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Topic Subject:ESP/PES and Spartan Campaign. (Ideas, read and comment)
posted 05 December 2009 10:04 PM EDT (US)         
Well I know i've been gone a long time. And I'm the jackass who talked to much about my pending project Elder Scrolls, then ended up temporarly abandoning it. Basically pissing a bunch if people off lol.

To look at my PENDING future Elder Scrolls Project, please visit...,27952,,all

Well if you are just here for the Elder Scrolls just view the pages above.

Spartan (Avatar) Campaign:
Basically same (VERY complex) idea as Elder Scrolls. As I said with Elder Scrolls, the completion would require a year or more devotion and hard work to finish. And quite frankly, I just dont have the time.
The idea with the Sparta version is it would decrease the compleity by alot. As with Elder Scrolls, you have so many combinations with units, names, levels, etc. that it would be incredibly time consuming to finish it correctly where people could customize there avatar.
With the Sparta version, however, I would use the 300 V2 mod (With creators permission) and you would have limited units to originally base it off of. With Elder Scrolls, you can start out as any unit you can possibly imagine (or eventually work up to becoming that unit). But with Sparta version, theres only 2 units to start with, The Spartan Warrior and the Immortal. Much easier. As I will though ad the name changer, so you can customize your warrior, etc.
Pretty much the Elder Scrolls Project, but much smaller, easier, and set with Spartan Historical fights and events.

posted 06 December 2009 06:50 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
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