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Topic Subject:Balance mod 1.01
posted 10 October 2018 04:14 AM EDT (US)         
Hello, I would like to know your opinion about this balance mod that I made with the help of several friends. Try to take stock without eliminating the essence of each god and increasing the usefulness of minor gods like heimdall or ares.

Voobly Link :

Created by Japeto, Valkyrie Reginleif, Lp Ligro, UlisesKing, Mor_Champion, Ayah, Cannabis, Moises, Samu_Scream. Taberna of prostagma community, Voobly balance team (1.01 patch)

Taberna Of Prostagma

Ramdom map set :

Blue lagoon

Many already know this map, it is different from the voobly balance patch 2.0 since it is its first version.


Map where the water is not something main, it is only a support for the players since there is almost no fish, you are not forced to fight sea at least to bother the enemy fishing if the enemy decided to fish.

Atention : This map does not work if there are more than 3 teams or all against all.

Created by Howard Snable
Initial design by Keen_Flame
Adjusted and balanced by Hagrit

Nile delta

Atention : this map generates a water well on the right side in battles 2v2 3v3, etc.

Tropical mirage



You can no longer place units in the mountains

Modifications to Walls

- Repair rated :

Normal villanger -15%
Atlantean Villager -15% (no affect citizen hero)
Norse soldiers human -15% (no affect hersis/ragnarok hero)

- Siegue units :

- The technology of the engineers grant extra:

Fire siphon 10% + damage vs walls and 7 +% vs towers.
Helepolis 9% + damage vs walls and 5 +% vs towers.
Petrobolos 7% + vs walls and 7 +% vs towers.
Portable ram 10 +% vs walls and 5 +% vs towers.
ballista 6% + vs walls and 2 +% vs towers.
Chaeroballista 75 +% vs walls and 25 +% vs towers.
catapult 5% vs walls
Siegue tower 5% + vs walls and 5% + vs towers

- The technology of Draft horses grant extra:

Fire siphon 10% + damage vs walls and 7+% vs towers.
Helepolis 9% + damage vs walls and 5 +% vs towers.
Petrobolos 7% + vs walls and 7 +% vs towers.
Portable ram 10 +% vs walls and 5 +% vs towers.
ballista 6% + vs walls and 2 +% vs towers.
Chaeroballista 75 +% vs walls and 25 +% vs towers.
catapult 5% vs walls
Siegue tower 5% + vs walls and 5% + vs towers


Helepolis / Petrobolos / Ballista receive bonus damage against gates due to always missing every projectile but one (x3/x3/x4 bonus respectively).

Petrobolos and Ballista receive bonus damage against towers, due to almost always missing one (or more) projectiles (x1.5 and x1.33, respectively).

Stone Wall tech search more fast, 20 seconds.

- About wall chip spam :

Titan have 2000%+ bonus vs wall chip.

Wall chip cost 5 gold.

Villagers have 500%+ bonus vs wall chips.

Atty vill have 1000%+ bonus vs wall chips (hero 1500%+)

- About making the hunt delete less strong so that everyone can defend themselves :

Vills collect 20%+ more fast herdable animals and wild crops (berry bush,chicken).

Husbandry bonus to collect herdable animals reduced to 10% (instead 20%)

Villager and builders:


Greek Villager

Dock rated increase to 1.3 (instead 1.0)



Tower 2.0 (exactly 3 villagers)
Tc 1.9 (exactly 3 villagers)
Dock 2.5

hunt damage 16 (exactly 3 villagers)

Bonus vs villager 40%
bonus vs obelisk 100%
bonus vs builds 200% (exactly 3 villagers)

Citizen Hero

Builds 2.5
Tower 2.5 (exaclty 4 vills)
tc 2.3 (exactly 4 vills)
Dock 2.8
Sky passage 2.6
Hunt damage 20 (exactly 4 vills)

Hp 270 in clasic and 303 in mytic
Hack atack 2+
Bonus vs towers is now 300% (before 200%)
Bonus vs carnivora is now 250% (before 100%)
Bonus vs mitic units is now 300% (before 150%)
Bonus vs. villagers 100%

Gather rated 10%+
bonus vs obelisk 100%
Bonus vs builds 200% (exactly 4 vills)


Tower 1.5 (exaclty 2 vills)
tc 1.6 (exaclty 2 vills)
building 1.6 (exaclty 2 vills)
dock 0.75
Walls 0.83



Dock rate increase to 1.3


Dock rate increase to 1.3 decrease 42% in clasic. (In classic it has the same speed as the other Nordic human units)


Tower 1.5 (exaclty 2 vills)
tc 1.6 (exaclty 2 vills)
building 1.6 (exaclty 2 vills)
dock 1.5 (exaclty 2 vills)


Dock rate increase to 1.0 (instead 0.99)

Balance changes general :

- Great Hunt, Undermine, and Frost are fully accurate (bug fix basically).

- Dock los increase to 30 (instead 22)

- Heroic fleet is more cheap, 150 food and wood (instead 200)

- Fixed a bug that Crenellations technology did not affect Hero Contarius.

- Watch tower tech now cost 150 wood + 100 gold

- The Bow of Artemis relic now affects satyrs

- The Scarab Pendant Relic's effect on the Portable Ram, the Helepolis, and the Siege Tower has been reduced to +20% (from +100%).

- Tusk of the Iron Boar relic now affects Contarius Hero (before it affected Contarius, but not the hero).

Greeks changes

General :

- Jason ajax and theseus have 40%+ bonus hp in mitic age (instead 10%)

- Petrobolos now have 60% crush and pierce armor.

- Hipikkons have 10%+ bonus vs cent and vs

Helepolis 20%
Petrobolos 24%
Catapult 17%
Siege tower 20%
Portable ram 18%
Fire siphon 20%

Major gods


- Skrealing can be bolted. (son of osiris and nidhogg too)

- Belephoront special atack damage reduce to 80 hack damage And normal damage reduce -5, Especial atack bonus vs mitic decrease to 125%+ (instead 600%+)


- Favor increase to 13%+

- The argo crush damage 1+, train time changed to 12 secons (instead 17) bonus vs mitic unit decrease to 300% instead 600%, can make in clasic

- Carnivora cant use instant kill in the argo.

- Polyphemus’ speed increased from 3.5 to 4.0. His melee range increased to .5 (both attack and special). Polyphemus receives +300% damage vs buildings.

- Hetairoi's hitpoints increased to 160 and have 14%+ bonus vs vills, 10%+ vs siegue units, 25%+ vs archers.

- Lord of horses now cost 100 food (instead 150 food) and afect pegasus (2 LOS instead of 4 LOS).


- Favor increase to 13%+

- Quiron have 6.50 speed

- Perseus especial atack now have 10 range, 20 seconds recharge time, can be used in all units (except fly units and heros)

- Shades are now affected by armory upgrades.

- gastraphetes Have 2 arrows but crush damage reduce to 3.

- Vault of erebus 1 gold per secons (instead 0.75)

Minor gods


- Cyclops have bonus 10% + vs buildings, 30% + vs walls.

- Enyo's Bow of Horror add 10% bonus vs mitic units to toxotes.

- Deimos' Sword of Dread affect hippikons and add 10%+ bonus vs mitic units to their respective units

- Phobos' Spear of Panic affect prodromos and add 10% bonus vs mitics units to their respective units

- Cyclops' upgrade Will of Kronos' add 50%+ bonus vs walls .


- golden apple 25%+ favor


- Reduced Underworld Passage repair rate by 50%.

- Sun ray move to other position in armory (before it was in the same position as Enyo's bow of horror)


- Shafts of Plague now also affects Gastraphetes and Peltast

Egyptians changes

General :

- Pharaon bost increase to 24%+ and ra to 27%+ resurrection time increase to 3 minutes.

- Pharaon heal rate increase to 1.5 hp/sec.

- Granary, Lumber camp and mining camp have -20% hp

- Market 960 hp

- Siege camp 960 hp.

- Merc train time increase to 4 sec, cavalry merc 6 sec

- Catapult pop cost increase to 4 (instead 3)

- Catapult pierce and crush armor less to 60%

- Siege tower pop cost increase to 4 (instead 3) and crush armor less to 60%.

- Chariot archer -7% damage vs cavalry and have 5.01 speed

- Camel have bonus vs

Helepolis 15%
Petrobolos 18%
Catapult 14%
Siege tower 15%
Portable ram 14%
Fire siphon 15%
Villager 14%+

- Towers (mirror towers too), fortress and tc have 85%+ bonus vs mercs.(exactly the same damage as if they had 0% armor)


- Monuments have aura.

- vills monument 5%+ favor

- Soldier monument 5%+ favor

- priest monument 10%+ favor

- Pharaoh monument have 10%+ favor bonus

- Gods monument 10%+ favor

Major gods


- Flood of nile give 1 food per second (instead 0.75)


- Ra priest gather bonus decrease to 10% (insteat 15%)


- Feral can search in temple.

- Set's animals spawned from the Pharoah and temple have been improved, as follows:
---a. Ape of Set - Favor cost lowered to 3 in Archaic age, 2 in Classical age.
---b. Gazelle of Set - Favor cost lowered to 2.
---c. Hyena of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.
---d. Giraffe of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.
---e. Crocodile of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.
---f. Hippopatamos of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.
---g. Rhinoceros of Set - Favor cost reduced to 6.
---h. These animals all have a population of 1, exept for the Rhinoceros, which is 2.

Minor gods


- Feet of the jacal add 5%+ vs vills to anubite

- Anubites now have 5.55 speed.

- Serpent Spear's cost decreased to 185f 10 Favor (from 250F 12 favor). (can search in armory)

- Sea Snake's hack armor increased to 30/35 (from 5/20). Serpeant's armor increased to 30/35 (from 15/20).

- Necropolis 15%+ bonus hp to monuments


- Momy now cost 300 gold.

- Son of osiris heal rate 2.5

- Imploded affect pharaoh of osiris.


- Rocs garrison units change to 5 units.


- Slings of the Sun add 2+ range and 100% bonus vs builds. (The bonus against buildings makes them have the same damage as a normal archer)


- Phoenix 50% bonus vs builds, phoenix egg 450 hp

- Gigant turtle hp increase to 1360

Norses changes

General :

- Initial Ulfsark replaced by a Skraeling. Stats will be modified to match the Ulfsark. Passive stance will be allowed on this unit.

- Throwing axeman 200%+ bonus vs myrmidon and mercenary

- Axe of Muspell now grants a 2.0 attack bonus against flying units and +14% to mitics units. give 3+ range.

- Ox cart garrison 5 vills.

- OX cart no can garrison in towers (Depending on the result of this change, I will return it to normal or I will keep it)

- The Portable Ram's speed increased from 3.25 to 3.5; training time diminished from 20s to 15s.

- Battering Ram hack armor increased from 5% to 10%.

- Hersis favor gather increase 20%+ and battle 10%+

- Hersis speed increased to 4.62 (instead 4.20)

- Jarl have 15%+ vs villagers and bonus vs

Helepolis 24%
Petrobolos 30%
Catapult 22%
Siege tower 22%
Portable ram 20%
Fire Shiphon 24%
Ballista 10%

Major Gods


- Loki hersis speed bonus reduce to 9% (then they will have speed 5.04)

- Loki ox cart 4.93 speed.


- Odin’s regeneration rate improved so that it now also has an active regeneration (same rate when unit is active or standing still). The active regeneration rate is .2 HP/Second in Classical Age, .3 HP/Second in Heroic Age, and .4 HP/Second in Mythic Age.

- Odin's Jarl's receive an additonal 5% hitpoint bonus (to 15%).

- Ravens instant spaw when the temple is built

Minor gods


- Hall of thanes bonus reduced to 0.68.


- Safeguard can now be researched in the temple.

- Arctic Wind tech cost 100 wood (instead 200) and search time decrease to 20 secs

- Einheriar gain 20% bonus vs Builds.

- einheriar now have 4.00 speed

- Elhrimnir Kettle now give 50% vs walls to einheriars.


- Ring giver affect huskarle (10%), portable ram (22%) and ballesta (20%).

- Kraken training time reduce to 5 (instead 10) and food cost reduce to 200

- Mountain gigant gain 50% bonus vs dock and have 1300 hp


- Flaming Weapons effect on ragnarok heroes decreased from 100% to 80%.


- Berserkergang's favor cost reduced to 30 (from 45).

- Fimbulwinter affect all enemy tc (instead only 4)

Atlantean changes


- Citizen normal and hero have flaming knife.

- Contorios 180hp, free first cavalry tech and have bonus vs :

Villager 10%
Helepolis 25%
Petrobolos 30%
Catapult 25%
Siege tower 20%
Portable ram 15%
Ballista 10%
Fire Siphon 25%

- Oracle hero cost 1 pop

- Tc favor increase to 10%+

- Atlantean wall now have +25% hp more.(Since they cost 50% more)

- The technology Engineers now gives +2 range to Fire Siphons.

- Fire siphons now have 550hp and 15 hack damage.

- Oracle Hero's default stance changed from passive to aggressive.

- The initial oracles appear at the same time.

- chieroballista bonus 220%+ vs mirmidon, 110%+ vs hero ragnarok, 300%+ bonus vs ships.

- Arcus bonus 10%+ vs mirmidon and arcus hero 20%

Changes to heros :

- Oracle hero now have 216 hp in clasic

- Swordman hero 222 hp in clasic

- Katapelt hero 228 hp in clasic and 100% bonus more vs cavalry and siegue units.

- Fanatic hero 263 hp in mytic 50% bonus more vs human units

- Destroyer hero 325 hp in Heroic and 10% bonus more vs builds

- Contorius hero 279 hp in heroic and have bonus vs

Villager 20%
Helepolis 30%
Petrobolos 35%
Catapult 30%
Siege tower 25%
Portable ram 20%
Ballista 15%
Fire Siphon 30%
Archers 35%

Tuma hero 204 hp in clasic and gain 100% bonus more vs archers and 50% bonus more vs Throwing Axeman in heroic age

Arcus hero 195 hp in heroic

Major Gods


- gaia forest spawn tree is now more fast

- Gaia tuma now have 5.02 speed.

- Cannals now can be search in temple and its speed bonus (20%) also affects fishing ships and caravans.

- Channel gold cost reduce to 80


- Shockwave no stun units but push units more distance.The time they last in the air is longer, they last 3 seconds in the air to compensate for the lack of stun

- Secure pasage wood cost reduce to 138

- sky passage cost 150 wood, 150 gold and 6 favor, hp reduced to 450 and pierce armor reduced to 60%

- Secure pasage can search in temple

- All vills have 50% bonus vs sky passage (atty 100% including the special bonus against buildings)

- Sky passage build rate 2.5 (exactly 3 and 1/2 villagers)


- Kronos' siege units and myth units are now 10% faster.

- Kronos tuma now have 5.02 speed

- Kronos' timeshift of Fortresses and Towers now only costs 150W and 75G (from 200W 100G).

Minor Gods


- Bite of the shark add 100% bonus vs mitic units to murmillo hero, can make in armory and affect fanatics +15% attack

- Weightless mace add 200%+ bonus vs mitic units to katapelt hero, can make in armory and affect destroyers +15% attack and 10%+ speed

- Caladria now have 6.01 speed.

- servant heal rated now is 1.5 hp/S, heal distance increase to 25.


- automatons can build and repair

- automatons now have 54% pierce armor.

- Volcanic forge add bonus to repair builds (20%).

- automaton heal range increase to 3

- hepheastus revenge add more speed to build (20%) and heal others automaton (50%).


- Valor recharge time increase to 260 secons.


- Hesperedes now have 35 area.


- Mail of Orichalkos improved so that it also gives archers -10% pierce vulnerability. (and can make in armory)

- Traitor receives one additional charge.

- Horns of Consecration now increases TC favor gather rate by 20% (was 11%).

- Behemonth now regenerate 2 hp more per second.

- Rheia Gift 25% more cheap all temple tech


- Chaos now always converts 1 Myth unit, and 4 human units.

- Heroic Renewal's Heroe 5% hp bonus.

- Satyr now shot 2 arrows (instead 1) and have 50% bonus vs villangers.

- Burning pitch affect satyr

- Satyr los increase to 25 (instead 16), especial atack can be used in builds.

- gemino give 2 range to satyr (especial atack too) and add 1 extra proyectil to normal atack

- nereids have +25% bonus vs ships and builds and training time reduce to 5 secs.


- Asper Blood's the technology now also provides +4 range to the Lampade's special attack, 2+ normal attack and 12 LOS.

- Lampades asper blood now give 50% bonus atack vs villangers and now have 50 damage pierce.

- Mythic Rejuvenation give 7% hp to mitic units.

- Celerity give 5% speed to mitic unit.


- Io Guardian's now reduces the Argus's special recharge time by 30% (was 20%) and increase argus speed +6%

- Eye of atlas los increase to 14 (instead 9)

- imploded has the same destructive power as the earthquake depending on the number of units it absorbs.

- Argus Speed increase 5.20 speed


- Man o war ranged increase to 20 and hack damage increase to 35 (instead 25)

New taunts

- 45 Traition!

- 46 ¡HA!, ¡HA HA HA!

- 47 Prostagma

- 48 Metalef

- 49 ¡Ahhh!

- 50 ¡Spit!

- 998 Theme

- 997 China

Bug fixes:

Tornado can't be manually controlled anymore.
Ajax Spawn hack eliminated.
Hippolyta’s minion conversion bug fixed.
Healing Spring can't be deconstructed anymore.
Undermine now affects mirror towers.
Docks now shoot at all naval myth units.
The Satyr's accurate attack now works.
Gastraphetes can now be garrisoned.
Oracle Scout can now be garrisoned and is affected by all myth unit special attacks.
Set animals are no longer ignored by frost.
Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables and are affected by Traitors.
The kraken special attack now works on the Atlantean Fireship.
Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor.
DeathMatch no longer researches the "Disable Atlantean Favor" technology.
Fire siphons are now able to hit buildings from high/low ground at max range.
Destroyers’ bonus attack now affects buildings generated by god powers
Argo now gets the hero flag and is not affected by myth unit special attacks
Leviathans now use the aggressive stance
Sun Ray technology now affects Medusas
The Reed of Nekhebet (scenario only) relic now affects Nereides
Meteor, Pestilence, Restoration and Lightning storm now display their real range
Rain no longer creates an effect above docks/fishing ships
Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to fix the caravan drop-off bug.
Titan gates are now deletable.
Atlanteans can now research draft horses at the palace.
Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.
Transport ships can no longer carry Nereids.
New Kingdom Pharaohs and Son of Osiris are now affected by Funeral Rites and Spirit of Maat.
New Kingdom Pharaohs are no longer slower than the basic ones.

Coming soon in version 1.02

System to see the resources of your allies.

in the red circle would appear the resources of the allies.

*image obtained from the survival scenario created by damian*

More visual effects, Spark in zeus hoplites, fog in buildings of hades, aura of the monuments only in isis, aquatic effect in hetairois, leaf effect in regeneration of odin (maybe) and gaia, and much more.

More taunts, more balance since obviously the balance has not yet been finished.

Reformation to the naval mythical units and reform to the mythic units in general to be useful in lategame. (Classic and heroic myth units)

New maps

Fix Bug Patch 1.01

patch that only fixes bugs and has minimum balances. For people who want to play the original game without so many changes. It is the same voobly patch 1.01 but with three more fixed bugs and an extra balance in the contorios, besides having the same ESO maps plus blue lagoon.

Patch :

Donation link :v
That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 14 October 2018 07:40 PM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
System to see the resources of your allies.

in the red circle would appear the resources of the allies.
This is incredible. Is it also possible to see what your allies are training in their buildings, like if you were watching a recorded game?

Check out my YouTube
For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.
posted 16 October 2018 04:17 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
"Atlanteans can now research draft horses at the palace."

This has never been a bug. Atlanteans couldn't research this tech because it's ridicoulos when a siege weapon is faster than regular soldiers. Cheiroballista is driven by a fat man and it's much faster than an Arcus? Same for Fire Lances in EE, current developers absolutely don't care about history. It's sad.

-Daddy, why Cheiroballista is faster than an Arcus?
-Because of balance reasons.
posted 17 October 2018 07:44 AM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
It can be done but I do not believe that I implemented it because the person who was going to do it does not want to. :/

I take this opportunity to ask for help with rm script xD
That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 17 October 2018 10:58 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
Make them. This is a gamechanger.

Check out my YouTube
For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.
posted 18 October 2018 02:22 PM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
I need a team of people, I can take charge of the balance, but I am learning rm scrypt to make more maps but they come out horrible, also to do the system to see the resources of the allies you need triggers inside the rm script of each map and I do not know anything about that. and I would like to add the Chinese but I do not understand the reverse engineering program. u.u
(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 19 October 2018 09:36 AM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
you wouldn't be allowed to in the first place lmao

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 23 October 2018 07:35 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
I am knowledgable at RMS scripting so may be able to answer questions about it - though I generally made custom scenario gameplay driven maps than standard Random Maps.
posted 26 October 2018 02:10 PM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
Is there a program to make maps with RM? I stopped working on the mod because people do not care, but I would like to know if there are programs for rm better than map gen.
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