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Topic Subject:Random map- Capture the Flag
posted 29 September 2002 10:54 AM EDT (US)         
Bases start out with a special temple surrounded by walls and towers. The temple functions as a normal temple does. If your temple is destroyed, you cannot make another one. You can win by capturing the relic and carry it all the way to your temple, or destroying all enemy temples so they can't capture the flag. If an enemy temple is destroyed, they are not out of the game yet. They can still help their allies untill all allied temples are lost, then they lose.

You get a special respawning hero from your temple upon reaching the Heroic age. A relic which is visible to everyone and sits in the middle of the map, guarded by strong Gaia animals and rough terrain so you can't build on it. your goal is to capture the flag(relic) and garrison it in your temple with your special Hero unit.
Only the special hero can pick up the flag(relic) to return it. Regular heroes like pharoah and hersirs and greek unique heroes can't pick the flag up. The flag is always visible to all players and if someone takes it, there is a notice to all players. They can see exactly where he goes with it.

A team wins when they capture the relic or destroy all enemy temple.

I see 3 strategies from this game.

Rushing to heroic to snag the relic first.
Rushing in the second age to either defend the middle until you reach the third age or attack an enemy base and try to kill their temple.
Wait for someone else to get the relic out in the open away from the dangerous middle ground and hijack the relic from the hero on his return trip to his base.

Heroes carrying the relic flag will move at 25% of their normal speed to give everyone a chance to react. If your hero goes down while carrying the relic, it sits where it was dropped and you have to wait for your hero to respawn. Guard the area with soldiers and myth units until your hero returns to stop other enemies from taking the flag.

Best for 3+ player Free for all. I don't think 1v1 or team games would be as exciting.

HG Alumnus
posted 29 September 2002 11:05 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Copied from UT, no doubt.'d be fun to see how the AI will respond to this map.

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posted 29 September 2002 11:28 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
whats UT?
HG Alumnus
posted 29 September 2002 11:52 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Unreal Tournament?
posted 29 September 2002 03:35 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
This would be better if you don't win instantaneously but have to hold the relic for N years, and if you can start getting it in Classical or Archaic. Because now as soon as someone gets the relic it's pretty much over and the game is too short/volatile to be truly fun.

Another option would be to make more relics appear in the center after the first one and have a race between teams - the first to get 3 relics wins for example.

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posted 29 September 2002 06:12 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Hrm, thats a good idea.. instead of winning on the first capture, your team must capture the flag 3 times to win. And getting the hero in the Heroic age was meant to stop rushes. for the flag in the first age, but if I use the score system instead of instant victory then the hero could exists from the beginning. The gaia animals must be very strong so your single hero can't make it in and out alive with the relic without support from an army. and even when hes getting away, hes moving slower so hes easy to catch up to for enemy units.

Even if the player rushes for the relic, you still have the option to attack his temple and destroy it, making him useless capture He could bring it to an ally's base. Heres one more rule: If the relic is idle somewhere in the field and not reclaimed within 2 minutes, it disapears and respawns back in the center of the map. so no player can hide it at the back of their base and just play conquest. Again.. on non team games, the other players will team up against that player making this a losing strategy.

god powers like underworld passage and shifting sand and Roc, flying transport can't load the Hero is he is carrying the relic, only if he drops it first. It can however shift or transport the hero to the relic, but not back home with it. This also means the hero can't hide in a garrisoned fortress or tower or TC with the relic, he must drop it first.

When an enemy hero picks up the flag, you can see their LOS, similar to Loki's spy power. It leaves no place to hide on the map. Since your temple will be centralized in your base, chances are good that the hero will walk through farming or lumberjack work zones and giving you chance to cast some nasty GPs on the enemy villagers. Locusts, frost, lightning storm, earthquake.. etc

Starting temples are protected by starting walls but the walls don't extend around the TC. Use norse, undermine GP to bust through the wall quickly and rush in and kill the temple. makes for a nice rush.

Other ways to nullify a strategy:

Your enemy might cast ceasefire after his hero picks up the relic giving him a chance to walk back to his base without fear. Cast Zeus's bolt on him and then pick up the relic with your own hero and use his strat against him.

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