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Topic Subject:I really need some help
posted 27 January 2007 06:50 AM EDT (US)         
I need help. I am NOT a modder. I dont even know how to mod. This is why i need someone to help me create a new unit. It is called apocolypse demon and in is really powerful. His main attack is a triple chain lightning attack. His other attacks are: An earthquake that comes when he smashes his staff into the ground, a tornado that he `throws` at enemies, big rocks that land like meteors. His special attack is `summon the damned` where he summons 30 shades that are specially boosted. He looks like a cyclops but with two eyes and a staff.
Please could someone help me by making this incredible unit. Thankyou for your time.

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(VIP) Reverie World Studios
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posted 27 January 2007 11:40 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Hate to burst your bubble, but if you're new to modding, I'd suggest starting off with something easy like a new unit with only a new texture.

Read some of the guides in this forum and on the main site.

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posted 27 January 2007 11:43 AM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
You cant make a triple lightning attack. A unit can only have 1 special. You cant summon 30 shades, new special cannot be created. You could use the heka gigantes special attack for the earthquake, but if you dont have the titans you cant do that either, and you can never have them use a full out earthquake, that is a godpower not an attack. You cant have any meteor thing, again that is a godpower. If you want to throw tornadoes, they cant have the effect of a normal tornado, because that is a godpower too. Sorry to sound so harsh, but the only thing this mod could be is a unit with chain lightning that uses the heka gigantes special. Nothing else seems plausable. Sorry.

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posted 27 January 2007 03:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
the meteor thing is kinda possible but not like the god power and it is possible to summon 30 shades its a pain in the but but it can be done .you can use prometheus projectile attack to create a shade projectile when the projectile dies it can make a shade , I dont know if there is a limit to the number of projectiles or not but if so you can have the projectile create a unite called shade 2 with a life span of 1 when they die each one can spawn two shades that will double the number of shades created .

but everything you want to do will take a special attack and you only get one

you may be able to give it a lightning attack and a special attack Im not sure

Magnum Pi
posted 27 January 2007 08:06 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
Acually, it seems to me that much of what he is requesting is possible, but complicated. The triple chain lightning, is not I think. The rest of the attacks could be ChargeActions, that use a different projectile in each.(There is an unused proto tag that apparently sets the projectile for a ranged attack action individually, bu I don't know how it woks yet.)

These projectiles could be invisible and would need to "bounce" in order for a dead replacement to work properly. The projectiles could have a dead replacement of the desired units. Eg, one projectile turns into a shade, another, a rock that explods like a meteor, and the other a tornado unit with a lifespan, an "AreaAttack", and a persistant "Move" action.

Trouble is, that projectile proto parametre wuld need to be used (currently it is unknown how to use it) and know that I think about it, how many ranged attack actions does the game even have? I would definately start simpler.

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posted 30 January 2007 03:31 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
Thanks for the comments. If you can`t make that could you make me an embellishment unit called wheelbarrow. It would be useless, but could look like the wheelbarrow on the dwarven forge. I am requesting this because I frequently make dwarven forge scenarios. Other embellishment units for the same purpouse, could be:
1:- A new dwarven forge building, to replace the plain one with the bellows on the roof. I find that it is very dull.
2:- A dwarf hut, could provide 10 pop. and could not be rebuilt. It would be a round hut with a trickle of steam.
3:- A dwarven town center. This would be like the regular norse town center but with a furnace in the corner.
Thanks again for listening to my ideas. Joe2114
Stephen Caines
posted 06 February 2007 04:52 AM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
This post will be difficult to understand as I cannot insert the xml to explain it with examples, however ...

I just had a look at a few files and this may be achievable (and if so absolutely awesome), using lightning attacks as a potential model.

If you look at the approach used for a lightning attack projectile it uses an XMB rather than a BRG and if you look at the XML script of one of the lightning formats they are defined as an XML type - lightning.

Now if you look at the XML of the Meteor GP you get a script defining a GP type - meteor.

Now, go and look at the Lightning GP and this uses a GP-type - lightning.

Now what if the GP-type-lightning is interchangeable with the projectile-type-lightning?

If it is, it would be possible to create a new projectile using the XML method used for lightning, but potentially using any GP-type (meteor, tempunit, earthquake, tornado).

If so you could cast a projectile that did anything a GP can do, all of the above would be possible. The only limitation I can see is that (as far as I can tell) you can only define one rechargeable attack action.

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