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Topic Subject:Corrupted Files
posted 23 October 2005 09:32 AM EDT (US)         
Ooooh, big problem.

It appears any scenario I actually make myself cannot be downloaded by other people at AOMH and crashes just as It's about to start at ESO.

I spent a few days free time working on a scenario, yet... it dosen't work. I can host other people's scns all right, just not my own. oh, and other people can't host them either.

I have a windows XP, if that makes any difference, though I'm sure atleast 1 designer must have the same Computer.

My game's not TOO old, but I've reinstalled it quite a few times due to mods. (The ones you can't delete:P)

I've checked through the list of conditions/effects that fail online, and I'm not using any.

Can ANYBODY provide some insight on how I can fix this gaping hole of a problem?

Oh, and I remember about a year ago designing a scn on my cousin's computer and it working, so it's not designing error.

EDIT: It would even be nice just to say I don't know so this board isn't snowed under

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