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Scenario Design
Moderated by Yeebaagooon, nottud

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Topic Subject: A list of all guides
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posted 31 December 2006 09:50 AM EDT (US)   
Note: Completely new designers should start here. (Start at the bottom).

This list currently is an expansion on top of the work of Theris264.

basic (only of use when you are new to scenario designing)
  • Animations by Kumar Shah
    A guide containing some hints for troubleshooting during cinematics.
  • Army System by Titan602
    A guide explaining armies (not the concept, but the uses), all conditions and effects related to armies and ghost armies. (The last with help from jml) and a FAQ (with the advice of Archaeopterix).
  • 'Change unit type' looping by AdZyZ
    By looping the 'Change unit type' effect, you can have some interesting effects, it displays the effects using screenshots. (Some examples are TT-only).
  • Choice dialog by DrNick
    A guide explaining how to use the choice dialog effect in case you have more then two things to chose from. (TT-only).
  • Day/night-cycles by auron 2
    A very helpful guide indeed. Not only does it give the trigger setup, but it comes with a good explanation as for how everything works.
  • Modify Protounit - Explanation by Alexandergreat3
    Extremely basic post to the use of Modify Protounit, one interesting note at the bottom. All screenshots down. (TT-only).
  • Modify Protounit - Names by Filmdirector2 (with special thanks to LJC and Oscar)
    Some units have different protonames then during play, a list can be found here, these names can also be used for RMS scripting.
  • Modify Protounit - Remove specials by pftq
    This guide allows you to remove the special from unit with just one looping trigger. (TT-only).
  • Modify Protounit - Replacement by O1_Mike_1O
    A way to use Set Tech Status as a replacement for Modify Protounit, only useful in case you use AoM without the TT expansion set.
  • Modify Protounit - Tricks by Hessu
    A guide explaining the effects of nearly all the fields of the 'Modify Protounit' effect, but also giving a great deal of tricks that are very helpful for your scenarios. (TT-only).
  • Moving through forests by nottud
    This allows you to make forests that disappear when you get close and grow back after you leave the area, making for some interesting map designing. (Example used TT-only and end-result superior with TT).
  • Music system by Mouse Overlord
    This guide will explain how to use quest vars in a scenario in order to create a play list of background music. A large understanding of QVs is not needed. (TT-only).
  • Quest Var Guide by X_MOSS and contributions from auron 2, DrNick and lp_usa
    A guide that doesn't just explain what QVs do but also what they actually are, and giving an detailed explanation of how all 'QV conditions and effects' work. (TT-only).
  • RPGs - Basics by jonathan1222, giving credit to arnitald, auron 2, HL_Reaper and PseudoWalrus
    A guide giving the basics for objectives, some ideas, some pointers, etc. Also includes a part about QV-usage by battlestar000. Be sure to read the links at the bottom for more help. (battlestar000's and some other parts TT-only).
  • RPGs - Balancing fights by Ilum Tupac
    Explains how to make an RPG where all the units across the map are not to hard or easy, like in some RPGs. (TT-only).
  • RPGs - Spawning at pasted points by Kjelli
    This article gives a basic trigger setup using QVs for spawning at point you have already been if you die. (TT-only).
  • RPGs - Trigger tips by Gaurdian_112
    A guide that gives a setup and explanation for a Hunger/Stamina system and a Race/Gender/Name Selection system, but also featuring a small explanation about map design. Some screenshots have been replaced by unrelated AoE3 shots. (Some TT-only).
  • Scenario Protection by pEpsIdUDe_123
    Pepsi tells how to protect your scenario from people that try to alter your map for getting credit themselves or try to cheat. Step-by-step explanation. Other good trick would be post 12 by Archaeopterix.
  • Shops by Reinfire
    This guide explains how to build shops, showing trigger setups, together with the information about how they work. (Some examples TT-only).
  • Shops by Cirruis
    Gives a good basic explanation for shops, giving a trigger system and comments when necessary.
  • Storm by Tahattus 2
    Does not give a explanation of how the system works, but does give a very nice setup and nice tips. Worth a look. Two_ace_u also posted the idea of using 'Fade to colour' instead here.
  • Time-based unit changing by Lord Alex
    A simple guide explaining how to change units from one form to another (like a werewolf-thing), it doesn't give an explanation on the setup however.
  • TNT crate by TitanHeart
    A extremely simple trick, but a very nice concept for making a crate explode, worth checking out or posts 12 by auron 2 and 15 by oddy for extra tricks. whathappend55 has made a small modification of this trick, found here. (Example used TT-only).
  • Transform Trigger guide by nottud
    The transform trigger is a revolution for game play, with many cool tricks, read all about it here.
    Note: Also interesting related threads:
    Sideway units by MedusasSon, Upside down minotaurs by FenrirKeyblade, Floating units by MatoR and Transforming to cows by nottud

  • Trigger Logic by Archaeopterix
    This course will help you in a grip on basic logics, allowing you to get better with the editor, more then just a guide, it is adviced that you work on the tasks and that you post your results.

  • Action Commands by Paperfriend
    This guide introduces the concept of Action Commands, using hotkeys to make certain actions happen. (Example TT-only).
  • Bridges, passable by ships by Villi
    As the name suggest it allows boats to pass under bridges, the system has some flaws, but is the best that is available. Gives a good start for a trigger setup, but doesn't explain the system. Links to the bridge creation guides down.
  • Chat Messages - Code List by Tim W
    The codes contained in this thread can be used for the 'Change Name' and 'Send Chat' effects, giving something personal to your scenario (you can give the player his or her name). Also check out post 5 from AoMPlayer000.
  • Chat Messages - Displaying QVs without decimals by Phoenixx86
    This guides allows players to use QVs in chat messages, without the annoying decimals, very useful for a great deal of scenarios. (TT-only).
  • Chat Messages - Formatting summarized by Matei, orignally posted by ES_Xemu
    This guide can be used to give you chat messages colours, icons, etc. For colour-codes, you can check this, written by Treebeard III or just try yourself.
  • Creating triggers by DrNick
    A guide to creating custom conditions and effects, it is adviced that you already have quite a large amount of knowlegde.
  • Custom relics by Halo
    This guide shows a way to make custom relics, sometimes giving things like GPs and improvements, gives a detailed trigger setup, but no extra explanation.
  • Custom special attacks by jonathan1222
    Introduces the concept of custom special attacks using a two trigger setup. No explanation of setup given. Also check posts 11 and 13 by GamingGlen. (Example used TT-only).
  • Environment bonusses, relations and wages by Archaeopterix
    Introduces what the creator calls revolutionary gameplay ideas, units on hills have more LOS, when friends fight together they get a boost, etc. (TT-only, with the concept as exception).
  • 'Fade to colour' codes by Jayhawk
    These codes are similair to the HTML codes, so you can use them for that too, if you want a specific colour you can easily find it.
  • Flying Units and Buildings by newreach268
    This guides allows you to see buildings flying in circles, with a few simple effects and god powers. Note that this is not connected with the guide below. (TT-only)
  • Flying units - info by ptfq
    It is quite common in scenarios, especially cinematics, to have flying units, this guide explains how these units can be used, and how this looks in a scenario. Note that this is not connected with the guide above. (Some parts TT-only).
  • Freezing a unit's animation by ArcticWind7
    A guide for making statues or frozen versions of units, for a good explanation of what this means, check post 3 by auron 2 and also check post 11 by Alexandergreat3 for some extra information and tricks.
  • Infinite resource gathering by ptfq
    This guides allows you to have mines, animals, trees and berry bushes with infinite resources with just a simple looping trigger.
  • Kill-counter by oddy
    A guide for making a simple kill counter using your resources as display, the flaw is that it doesn't count units if they are killed at exactly the same time (by a god power for example). The guide gives a trigger setup and a good theoratic explanation. (TT-only).
  • Kill-counter by pftq
    This kill counter solves the problem from oddy's, but is a lot harder to make, scroll down to reply 10. This guide doesn't explain the trigger setup, but gives information about what it does. (TT-only).
  • Menu interaction for menu backgrounds by nottud
    For custom menu backgrounds, nottud has found an intresting trick: You can now use an effect once the player presses a button!
  • Modifying Godpowers by Alexandergreat3
    With modifying, they mean the damage the GPs do, it also lists the damage all the GPs do, for easy modifying. (TT-only).
  • One-way underworld passages by pftq
    This gives a underworld passage that only works one way.
  • Online unit teleport by nottud
    Since the teleport commands don't work online, nottud found a way to work around this.
  • "Overlay text" effect usage by Alexandergreat3
    This gives a detailed notice of what all the boxes with this effect do, scroll down to post 3 to see it.
  • RPGs - Immortal units
    This guide explains how to make units, that once dead, come back to live, either without anything extra, a special effect or with a few extra units at its side. The last part also can be found here (a second summoning method). (The last part is TT-only).
  • RPGs - Summoning by Alexandergreat3
    This guide allows you to have a hero to summons minions at it side, without any noticable effects. It also futures a small overview of the trick.(TT-only).
  • Stoned units trick by Theorg
    A trick giving moving units, even while being frozen by a Medusa (or Perseus), for some help on this see post 8 by Alexandergreat3, the screenies in his posts are down however.
  • Tartarian Gate tricks by nottud
    These two tricks will allow you to have things like regrowing forests, unlimited enemies, etc. Also check post 1 by Cirruis. (TT-only).
  • Teleporting by nottud
    This guide will allow you have units that teleport themselves. It only works on units that can build.
  • Traps by newreach268
    This little guide explains how to scare a player with things like traps, using a clear example. Some other good ideas can be found it post 4 by TrituateX and post 5 by richygorgan. (Example used TT only, concept still useful for AoM).
  • Wierd effects with modifying God powers by nottud
    This gives wierd effects with Implode, Meteor and more using Modify Protounit, the guides tells what to do but doesn't give a clear setup or explanation of what happens. (TT-only).

Eye-candy tips and tricks
  • Bridge by Sorceror_Erebus
    This guides explains how to make a bridge, with use of clear pictures and good explanations. (TT-only).
  • Compilation by pEpsIdUDe_123
    Contains many other guides, some in this list, some not, nearly all contain screenshots. Screenshot with part 5 down. (Some parts and screenshots TT-only). (Outside link).
  • Craters by Poisonium
    A small guide about making craters, includeds screenshots, and a few screenshots displaying examples and uses in the end. (Some examples use objects that are TT-only).
  • Creating screenshots with the animation viewer by Mamshmam91
    This guide explains how to make screenshots using the animation viewer, together with some examples. (TT-only).
  • Dam by echowinds
    This guides explains how to make a dam, with use of clear pictures and good explanations. (Some objects in the example are TT-only).
  • Eyecandy examples by A great deal of designers
    Some pictures might be down, but be sure to add something yourself! (Some screenshots TT-only).
  • Gaia flowers -alternative uses by PhatFish
    Gaia flowers are rarely used in scenarios, this gives you some cool tips on how you can use them. Screenshots are down. (TT-only)
  • Greek town by Archaeopterix
    This guides explains how to build a Greek town which really likes right. The pictures are down, but are including in the download here.
  • Night-scenes in cinematics by Treebeard III
    This guide will tell you how to make night screenshots and cinematics using things like shrunken relics, lampades, etc. for realistic skies. (TT-only).
  • Overlapping buildings by CheeZy monkey
    This guides shows how to make 'new' buildings from old ones, using simple examples. This part has an advanced part found here. (This guide is in the AoMH library).
  • Rivers by TombiTs
    Shows how to properly make a good looking river, contains screenshots and some different themes. (Outside link).
  • Spiral Eyecandy by MatoR
    A guide explaining the concept of spiral eyecandy, with some good screenshots as well. (Some units in shots TT-only). For a detailed explanation on how to create these works, click here.
  • Star (blue) by Serpent Master
    A small guide including pictures about making a star, also check post 1 by echowinds. (TT-only).
  • Sun by Filmdirector2
    Same as above, using a mirror tower as sun or star, pictures down. (TT-only).
  • Terrain Mixing by TombiTs
    This guide explains how to use terrain mixing in your scenarios, also giving a few good starting hints. (Some terrains TT-only). (Outside link).
  • Trees and forests by PhatFish
    A guide explaining how to mix trees, creating nice lay-out across the map, features screenshots. (Major part of guide TT-only).
  • Tricks using enlargement by auron 2
    This guide shows a few things you can do with the enlarge feature, using pictures as well (TT-only).
  • Tunnel by Sorceror_Erebus
    A guide explaining how to make a tunnel units can walk in, screenshots included (TT-only)
  • Villagers worshipping other objects than temples by sziggi
    This guide explains how to make Greek villagers worship at random points in the map.
  • Volcano by dark_master
    This guide shows a volcano using mostly terrains. Has screenshots included.
  • Volcano by EazY_Ben
    This guide makes a volcano using mostly objects like boulders, it can also be used for other things like swamps and waterfalls. Has screenshots to guide you.
  • Water logged farms by Quetzelcoatl
    Nice step-by-step guide including pictures.
  • Water town by echowinds
    This guide tells you how to build a whole town, floating on the water, in the first example, the bridges are not walkable, but a solution is offered. (Needs to be adapted to TT)
  • Water tunnels by Halo
    Similair to the 'normal' tunnel guide by Sorceror_Erebus, so if you are in need for screenshots, check here. (TT-only)

Miscelleanous tips and tricks
  • Changing the pitch angle in the editor by shadows166
    This trick will save huge amounts of time making cinematics in the orignal AoM. (Was written for AoM without TT).
  • Cinematic Blocks and Invisible Objects Guide by auron 2
    A compendium for all the objects like cinematic block or are invisible, mostly easy to figure out, but helpful. Has pictures of the objects. (Section 1B of the guide is TT-only).
  • Custom menu backgrounds by auron 2
    This guide will allow you to have your own custom backgrounds for the TT main menu. (TT-only).
  • Custom water colours by Yeebaagooon
    A guide explaining how to code your own water colours. Very easy to use.
  • Customizing in-game unit sounds (no mods) by Siewart
    A guide that tells how to customize in-game sounds (like a fire siphon with the shockwave sounds, for a cannon). (TT-only).
  • Decreasing scenario filesize by terrain manipulation by Mythos_Ruler
    This guides helps you if you feel the scenario filesize is to big, especially useful for multiplayer scenarios.
  • Elevation above the default maximum by auron 2
    This guide tells a bit about RM scripting, so you can make elavation higher then normal, it can easily be adapted to work for elavation lower then normal as well.
  • Elevation higher or lower then normal by nottud
    This guide gives details on how to make elavation higher or lower then normal, using RMS scripting and God powers. Also gives a few free tips for working with these elavation leves. (Some parts TT-only).
  • Faster designing by CheeZy monkey
    A great deal of designers take hours to design just a very small part of the map, this guide helps to reduce this time (a little bit).
  • Meteorite: tips and uses by ptfq
    The meteorite objects is a wierd one, this will tell you how it works and what is.
  • Rectangular brushes in the editor by Mike the Great
    This guide will allow you to have rectangular brushes. You also get these with reyk's new editor, so it is uses are no limited.
  • Ships on land by nottud
    Always wanted to see ships sailing great plains of grass? Or an empty desert? Check here!
  • Sitting villagers in cinematics by Mamshmam91
    This guide tells you how to have sitting villagers in your cinematics and screenshots, very useful for some scenes. (The intro uses TT-only uses).
  • Skippable intro-cinematics by AoMPlayer000
    A guide that helps for making skippable (like pressing Esc on your keyboard) cinematics. Adviced for nearly all scenarios.
  • Sky effects by Chief_Thunder_
    This guide will allow you to lenghten or shorten the sky textures, giving many new cool looking skies.
  • Sound library by pftq
    A guide that will allow you to listen to all the game sounds, so you can easily find the one you want to use.
  • Spotlight images by TitanHeart
    This guide tells you how to uses spotlight images, the pictures found under the spotlight tab with the objectives. Also check here (AoM) and here (TT) for the spotlights that come with the games.
  • Tilting units during gameplay by Archaeopterix
    This will allow you to tilt units in any directions during gameplay, the screenshots are down however. (TT-only).
  • Timeshifting and modification of such by nottud
    This guides allows the player to change the time it costs to timeshift a building, and also to completely disable it. (TT-only).


  • Beginner tips from ATTEcLiPsE1
    A deal of tips for the beginner. Has some use for them.
  • Cinematics by AoMPlayer000
    A few tips on how to make good cinematics, mostly quite basic, but useful.
  • General tips from AOMPlayer000, Archaeopterix, gummyWorm and pftq
    This guide is very helpful for advanced designers as well, since I have seen many scenarios not using these tips, be sure to read and use them! (Some TT-only).
  • Starting with the design of a map from Archaeopterix
    Starting on a blank square is always hard, here are few things you can do.


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posted 31 December 2006 11:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 54  
Awesome, thanks PF.

posted 31 December 2006 11:11 AM EDT (US)     2 / 54  


RPGs - Immortal units
This guide explains how to make units, that once dead, come back to live, either without anything extra, a special effect or with a few extra units at its side. The last part also can be found here. (The last part is TT-only).

The last part could be listed as a second summoning method.

Would it not be easier to keep track of all this (and organize) if we put it into a mySQL database, XML, or wiki?

I think I could set one up (or anyone else who has web experience).

posted 31 December 2006 12:31 PM EDT (US)     3 / 54  
Having a Wiki back would be amazing IMO. I would work on it for sure

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posted 31 December 2006 01:05 PM EDT (US)     4 / 54  


I am too lazy right now with typing a long intro, I think I got all the guides, expect the ones of nottud, but I will do those later, just remember that Paperfriend

Don't worry, I will make sure you don't forget!

The boy with the mad imagination
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Learn to use all my triggers and what you can do with them. Visit here.
Find out and download the transform trigger here.
Play some minigames I have created outside AOM including some 3D games here.
posted 31 December 2006 01:15 PM EDT (US)     5 / 54  
YAY!! A big thread with guides in it.
Very helpful.

Is this going to replace This one?

(is not as helluva drug as pepe)
posted 31 December 2006 01:34 PM EDT (US)     6 / 54  
Sticky this thread!

The boy with the mad imagination
Prepare for the ultimate duel!
Learn to use all my triggers and what you can do with them. Visit here.
Find out and download the transform trigger here.
Play some minigames I have created outside AOM including some 3D games here.
posted 31 December 2006 02:02 PM EDT (US)     7 / 54  
A fantastic job, Paperfriend! Trully. By the size also. Very impressive.
And with an alphabetic order of key words!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with pftq and nottud, this should get first, a sticky and second, some edit possibilities like the wiki system, where anyone listed can add new discovery or a spontaneous guide which shouldn't be lost... day by day as soon as something comes up. I'm used to write every single time a different explanation for the same question, also because I'm too lazy most of the time to look back 10 pages ago. One place with everything and updated...
A dream, and a possible one.
I have no idea how Wiki manage not to be filled with too much crap though... but it seems to work fine.
Again, bravo. I didn't know you were still working on this.
posted 31 December 2006 02:17 PM EDT (US)     8 / 54  


Is this going to replace This one?

I hope it is going to replace Jared's thread, with the design teams and such as well.

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posted 31 December 2006 04:32 PM EDT (US)     9 / 54  
The design team listing and so forth still has its place, but this will be given a place of honour.

In fact, I realized that this makes all the links below it redundant. So, yes, the link to this thread will replace all others. The rest of the info is still valid, though.

Question, though: will you be updating this thread regularly? 'Cause I've put in the other thread that links to new guides can be posted here. If not, well, I'll still suggest the links be posted here, but I can do the updating if need be.

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posted 31 December 2006 04:57 PM EDT (US)     10 / 54  
I will update it, of course.

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posted 31 December 2006 05:42 PM EDT (US)     11 / 54  
Great Job Paperfreind!

I've taken the time to update my Custom Special Attacks guide to provide more clearer explanations, and to fix many spelling and grammar errors.

Cavuy (formerly jonathan1222) | Writer, Graphic & Web Designer
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posted 31 December 2006 05:50 PM EDT (US)     12 / 54 why isn't Paperfriend a moderator yet? I mean he runs the question thread, he runs the continuous screenshot competition, and now this...

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posted 31 December 2006 06:47 PM EDT (US)     13 / 54  
Nice work Paperfriend!

I think this needs a sticky.

I have made a promise to the forums. If I break it, it's my own fault.

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posted 31 December 2006 08:37 PM EDT (US)     14 / 54  
Nice work paperfriend =)

You somewhat inspire me to make little guides. The scenario design forum needs some interesting things to spice stuff up.

posted 31 December 2006 08:41 PM EDT (US)     15 / 54  
Write one about terrain mixing

And Jared, the link in the Design Libary still links to Theris' thread.

And Papaya, your QV guide, if I am correct you have a mixture of


Dr.Nick's Variables Guide by Dr.Nick
Dr.Nick explains Variables in plain English


Quest Var Guide by xLpx
Quest Vars, or Quest Variables are "If-then" statements in triggers. They are variables that can be created, checked, compared, and modified using triggers yeilding random values, dynamic events, statistics counters, and much more. Confused? Read this article.

And your own knowlegde, is there any information in these articles not found in the one you made? I hate having to read them to find out.

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[This message has been edited by Paperfriend (edited 12-31-2006 @ 08:47 PM).]

posted 31 December 2006 10:31 PM EDT (US)     16 / 54  
Nope, its all there. Along with Auron's complete guide to QV randomize. I might update the guide soon. Add more, recheck it, etc.

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posted 01 January 2007 04:00 AM EDT (US)     17 / 54  
the name is a guide to spitting lava!
it's an eyecandy trick.
posted 01 January 2007 08:02 AM EDT (US)     18 / 54  
Ok, thanks Papaya.

I like this name more, reflects your personality better.

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posted 01 January 2007 08:05 AM EDT (US)     19 / 54  
Wow! There's some good guides here ! I like how to make a dam and a water city.
posted 01 January 2007 10:45 AM EDT (US)     20 / 54  


haha i beat nottud to this by pik001
B3s7 gu1d3 3\/a7. (TT-only)

lol that just made my day actually the fireworks did but w/e

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posted 01 January 2007 05:52 PM EDT (US)     21 / 54  
Great thread. IMO it should be stickied.
posted 01 January 2007 07:43 PM EDT (US)     22 / 54  
@ Paperfriend

I know I've already written some about it. But I have to say it again. This is huge. So much work. Unbelievable. Excellent. Now I shut up, but happier. This could even do for AeO3... some of it. The part that works...

posted 01 January 2007 09:00 PM EDT (US)     23 / 54  
posted 01 January 2007 09:09 PM EDT (US)     24 / 54  

I am however not online that often, so you might want to use e-mail for anything at all, even the non important stuff

Nice link btw.

Yes, periods and smileys are the same for me
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posted 02 January 2007 05:02 AM EDT (US)     25 / 54  
This thread should be stickied

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