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Topic Subject:How do I change the name of a unit & or building
posted 07 December 2007 05:16 AM EDT (US)         
I'm making a multi player scenario but can't for the life of me figure out how to change the names of units. Please describe in detail how I can do this. I'm new to scenario design and really am becoming a scenario junkie! Thanks to all whom reply!!!
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posted 07 December 2007 05:21 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
If you have AoM Non-Expansion it is impossible.

If you have The Titans expansion pack,

You can use it in the trigger editor. Its one of the effects.

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posted 07 December 2007 05:24 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
well if you dont have aom:tt i dont think you can do it but if you do have it go:
============================================================ =

(or if you want it to change at a certain time or place timer ect)

Change name
============================================================ =
Its that simple
posted 08 December 2007 05:27 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
Also, if you want to make it equal a player's name, then you want to put in "{{playername1}}", or at least, something like that. Take a look at other people's scenarios when you design your own, I found it a great help in making my grand total of 0.003 scenarios.
posted 08 December 2007 07:00 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
{playername(1)} makes the unit be a players name.
you can also get custom triggers, like army change name to change the name of units created with army deploy.
posted 10 December 2007 04:57 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7       
Can you do something similar with QV's?

Ex: In a scenario you can get XP (increasing QV [QV name = QVxp]), and if you type in "check" you'll be able to see how much XP you have.

The question is, can you display a QV value in a effective way.

Trigger: Display XP
Effect: Overlay text; MESSAGE: Your current XP is {QVvalue(QVxp)}
Condition: Chat contains

...or something like that, which shows the QV value. Otherwise I have to make trigger for each XP value, and I'm not quite in the mood for doing that.

posted 10 December 2007 05:41 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
To insert a QV into text put:


To make it display something like:

1 rather than 1.000000 then put:


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posted 10 December 2007 06:05 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7       

I really thought that it would be impossible... Thank you very much nottud! I can't describe how happy I am...

(I tested it and it worked perfectly!!!)

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