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Topic Subject:How do you overlapp
posted 27 April 2006 00:12 AM EDT (US)         
can you please tell me im a noob at overlapping
posted 27 April 2006 01:17 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Hi and welcome on board.
First of all, this is a question for the Q&A thread of the forum.
Second, you could go and get some guides from the DL section that explain everything.
Third, overlapping: just set down the buildings you want, move them one on top of the other, add a terrain spike (a rise of the ground with smallest brush size beneath a building that elevates it) and while doing all that, press K and shift-K to alter the size of the particular building.


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posted 27 April 2006 09:08 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Also, a search using the search function at the bottom of the board would be very smart, since there have been several threads asking/answering this question earlier.

PS: If you are going to make a thread anyway, please only do one.


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posted 27 April 2006 03:11 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Please use the question thread and/or the search function next time.


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