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The Baltic Sea - Vendel Age

The Baltic Sea - Vendel Age

I've secretly worked on this map. Another one of my geographical scenarios. This time we're back to Norse Gods Only!

It's about the end of the Roman times / pre-medieval, positioning The Baltic States. The rivalling wars between the Latvian and Estonian tribes.


4 Latvian Tribes and 2 Estonian Tribes:

Curonians: Unifieing Bandava, Piemare, Zemgale, Duvzare and Ventava under one banner. These religious men and expert cavalry, are ready for battle!

Semigalians: The Semigallians are brothers of the sword, they are known for their endurance and are fierce warriors! Especially their powerfull cavalry.

Latgalians: The Latgalians are the Eastern Tribe of this region. They were great woodcutters and had fierce heavy cavalry. Also they were knowledgable when it came to sieging with rams.

Aestii: are the Northern Folk, they come from Narva. They are known for their archery. And they are strong believers of Perkunas (stronger Hersir).

Selonians: Farmers with patience, they made much use of the club and axe. Maceman trainable for the Selonians.

Osilians: Unifieing the isles of the Baltic Lands. They knew how to build ships (lower costs). Known for their use of spearmen and swift followers of Perkunas (Hoplite trainable, and stronger Hersir).

To make the game more realistic the soldiers will be light armoured but increased hitpoints, there was a much use of axes and cavalry. Therefor the throwing axeman has no range. Ulfsark have increased attack vs cavalry. The hersir has increased attack vs infantry units and is weaker vs cavalry. Cavalry have more attack vs heroes. Heroic age god Skadi changes your Throwing Axeman into Bajorija (high armoured axemen). The Myth age god Tyr turns your Ulfsark into a Samogitian Axeman. Jarls have more armor but lower hitpoints. Odin's Jarl hp bonus is increased. Forseti's Hall of Thanes improves your Hersir into Followers of Perkunas. Loki has more Spy Godpowers. Maceman counter heroes and archers and cavalry. Heimdall improves your archers attack. Ships do more damage vs myth units in Myth Age.

I have playtested it with a few clansmen and we concluded that the units are perfectly balanced!
Enjoy the amazing gameplay to your hearts content!

Because i'm going on a holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks, i won't be able to add custom relics for now. But they won't be a major influence in the battles i think so dont worry. Because it's great as it is now!

6 Players only, this time the map isn't that big as my previous were. It loads quickly and the tribes are randomly picked. The resources are balanced but some might find it lacking of wood in the coastal areas. But they have more food and fishies in comparison!

Download link:

Ancient Estonia

Ancient Latvia

Ancient Saaremaa

Riga's Old Town

Tallinn (Reval/Revala) 's Old Town

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