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Topic Subject:Custom God Power Help
posted 09 March 2004 07:06 PM EDT (US)         
Hi, I need assistance regarding a God Power I made; it totally screws up the AI. I've created the xmb file; and put it in the "god powers" folder. I've also added the new power to the tech tree file. (Note: that I have not added the god power to any specific god, as suggested in many of the tutorials, because I only need to use the power in my map, and I don't want it to affect random map games) The God Power works perfect in practice in my map. But I get the following error in any map upon launch (even random maps):

XS: Error 0003: could not compile file [ai file name].xs

I know for sure that it is the God Power causing the problem, because whenever I remove the power from the "god powers" folder, the problem goes away, even if I leave the entry for the power in the tech tree file.

I've seen someone else ask this question on here before, but the question wasn't really answered. Am I missing some sort of little detail? Any help would be much appreciated.


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