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Topic Subject:Taunt Me baby
posted 17 November 2002 05:26 PM EDT (US)         
Could any 1 help please?

1/ How do u get to taunt people in the game, im playing just single player can u still do it in that, i want to hear the taunts as well

2/ How do u get the score on during playtesting the map i,ve made, it wont come on when i press f4 ,how come

3/ why does an error massage appear when at the playtest game starts, it only happens when ive changed the computer ai in the player data menu to something like aomdefault economy etc.

4/ What does the terms mean when u select different player settings such as big boomer and aggressive rusher!!!

please help any 1

(id: PW_DarkKnight)
posted 17 November 2002 05:50 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
1) Multiplayer typing a number.

2) F4 works for me.

3) Dunno, but I get the same error.

4) Agressive rusher makes a bigger military and attacks more often. Big boomer collects many resources and defends primarily. Balanced does a mixture of both.

posted 18 November 2002 04:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
With regards to #3: The only selectable AI is aomdefaultai.xs. The others whose names begin with "aomdefaultai" are scripts that are used by the aomdefaultai script. In other words, they just divided up the AI into five different parts and when the main script (aomdefaultai) is loaded it then loads the other four parts.

There are other scripts as well, but they are for scenarios. The only time you will see other choices that will work is, of course, if you download a custom AI script.

HG Alumnus
(id: spitfire_23)
posted 18 November 2002 09:00 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
using 'u' '1' 'any1' etc. is punishable by death around here. If your computer doesn't have a spell checker, get one that does.

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