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Topic Subject:Modding On Mac? Please Help!
posted 30 September 2007 10:19 PM EDT (US)         
I really want to give modding a try, but have a mac and cannot find any aom programs for mac modding. please help.
Sir Dundo
posted 01 October 2007 01:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Modding for Mac is extremely limited, sorry to say.. But there are quite a few modding resources out there for Mac users.

AoM Tool for Mac

This is essentially AoMED for Mac. =)

As far as Modeling goes, I don't think anyone's made anything for that area, but as long as you can do your Textures, Anims and Coding, you're good.



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posted 01 October 2007 09:03 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Talk to PPE, he's the leader of an entire design team that focuses on modding and he has a Mac.

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posted 06 October 2007 12:54 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
How's it goin'?

Basically, Mac modding is limited. That little AoMTool application was never finished, as many times as I've emailed the creator, it only extracts .bars and .DDT files. I recently got Parallels (that program that runs Windows or whatever inside your Mac) and it is very much worth it in every way. Since last weekend, I can now run AoMEd and all that other fun stuff. Yes, I hate Windows with a passion, but I'll have to live with it for the time being. Luckily its not my primary operating system.

Regardless, without Parallels/BootCamp, we are limited in speed. We can use programs like Wings3D, Blender and Maya to model, Photoshop or GIMP to texture, and TextEdit or Taco HTML Edit (Taco is great, btw), but we still need other people to convert our resources to playable formats.

I would advise hanging around Purple Design Studios. Not so much to recruit you, but I can understand the frustration, and would be more than happy to convert stuff for you when I'm around, as well as the members that are very used to converting things for me.

On a side note, both of the responders above are PDS members. Lol.
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