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Topic Subject:New God Power Ideas?
posted 13 June 2019 04:30 PM EDT (US)         
With 5 civilizations and countless God Powers, it is almost impossible to come up with an original God Power for AOM. But I was thinking hard and tried to come up with ideas nonetheless. Do you have any God Powers ideas that would be cool in AOM?

-Revive II: I really liked the idea for Nu wa's Revive God Power. But it would have been much cooler if it actually brought back an entire army. [I can create a culture specific Revive, but I would love to see something more universal]
-I am thinking about using a similar code to create Necromancers. [Will work similar to Automatons, Or the Sleeping Guardian XP, and Son of Osiris XP ]

Seasonal God Powers [Some of these are still half baked]
Trees will change accordingly in Each season.
-Spring: Creates flowers and berry bushes across the map. Extra Goats, and Free farms appear across the map. Villagers and herds move faster. Tree stumps give birth to new trees.

-Winter: It snows, freezes enemy farms, there are snow piles and snow drifts across the map, Venturing far from the town centers means freezing.

-Autumn: Extra Wood. Random floods and puddles. Torrential Rains. Lower production rates from the farms.

-Summer: Higher Harvest rate from the farms. Lions roam the land.

Free Farms: Creates six free farms. [Food resource is not unlimited]
-Wild Farms: Related to the God Power. Special Farms that expire after a while. Naturally spawned on the map.

Hurricane: Works similar to the Chinese Flood God Power. Instead of destroying everything, Wind sends units flying to the edge of the map. [Similar to a Minotaur attack]

Avalance: Again, works similar to the Flood.

Soulnado: Rips the soul from the enemy villagers creating and area damage explosion. Souls create dangerous clouds in the sky with green lightning attacks.

Darkest Night: Turns the day into night. Spawns vast number of Hostile creatures on the map, Venturing away from the town centers becomes dangerous.

Ravens: Similar to Locust but attacks all units, and ravens spawn around military buildings instead of farms.

Volcano: It doesn't belong any god at the moment. Instead of shooting rocks, maybe Creates actual lava flow?

Rebellion: Reverse Ragnarok. Enemy villagers attacks their own units, with axes and pick-axes. They are also stronger.[Works in limited radius, affects 10 villagers max]

Invisible Town Center: The town center turns invisible for a minute. Invisible Town Center cannot be attacked.

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posted 14 June 2019 06:54 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
It should also be balanced.

Revive II is a good idea, but only it should be applied only on non-mythic units.

I'm afraid that Darkest Night power should be difficult to place. It can also be a disadvantage for the owner if it is using market caravan or have some miners/woodcutters away from his base.

I didn't get Soulnado power, but what you seem to describe sounds too powerful to be balanced.

Rebellion could would also totaly break the game. You destroy the entiere economy of the enemies with one click (moreover you generate units against his own city...). It is unthinkable.

> With 5 civilizations and countless God Powers, it is almost impossible to come up with an original God Power for AOM

The 5th civilization already demonstrates this problem. I think you had better ideas than them yourself. I was pretty disapointed by the chinese gods powers, most of them are really weak compared to the other civilizations powers.

Hurricane should be a good Classical Age power, which enable the player to survive to an early (or heavier) attack.

Ravens sounds like a copy of Pestilence. Why not cause a bit of damage (random 5% to 20%) to all units and buildings in its radius effect ?

Invisible Town Center etablish a concept : buildings protection. Why not create a god power similar to Bronze, but which affect owned or allies buildings in a large radius ? It should help to protect his (or an ally) city if we are caught off guard.

But how do you plan to create all these god powers ?
Shouldn't this thread rather be in the Mod category ?

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posted 14 June 2019 10:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       

Thanks for finding the ideas interesting.
This thread is not entirely about modding the God Powers. I tried manipulating some of them. But some ideas are super difficult to implement.

I am also quite disappointed with the Chinese God Powers. Soldiers walking faster? Earth Dragon that can't move?

I agree that some of the God Powers need balancing. Some are a bit on the stronger side because they are intended for scenarios.

If I ever create the Rebellion God Power, I would limit the number of villagers affected to 7-10. Yes it is quite unbalanced.

I agree with the Revive II balancing.

Soulnado is similar to Atlas's implode. Large clouds appear in a small radius. Clouds suck the soul out of the human units. Clouds grow larger, They sucks more souls.

I like the Bronze idea for the invisible town center.

On a side note, I actually created a mini autumn and winter God power. It takes the forest fire God Power, and changed the color of the leaves. Oak tree to Autumn oak, and Pine trees to snowy pine trees. Blending effect is really cool. But it is mostly intended for dramatic purposes.
posted 15 June 2019 03:15 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Revive II: Sounds pretty nice
Free Farms: Sounds basically like the goat power that already exists but the limited nature is a bit more confusing? I probably say nah to this one sorry!
Hurricane: Interesting - an uncontrolled shifting sands almost I guess for the enemy?
Avalance: Wonder if it could be a kill units and pestilence buildings power (Buildings burried)
Soulnado: Interesting - would be devastating to economy so probably would need to be a late game power
Darkest Night: Interesting - might be a bit hectic on large maps
Ravens: Could be pretty nice
Volcano: Alternately thinking you keep the flying rocks but elevation raises destroying or damaging what is under it
Rebellion: Haha whaaat? Sounds super OP but also funny - might make a fun cheat power. Perhaps a global version could be less OP where you would cast it when you knowingly have less villagers.
Invisible Town Center: Interesting - would it be able to attack back or is it just gone? I think it being able to fire is useful for knocking out the invaders.
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