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Topic Subject:Giant Pack
posted 27 January 2007 10:31 PM EDT (US)         
Giant Pack


The Giant Pack is a modpack of a buch of new Giants and improves old ones.

New Giants:
- Surtr (Hero): Fire Giant ruler of Muspelheim, the realm of fire.
- Talos (Hero): the Colossus who got defeated by Jason and the Argonauts.
- Forest Giant: Green mountain giant for now.
- Death Giant: Undead giant with the abilaty to transform others into minions.
- Water Giant: Amphibius Giant made of Water
- Ocean Giant: Giant that can transform from land mode to water mode.
- Storm Giant: A lightning trowing Giant.
- Sand Giant: Weirdly colored fireless fire giant for now.
- Frost Giant Jarl: better frost giant that cost more.
- Eldritch Giant: magic missile shooting giant.
- Stone Giant: nothing for now.
- Frost Giant Tundra Scout: Mammoth riding Frost Giant.
- Thrym (Hero): Frost Giant king of the Jotuns.

Improved Old Giants:
- Gargerensis (Hero): added Hero Glow, bether Trident
- Polephemus (Hero): added Hero Glow
- King Folstag: added Hero Glow
- and more

Help Needed:
- Could anyone who knows how to make/edit models help me upgrade the death giant's head, which is a relic and which I want as a "real" head?
- I found this great unused giant sword model (the sand giant's sword) in the game but it is missing a texture. Could anyone help make a texture from scratch for the sword, mine is not very good?

Click Here

The Demo:
- Talos: Colossus Hero who got defeated by Jason and the Argonauts.
- Surtr: Fire Giant Hero(sometimes Anglicized Surt) whos is the ruler of Muspelheim, the realm of fire.

Demo available here

I would like to add, before anybody asks, that the water giant, as seen in the preview screenshot, has nothing to do with QoR Wise Man's "New Unit: Water Giant" mod. Though his mod did inspire my version of the unit.

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(VIP) Reverie World Studios
(id: pEpsIdUDe_123)
posted 27 January 2007 11:00 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Awesome! I really like the Dire Boar.

Can the ocean and water giants walk in water?

posted 28 January 2007 08:28 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
is the small dire boar herdable?... wait is that just an ordinary boar?

and lol u used a painted relic as a head?

(id: darkdude)
posted 28 January 2007 11:47 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
May I suggest you add in the Stone Giant? The guys never finished it....

posted 28 January 2007 04:17 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
First off, darkdude, yes I plan on adding a Stone Giant to the pack, it may not be the same one as the one you had a link to though.

Second, AmazingFerret, the "small dire boar" that you are refering to is herdable because it is just an ordinary boar. Yes, I used a painted relic as a head for the Death Giant, which I got the idea from Lampades King's Werewolf of his "AOM HP Myth Unit Pack Version 1.0" modpack, but it does not work well so if you know someone that can help me, please could you ask him for me?

Third, Alex, thank you for enjoying my Dire Boar, but it is not part of the Giant Pack, it is a seperate mod which is availlable HERE

Also, Alex, I was planning on making the Water Giant amphibius (walk on land, undewather, over mountain and thrue buildings) and the Ocean Giant would have two modes: Land & Water, so that he can't go through buildings like the Water Giant.

I wanted to add that I found some nice concept art of a Egyptian Sand Giant and a Greek Golem from the AoM official site.

Here are the links:
AoM Concept Art
Sand Giant
Golem (Stone Giant)

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