man named
Kaanik intreduced himself to her. He explained to her his home, a tower in the southern tip,
and she became interested in what the tower was there for. Kaanik told her that his mother
was the Kauur of this tower, or protector. The Kauur was sworn to protect the tower with
his/her life, in exchange, the protector would get unspeakable powers. Kaanik trained her
in sorcery, and she was quick, and eager to learn. When she was 18, she owned the title of
the new Kauur of the Tower of Valhallina. In later years, she was visited by a most familiar
face, her father, Hefichi. The new Kauur took her responsibility, and attacked her father.
Hefichi was too quick, with one quick dash, Hefichi disappeared and reappeared behind her,
he then attacked her, killing her. She fell to the ground, and Hefichi walked out of the
tower. Her soul was split in two, just as her parents did in their marriage, and one half
stayed with her mother and the other joined her father. The mother's half stayed in the
tower, to haunt until the next Kauur is chosen, and when the next Kauur was chosen, her good soul left the tower. Her father's half, walked in a corpse,
dressed in a gothic dress, always at his side, always loyal.


  • New Music changed because it didn't work
  • Nothing special, just finishing up a series


  • Playtesters


  • Great Hall
  • Temple
  • Big Tree
  • Tower of the Arch Angel
  • Gold Mine
  • Military Academy (look closly, I really like this one)
  • Residential Areas
  • Temple(again)
  • Tower of the Arch Angel (full view)
  • Hefichi's tower view 1
  • Hefichi's tower view 2
  • Hefichi's tower view 3
  • Hefichi's tower view 4

    Progress: Map: 100% Triggers: 64%

    Estimated Release Date: October 31st


    Note to playtesters - please tell me your email addresses. If you want to keep it a secret from the public, send me an email and I will reply with the scenario when it is completed. My email address is listed in my signature. Thank you!

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  • ChonKatarn
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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 30 October 2005 11:19 PM EDT (US)     51 / 54       
    Hey! I'm back! Lords of the shadows has been submitted. You can find it here.

    Thanks to those who reviewed and commented and playtested!...and played!

    posted 07 November 2005 11:47 AM EDT (US)     52 / 54       
    Lol, can I get some feedback?

    Was it a good map, fun to play? Easy, hard?

    Btw, I'm making a sequel series called "The Next Generation" about those crazy kids at the end of this scenario...more info sooner or later...

    Sandro The Wicke
    posted 07 November 2005 05:17 PM EDT (US)     53 / 54       
    and I gave him some great ideas!

    /\/}{The Broken One}{\/\
    A Mind Shattered Upon Time As The Fragments Of Sharpened Stone Upon Darkened Void
    {|What Is Wisdom Not But What We Make It To Be|}...
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    posted 07 November 2005 05:33 PM EDT (US)     54 / 54       
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