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Topic Subject:question, killcount
posted 23 April 2006 02:04 PM EDT (US)         
does one of you guys know castleblood for aoe2? well, i want to make a "templeblood" for aom, but how can i make a trigger that advances you to the third age if you have 200 kills? please help me!
King Jared
posted 24 April 2006 04:04 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Hi, pluish, welcome to AOMH.

You'll want to use the StatValue condition....

Fake Player: 1
Stat Type: Enemy Units Killed
Operator: >=
Value: 200

And the Set Tech Status effect....

Set Tech Status
Player: 1
Tech: Age 3 [GOD]
Status: active OR researching

I believe the condition is only available in AOM:TT, though, so unless you have the Expansion you'll have to be creative. Perhaps make a series of armies and use the Army is Dead condition. As for the effect, 'active' will instantaneously research the tech, and 'researching' will start the tech researching without instantaneously putting it into effect (ie. you'll have to wait the minute or two for it to research and come into effect).

Anyway, please read this thread, fully an carefully, and post all future questions in the questions thread stickied at the top of the forum.

Your Divine Overlord
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