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Scenario Design
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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design » Every Topic ive made all i get is spam.
Topic Subject:Every Topic ive made all i get is spam.
Dark Ownage
posted 15 July 2006 11:36 PM EDT (US)         
I know I know you may have been comming to this forum a month more then me after all what am i to say i've only had aom and been comming here for o 2 years but if it mean i have to be the green bitches then screw that i get nothing out of you but spam, so you wana know what i dont really care you have been no help to me not one of you, and now you threaten to ban me becouse you think your god "greens" well guess what your not i've been a moderator of 2 sites and an admin of 1 and i know how it works you think your gods you think everyone has to think how you think well guess what some people don't and when you wake up from your little world and get back to reality call me and maybye well have dinner, peace out - Dark Ownage
Good Bye

P.S. Im taking my brain with me.

(id: auron 2)
posted 16 July 2006 00:24 AM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
I've been desiging for aom over 5 years...been a member of heavengames for 3 years. does that mean i never gotten a warning? no. Every person here violates the rules once in a while. The mods are here to solve this misbehavior. they follow rules as well, which are to reinforce the forum guidelines in a respecful way. It takes patience in dealing with misbehaving people, you need to understand that, considering that you mention that you are an admin and mod in other website.

You need to calm down, and dont make a big deal out of it. Heavengames has been around for 8+ yeas i think...its a big organization that follows and reinforces rules. If you are warned once, then just learn and run along, no need to take it as an insult.

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nuclear arbitor
posted 16 July 2006 01:10 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
if this site was made of ppl like u no one could find any thing. incase u havnt noticed ur the only one flaming. also the site is fine. u my have been coming here for two years but u havnt been contributing. ur a meber as of 07-04-2006. this site is nice and i dont no what the sites u moderated for looked like but they were probly a lot looser then this one. u only have a problem obaying the rules here. no one else has this problem that stays here. the reason u get spam is becuase u spell worse then me, rnt coherent, and often bad mouth ppl when u talk to them.

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(id: X_MOSS)
posted 16 July 2006 01:15 AM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
If you have a problem with the way I, or any of the other mods do our job, you should email the FMT. But for now, check your email.


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try to look proud but you’re not in the slightest
its happening now and it’s always been like this.

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posted 16 July 2006 02:29 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
What brain?

Half of the stuff you say is spam, and your posts tend to be incredibly badly written.
My favourite quote of yours - "since im obvously more smarterest then you guys"
If you've hated the forums for so long, why didn't you just leave earlier.


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Dark Ownage
posted 16 July 2006 03:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
Wow i've been looking into things and i think i may have overeacted a little o hope you guys will forgive me you see i have a condition.
(id: Titan602)
posted 16 July 2006 03:14 AM EDT (US)     6 / 8       



It's best to resist saying those words! You can say b*tch or b**** or b^$&@ but not bit.. well you know the rest...

I have your problem of spam but its not spam, its just that no one replies to my topics! But I don't care. Besides, I love spam:


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deathman rts nl
posted 16 July 2006 04:31 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
Well, i've been here for 3 years and I have never had any problems, so it must be you. Not the mods.

(¯`·._.·[DEATHMAN RTS NL]·._.·´¯)

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posted 16 July 2006 04:59 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
If you have a problem with any of my staff, email your concerns to me, or the FMT.

I see little point in keeping this open; closed.

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