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Topic Subject:Dynamic Lighting
posted 16 November 2002 06:32 PM EDT (US)         
I set up my Scenario so my Hero unit can trigger the Lighting to change depending on where he moves on the map.

For example, When he walks north to the snowy region, it uses a GhostLake Lighting and when he goes to the City, it becomes Dusk.

You need 2 triggers for every point on the map where you want a lighting change.

*Set_Winter_Lighting- active
condition- distance to point: set a target unit and a point on the map. set a ditance like 100 and '<' less than
effect- Set Lighting

*ResetWLighting- active loop
condition- distance to point: set the same target point and unit, but make the distance a tad longer, like 110 and use '>' greater than
effect- counter: set the start time to 1 and the trigger to Set_Winter_Lighting. This makes that trigger available to trigger again.

You can duplicate this as much as you want. but make sure the distance to point values don't overlap with surrounding lighting changes or it could cause problems.

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posted 18 November 2002 08:57 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Obvious, but still helpfull.

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