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Topic Subject:Technology and Building Question
posted 15 September 2018 05:27 AM EDT (US)         


I have trying something interesting, lately. I am trying to create a special Research building similar to a university from older AOE games. [I am using the Shrine as a building model]
This special building has all the farming technologies available. "Winter Harvest, "Sacred Cats","Five Grains" etc.

So far I modified the proto file for the shrine, and these technologies do show up when the correct god technology is available. [Skadi for winter harvest for example]

However, when I try to make the Winter Harvest Available without Skadi, it just doesn't work.

I can simply duplicate these technologies I guess, but I want something different. I want a building that can research other cultures and myths. [even if it's only in the scenario editor for now.]

OR possibly a I can go deeper into modding and use the shrine as second Temple that produces alternate myth-units.

For example, if you pick Thor, you can either select Freyja or Forseti. But if you have this special Shrine, you can select this other alternate God that is normally not visible to you, which is Heimdall. So you can create Valkyries through the Temple, and Einharjar's through the Shrine.

How should I go with this?
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posted 15 September 2018 06:16 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
On techs in the techtree you'll find prerequisites which e.g. show you that Winter Harvest requires Age 3 Skadi. Change those to have the techs available otherwise.

On the exclusion tech it's a bit trickier. I guess for that I'd copy Age 2 Heimdall into "Age 2 Heimdall Thor" and make that available for Thor & in the Shrine building. But that would mean to copy Einherja & all the Heimdall techs too...

The difficulty here is that you want to use the same techs do trigger on different conditions and in different buildings. And the only system which does that afaik is culture/civ logic. And that doesn't apply to your case..

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posted 15 September 2018 06:39 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks, for the reply. I guess it's far easier to create new Technologies or duplicating existing ones, for the farming.

I probably shouldn't mess with the original code too much. I will just modify the technology files.

EDIT: It worked. I created a new technology. But for some reason, the technology has also the description of The norse nidhogg. Oh well, it has probably something to do with the id numbers.

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