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Topic Subject:Help,with models
Leto II
posted 17 January 2007 04:10 PM EDT (US)         
Im tryng to do a model of a Chariot archer who has a phoenix instead of a horse, I alredy make the model in gmax, but i cant convert the file back in to the AOMTT format because it get al mess. I think the problem is that AOMED needs an AOM file to bass the new one but mi model uses two textures, one for te chariot an one for the phoenix. Someone know a way to make brg files, insted of AOMED?
Sir Dundo
posted 17 January 2007 09:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
If you could say what exactly you're seeing, maybe we can help you fix the problem?

It could be anything from Isolated Vertices to Material ID.

A screenshot of the model while it's messed up would help, too.

Sir Dundo

P.S. The Chariot Phoenix sounds _really_ cool!

/\_/_/_/Sir Dundo\_\_\_/\
|Winner of Botolf's Best Idea Award|
|Proud Leader of Modsmith Studios|
\...Supreme Commander Heaven.../

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