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Topic Subject:List of Working Configs
posted 03 June 2018 09:39 PM EDT (US)         
Back in the day, nottud and others posted some massive lists of config commands which I believe were taken from the DLLs. However, these lists did not mention which of the commands work and which don't. Here, I provide two lists for working and non-working config commands in EE's game2.0.cfg file along with some notes on the working ones. Hopefully this is of some use to somebody. The list is still a work in progress so if you know of others that are not included, please mention them.

To disable commands, simply add // to the start of the line. Note that the startup files are desync sensitive and the startup folder is not supported by the EE mod manager meaning you will have to manually transfer the files (so save backups!).

Working game2.0.cfg Commands

- cliffHeight - changes the elevation of a single click of cliff placement, still bounded by min/max height limits

- WorldSizeX - length of the default scenario editor map

- WorldSizeZ - width of the default scenario editor map

- maxZoom - how far you can zoom out, setting this too far beyond 200 makes the edge of the shadow rendering region visible

- minZoom - how far you can zoom in, setting to 0 allows you to zoom straight through the ground at most elevations

- ShadeDelay - how long it takes Hades Shades to spawn

- ShadeChance - what percentage of qualifying units will spawn shades

- HeroDeathRecoverTime - how long it takes to revive campaign heroes

- HeroDeathSearchRadius - exactly what it sounds like

- flareDuration - makes the flare on the minimap shorter or longer

- FlareNotificationTime - same as above?

- PlayerMaxCorpseCount - the number of corpses per player which are allowed to remain

- chatDuration - how long chat messages stay on screen

- TitanMoveCameraShakeStrength - does what it says

- TitanAttackCameraShakeStrength - does what it says

- TitanCameraShakeRadius - does what it says

- ballisticPrecalcHits - dissabling this allows units to dodge projectiles like in aoe2

- LushSizeFactor - does something

- LushRadiusGrowthRate - Gaia lush, does what it says

- LushRadiusDecayRate - does what it says

- LushMaxRadius - does what it says

- HealableDeathRecoverTime - used by Automaton

- SuperPredatorWanderRadius - does what it says for all units with superpredator unittype (such as Tartarian gate spawn)

- GPShieldRadius - prevents GPs, for example Isis monuments

- GPRechargeSpeedMultiplier - for any GPs that have multiple uses, the scale isn't obvious so if you really want to speed up recharge time, be liberal with the number

- experienceMaxDamageBonus - this probably does what it sounds like but I may have used an invalid value causing Hydra's experience logic to not work

- experienceKillCap - same as above

List of Non-Working Commands

- terrainMinHeight

- terrainMaxHeight

- useTerrainHeightLimits

- waterPlaneOffset

- waterAllowPaintDelta

- showmovementpredictions

- terrainGridMajorTick

- showPathLevels

- showObjectIDs

- showBoundingBoxes

- showPathFinder

- showSunReflection

- showPassability

- showUnitGroups

- showSelectionRects

- debugUIGadgets

- tilebasedLOS

- pathingLrp2
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posted 17 June 2018 04:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
ive always loved this kind of stuff, a good reference to come back to

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