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Topic Subject:triggers...
posted 11 July 2006 03:04 AM EDT (US)         
..are the most tedious thing on the planet. And a few Q's about them:

-My cinematic looks so harsh with the turns and such. How might I "smoothen" things up?

-Is there a way to modify health and attack pts. without modding or the new editor in "vanilla" AoM? If not is there a way to get the Modify Protunit Trigger from the Titans files? I have Titans for windows and vanilla for Mac and I am assuming the file types are the same.

-I can't seem to figure out the whole AI thing. Could someone clue me in on just how to give the computer a basic intelligence? Thanks.

I work scenarios in vanilla because it works for both versions so everyone has a shot at it.

I Love Bananas
posted 11 July 2006 03:39 AM EDT (US)     1 / 14       


My cinematic looks so harsh with the turns and such. How might I "smoothen" things up?

Try experimenting with different angles and views, and you'll get them smooth.


Is there a way to modify health and attack pts. without modding or the new editor in "vanilla" AoM? If not is there a way to get the Modify Protunit Trigger from the Titans files? I have Titans for windows and vanilla for Mac and I am assuming the file types are the same.

Yep, the "Set Tech Status" effect. Research technologies that modifies the stats you want to modify on that unit. If you had looked into the Question Thread, you would have got an answer on this question in the main post. Please go there the next time you have a question.

Sweet baby maizes!
posted 11 July 2006 05:50 AM EDT (US)     2 / 14       
Please.. use the Question Thread next time.

And it's nice that you would only use vanilla, so everybody can play your scenarios, but The Titans has much more potential. Also, the New Editor is a great, easy to install file, but choosing not to use it is fine.

posted 11 July 2006 06:01 AM EDT (US)     3 / 14       
@ PrplPplEater

First, you're a lucky one having the 2 kinds of computer. I'm mostly on a Mac but I have now a PC at work, and already gave a couple of shots at the AoM PC version, and.. got so depressed right away since it's quite different, like AoM hasn't been written the same way at all for PC and Mac. I have to redo an entire scenario, almost, from playtesting it onto my new, but work related, PC machine...
Anyway, triggers are... okay, and a lot easier than they first appear to be. I thought I would never play with it... and now I do! Sometimes...
You can always have AoM do whatever you want it to. Almost...
So I will speak for Vanilla only!

1) Cinematics: ( some advices have to be credited to The Vandhaal , check on her links in my signature. )

  • Avoid the lag:
    A) Use small maps as much as possible: Better to make a campaign with 10 small maps... than one stupidly heavy scenario on one single huge map... as I did.
    B) Keep your map as empty as possible: Cinematic Blocks instead of units and buildings.
    First place a unit or a building how and where you want it to be, to make sure it's gonna
    - face the right direction ( = heading )
    - belong to the player of your choice.
    then at the very beginning of your scenario fire an immediate and high priority trigger with a " Change Unit Type " effect for these selected! units and buildings into a Cinematic Block.
    Further on, at the very moment you need it to show on the map... and a bit earlier sometimes... fire an immediate and high priority trigger with a reverse " Change Unit Type " effect into what it was before. That works even for buildings and units stucked, compiled? in each others.
    C) Try having your cinematics looking towards the outside of the map:
    Where there is nothing heavy. I hate doing this... but it's worthed.
    D) Don't use to low view angles such as 0 to 10,even minus, such as -10:
    I hate doing this... and I don't! But it's my choice. I can't compromise on everything.

    [Edit part, how could I have forgotten this! It's the most important! And I have only been doing it for the last 2 months! So, here we go:
    E) Use Ghost Armies: They don't weight on the gameplay as long as they haven't been triggerly fired! Also, as soon as you don't need units... and they are still alive, just fire them... back to the Cinematic Blocks where they belong! Easily done with... Ghost Armies! Edited!]

    2) A way to modify health:
    There is an effect: " Set Current Hp " for the health stuff, which you could even " loop " if you need it.
    Or have this unit " reborn ", with its full health again ( " Change Unit Type " effect, to itself, and only if you feel like, over and over, meaning you could even set it on a loop or depending on special conditions of your scenario needs. ) That could give a very interesting result by the way sometimes, depending on the unit such as...

    3) A way to modify attack:
    All I know of is using loads of specific relics, and stack them into 1 or more temples.
    Chamale, another Mac user, mentionned you could use this amazing " Set Tech Status " effect, even multiple times, by selecting the appropriate " Attack " technic you're looking for. I never tried it since, but it never worked with me before. The problem is it won't show into the " Status " box when! you come back to it for checking after having been working on another trigger. But he said it doesn' matter. I tried that, long time ago, and didn't succeed! Definitely worth trying anyway... as always!

    4) The whole AI thing:
    A)Keep it simple! unless you have specific needs:
    Editor >>> Scenario >>> Player Data:
    Hit the AI button next to the player of you choice, scroll the newly opened AoM/directory window, select! " aomdefaultai.xs ", and click " Open " ( but don't double click on aomdefaultai ).
    Set all involved players to either " CPU " ( computer controlled ) or " Human ".
    The " Human " player has to be the one you selected within the " Place objects " window!
    B)The difficulty level you choose when you start playing a scenario, from " Easy " to " Titan ". Very important!!!!!!!! This is where the AI is really gonna get involved. Basically, " Easy " is gonna make you stay alive, and " Titan "... won't.

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  • PrplPplEater
    posted 11 July 2006 06:30 PM EDT (US)     4 / 14       
    Well I'm on the Windows right now...too bad I can't find my disc to re-install the Titans. I downloaded the new editor and I'm gonna transfer it to my mac, unzipped etc.

    Thanks for all your help! I knew about the Set Tech Status and I thought about it but it looked really intimidating LOL. Maybe I'll try it again.

    It's a very small map (120x120 meters) so lag isn't a huge issue. There is a small bit of lagging at the very beginning of the cinematic but I got it down.

    Ghost armies LOL why didn't I think of that before?

    Thanks for the AI setting I didn't know where it was =]


    I got the new editor and it is great! One issue: none of the triggers work. The '-.trg' is either a faulty file type or a faulty name because none of the new triggers are loading; which is half the reason I downloaded it =(

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Anyone else having this problem? I can't run the .exe I have to unzip it on my windows then manually insert the files into my Mac (tedious...)

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    posted 12 July 2006 02:57 AM EDT (US)     5 / 14       
    @ PrplPplEater

  • Reyk's editor for Vanilla on a Mac:
    Get that one but you know that already...
    Then use Stuff'it to " unzip " the . exe file inside the former .zip downloaded file! It will work, as surprising as it sounds! You will get a folder. Just move everything from its inside... where it's meant to go. No need to go through your PC.
    +: Loads of Reyk's stuff to add, extra triggers and so on. Check my signature.
    Also use this before installing anything maybe that's why I succeded installing everything around, the little I could:
    aommac102 and use it as the main and only application. And on top of it, no need for the CD no more...
  • PrplPplEater
    posted 12 July 2006 06:20 PM EDT (US)     6 / 14       
    Stuff-it works for .exe? Wow I never knew that! Now I can "unzip" the LOTR scenarios I have been dying to try without going to the windows =)

    I wonder if it works with AoMEd...
    Just tested this. Didn't work. Guess I do have to go through the PC anyway...

    But like I said, the triggers don't work at all. I really need that Camera Cut Protounit trigger for this scenario too...=(

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    posted 12 July 2006 08:09 PM EDT (US)     7 / 14       
    @ PrplPplEater

    It's not a general rule, but I'm positive Stuff-it works for some .exe. And 100% sure about the Reyk's editor! It seems to be working when it's an auto installer or something like that...

    posted 13 July 2006 02:39 AM EDT (US)     8 / 14       
    Well I know it doesn't work in every case I just hoped that AoMED would work because it would have been a real time saver. I wish someone would go ahead and write the script for Macs =(

    Exactly. I can't use the auto installer remember? Macs...yeah. Is there a file I should be editing to get this to work?

    posted 13 July 2006 04:13 AM EDT (US)     9 / 14       
    @ PrplPplEater

    I installed aommac102, then " unStuff " Reyk's editor as I said, move things where they belonged, and have been using it since with a great satisfaction, being able using every single customed mod around available.
    I tried to have AoMED working on my Mac since I'm sure modding could be such an amazing field of creation. But... didn't succeed! So, no modding for me! Good luck!
    I wish someone would go ahead and write the script for Macs
    Don't dream about this no more. I would just use your PC if I was you...

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    posted 14 July 2006 00:38 AM EDT (US)     10 / 14       
    Eh...I wish they would though lol. Having to switch back and forth on a 256 MB SanDisk card is tough work!

    Anyone who knows how to mod... I can't seem to get the language.dll right and the proto.xmb never seems to work. Here's what I've got:

    mario proto
    <unit id="623" name="Mario">
    <footprint>Footprint Villager</footprint>
    <icon>mario icon 32</icon>
    <portraiticon>mario icon 64</portraiticon>
    <bounty resourcetype="Favor">1.0800</bounty>
    <bountyfactor resourcetype="Favor">1.0000</bountyfactor>
    <carrycapacity resourcetype="Gold">15.0000</carrycapacity>
    <carrycapacity resourcetype="Food">20.0000</carrycapacity>
    <carrycapacity resourcetype="Wood">10.0000</carrycapacity>
    <buttonpos row="0" column="2"></buttonpos>
    <armor damagetype="Hack" percentflag="1">0.30</armor>
    <armor damagetype="Pierce" percentflag="1">0.30</armor>
    <armor damagetype="Crush" percentflag="1">0.99</armor>
    <contain external="1">Relic</contain>
    <action name="Build">
    <param name="Rate" type="Farm" value1="2.0"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Taproot" value1="1.0"></param>
    <action name="Gather">
    <param name="MaximumRange" value1="0.1"></param>
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Gold" value1="0.1"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Herdable" value1="1.00"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Huntable" value1="1.00"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Wood" value1="1.00"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="WildCrops" value1="1.00"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Farm" value1="1.00"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Gold" value1="1.00"></param>
    <action name="Hunting">
    <param name="MaximumRange" value1="12.0"></param>
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Wood" value1="0.1"></param>
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Chicken" value1="0.0"></param>
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Herdable" value1="0.0"></param>
    <action name="HandAttack">
    <param name="MaximumRange" value1="0.1"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="All" value1="1.0"></param>
    <param name="Damage" type="Hack" value1="7"></param>
    <param name="AttackAction"></param>
    <param name="DamageBonus" type="MythUnit" value1="6"></param>
    <action name="RangedAttack">
    <param name="MaximumRange" value1="12.0"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="Huntable" value1="1.0"></param>
    <param name="Damage" type="Pierce" value1="6"></param>
    <param name="AttackAction"></param>
    <param name="Accuracy" value1="1.0"></param>
    <param name="MaxSpread" value1="5.0"></param>
    <param name="SpreadFactor" value1="0.5"></param>
    <param name="TrackRating" value1="5.0"></param>
    <param name="UnintentionalDamageMultiplier" value1="0.3"></param>
    <param name="AccuracyReductionFactor" value1="2.0"></param>
    <param name="AimBonus" value1="80.0"></param>
    <action name="Regenerate">
    <param name="Persistent"></param>
    <param name="Rate" type="All" value1="1.5"></param>
    <action name="PickUp">
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Relic" value1="1.0"></param>
    <action name="DropOff">
    <param name="Rate" type="Temple" value1="1.0"></param>
    <param name="TypedRange" type="Temple" value1="1.0"></param>

    <string>An Italian plumber bent on rescuing Princess Peach from his menacing nemesis, Bowser.</string>
    <string><link=\"topic:Myth Units"\>Myth Units</link></string>
    <string><link=\"topic:Myth Units"\>Myth Units</link> and <link=\"topic:human soldiers"\>human soldiers</link>.</string>
    <string><link=\"topic:Heroes"\>Other Heroes</link>.</string>
    <string>Temple, Armory</string>

    Do you see a problem in my scripts? Am I using the right file types? I am editing the .dll with TextEdit (similar to Notepad) and the .xmb was translated by AoM from an .xml, also edited with TextEdit.
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    posted 14 July 2006 05:22 PM EDT (US)     11 / 14       
    posted 14 July 2006 08:46 PM EDT (US)     12 / 14       
    LOL Sorry about that. Just seeing if I could get a response without a new thread because new threads=wasted server space. Hosting a site yourself teaches you this stuff....
    nuclear arbitor
    posted 15 July 2006 01:49 AM EDT (US)     13 / 14       
    hahah my sandisk is one gb

    death is not the worst, it is the ultimate end
    posted 15 July 2006 12:24 PM EDT (US)     14 / 14       
    LOL mine was 256 so I had to zip all the bars before I could get them on to the disk =P
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