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Topic Subject:Gmax export qustion
posted 05 October 2006 08:04 PM EDT (US)         
Ive been working with the Colossus model but I cant export it out of gmax even when I make no changes to the model I get a error, I have heard that there are other export scripts for Gmax , where can I find them and what are they called .

Any help would be great.

Cheddar Chap
(id: The Cheese Man)
posted 06 October 2006 00:44 AM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
Before I lost my CD to some bastard I had a similar problemo. I was just getting into modding when it gave somthing like that and before I could do anything twas stolen.

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posted 07 October 2006 03:27 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
I cant get aomed to convert 3dx to brg I never could I dont know why

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posted 07 October 2006 10:04 AM EDT (US)     3 / 8       


I cant get aomed to convert 3dx to brg I never could I dont know why

i have the same problem
posted 07 October 2006 08:45 PM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
I dident have that problem It just wont let me export certain models out of Gmax.

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Stephen Caines
posted 09 October 2006 06:23 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8       

Can you be a bit more specific about the error you get on export.

Most of the problems I have found or fixed for others tend to be problems caused by:

1) unattached verts
2) models created by attaching polies to meshes
3) models created by attaching instances to meshes
4) meshes attached to meshes with different uvw's

But usually you can get around these issues, and the biggest pain in the butt is when you've gone on to bone, skin and animate the model before realising you messed up.

So rules of modelling are:

1) Save regularly - I average about 20-50 interim versions on a complex model so at worst I might lose 10-20 minutes work.

2) Everytime you save, run the export script - waste 2 minutes running a clean export or.....

3) When you attach parts of the model check it has done what you thought it should do. The best indicator I have found is the texture. If you call up the entire textures and more than one texture is assigned to an object you've got problems!

4) Make sure that you reapply the base model texture before exporting.

5) Make sure that when you convert the .3dx file to .brg you use the exact model you used for the .gmax base.

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posted 09 October 2006 09:27 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
well i managed to get it to export, I think but when I tryed to change it to a .brg it asked me what file i wanted to base it on I picked the original .brg from colossus and I got the error

Error: cannot find ..start.. and ..end.. lines in update file at /der1App/ line 1520

Ive done other models like this and didnt have this problem

I made no changes to the model, it was just a test.

posted 10 October 2006 08:36 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
i get the same error on some thing i made for petar.... it has the same exact amount of pollies as the base model and frames, its just different.

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posted 15 October 2006 06:58 PM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
for every one that had the problem with converting 3ds files to .brg try reading Argalius,s Modelling Unites Guide you can find it here

ok I got the other problems fixed but I still have the errors exprorting colossus and a few other models , this happens in bother Gmax and 3d max can any one help . the errors are.

when I tryed it in 3d max I got the error = --Unknown property;"filename"in undefined

in Gmax I got the following with this line highlighted,
"format "%=%~" m $Animated.material[m].maps[2].filename to: Listener"

-- BRG EXPORTING SCRIPT (version 0.01)
-- for Age of Mythology models
-- by Ykkrosh (
-- Requires 3ds max
-- TO DO:
-- * Make it work in gmax (printing all the data to the Listener window)
-- (if anybody actually uses gmax)

fn BRGExport = (

local time_scale = 2


-- output numbers of faces, verts, and frames, then the list of faces and texture coordinates
at time 0 (
main_mesh = $Animated.mesh
format "**START**\n" to: Listener
format "%~%~%~" main_mesh.numverts main_mesh.numfaces (if animationRange.end == 0 then "0f" else (animationRange.end+1)/time_scale) to: Listener

format "\n{FACES}\n" to: Listener
for f = 1 to main_mesh.numfaces do (
format "%" (getFace main_mesh f) to: Listener

format "\n{TVERTS}\n" to: Listener
for v = 1 to main_mesh.numverts do (
format "%~" (getTVert main_mesh v) to: Listener

-- output the vertices at every keyframe (or frame 0, if it's unanimated)
format "\n{VERTS}\n" to: Listener
for t = 0 to (if animationRange.end == 0 then 0 else (animationRange.end+1)/time_scale-1) do (
at time(t*time_scale) (
main_mesh = $Animated.mesh
for v = 1 to main_mesh.numverts do (
vert = getVert main_mesh v
normal = getNormal main_mesh v
format "% % %/% % %~" vert.x vert.y vert.z normal.x normal.y normal.z to: Listener

-- then the material IDs assigned to each face
format "\n{FMATS}\n" to: Listener
for f = 1 to main_mesh.numfaces do (
format "%~" (getFaceMatID main_mesh f) to: Listener

-- and some info on what the materials actually *are*
format "\n{MATS}\n" to: Listener
for m = 1 to $Animated.material.count do (
format "%=%~" m $Animated.material[m].maps[2].filename to: Listener

format "\n**END**\n" to: Listener

messageBox "Completed"
return 0


this line was highlighted= format "%=%~" m $Animated.material[m].maps[2].filename to: Listener

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