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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject:Elder Scrolls-A New Begining (Beta)
posted 12 June 2010 11:07 PM EDT (US)         
I have finished a beta version of the first scenario to my upcoming Elder Scrolls release. I plan on making 12 scenarios are more. The game name is not A new begining, just the first scenario.

I am needing a strict, and dedicated playtester to go through everything.But first, if you are considering, read below.

1-The first few scenarios of ESP (elder scrolls project) are played as you as a child.There is no character design probably until sscenario 3,this is just scenario 1.So please keep in mind you will be able to purchase diff. armors and weapons throughout the game.
2-There are approx 5-6 side quests throughout the first scenario that are compeltely optional and some hard to find.
3-I am using a few select mods such as the mod where you can spin the map around.Which is almost essential for this type of game.
4-All other info will be forwarded to you if you decide to palytest.

I really need a STRICT playtester to tell me my pros and cons. Thanks.
posted 12 June 2010 11:20 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
i guess i could help, ive had a bit of spare time so i can go over ur work.

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posted 12 June 2010 11:24 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Thanks man, Ima look it over one more time and make sure my 600+ triigers are running right lol, then ill send it on over with some more info to keep in mind when playing it.

Turned out there was a whole lot of things that recently screwed up in my triggers. Everythign is up and running.Im emailing you now with a few more info.

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posted 13 June 2010 05:13 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
90% of the allotted work time is spent working on the first 90% of the project....

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