posted 06 February 2020 06:21 PM EDT (US)   
There has been a recent bug introduced by patch 2.7 that causes a sync error in cinematics mid game. It seems to be caused by the loading of cinematic models. The trigger force non cinematic models does not seems to work fully as some models still load however I have managed to come up with a trigger that can enter cinematic without loading any of the models by observing that the game does not load cinematic models in main menu mode.

My solution is to switch the game to main menu mode and turn on cinematic mode and then switch back. A custom trigger effect to do this is below - replace your cinematic mode on trigger with this:

<Effect name="Enter Cinematic Mode No Cine Models">

To install the trigger open up your trigger2 typetest.xml file and add this effect to the bottom above the end tags below:



Once you have done this the trigger will show up with the name "Enter Cinematic Mode No Cine Models". This will now fix your map from going out of sync when starting mid game.

NOTE: Entering cinematic mode immediately at game start appears to be immune to this bug and the fix is not required, however feel free to use the fix anyway if you desire better performance.

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