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Topic Subject:Sync error
posted 11 December 2009 07:51 AM EDT (US)         
Hi this is my firs message here, and i am totally new here.
but i have a probelem with a senario i made, everytime i play on multyplayer with it,after like 15 seconds its 'sync error'. i dont know how it happens and i have heard someone talking about the game would go sync error because it had no 'hotkeys' or something. i am from belgium so i dont realy speak good english, so i dont know what 'hotkeys' are can someone help me pleaseeee?
posted 11 December 2009 08:01 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
posted 11 December 2009 10:25 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
eeeh how?

srry dont know mush about computers _
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posted 11 December 2009 12:25 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
I doubt hotkeys are your problem.
I assume your scenario has triggers. OOS errors can occur as a result of doing triggers 'badly' (as far as MP is concerned).
Here are the most common things that would cause OOS and I'm pretty sure that one of these will be your problem:
  • Chat contains
  • A camera track linking to another trigger
  • Decimal points in non-QuestVar variables
  • Simply having far too many units
  • Using triggers incompatible for multiplayer (eg. circle triggers)

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    Ive never had sync error from having too many untis Ive played a siege map with my friends he had made and that had so many units on it that it took forever to process any move orders and such and it was laggy...

    What I will say though is have you dpownloaded any mods or such and if you have its probably that unless it specifically only redesigns the interface or such. Generally multiplayer compatible mods will specifically say so. Else assume its not online compatible. Having mods will cause a sync like 15 seconds into the game as you have described above.

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