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Topic Subject:custom scenaro game settings/victory condition
posted 21 July 2018 05:23 PM EDT (US)         
i have a question about custom scenaro rulesets.

if i host my custom scenario i cant change the game type to supremicy or enable locked teams.
the strange thing is that when i play this scenario in the editor it is supremacy(you can bould a wonder to win) but when i host it a wonder doesnt do anything.

is it even posible to change these settings? and if so how would i do that?
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posted 21 July 2018 09:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
In Scenario Data you can check "Use Victory Conditions".

If you uncheck this, no one will ever win or loose the game unless you trigger winning or loosing yourself.

There is also some option for "File Name" which supposedly would allow you to choose which kind of victory conditions you want. But I dunno on what the filenames would be.
(Also I dunno what the "String ID" is supposed to be)

The standard one should be basicvcnomain.xs which can be found in the trigger2-folder.

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posted 22 July 2018 06:33 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
i do have the use victory conditions checked. shouldnt that be enough to make wonders work?

and i dont realy get the file name thing. how does that work?
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