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Topic Subject:Change villager Pop with Tech Tree
posted 24 October 2018 05:44 PM EDT (US)         
So I just made a Vanilla Adjustment Mod on Steam, with the intention of making the game a big bigger in scale while keeping the initial balance of the game. One of the ways I did this is by making units like caravans, villagers, and fishing boats take up 0 pop, while instead having a limit on them (still rather large). The mod is only in its v1.0 state, and I will most likely do some more balancing, but one thing needs to be fixed right away.

I want to make villagers, fishing boats, etc. to cost the normal 1 pop on the first age. Upon reaching the second age, regardless of God, I want there to be an upgrade button in the town center (for a certain price) that changes their pop to 0.

I've currently got a working upgrade button, and can change their pop, but only by making it greater. Nothing I do, using absolute, basepercent, assign, NOTHING. Nothing I do can get the pop down to 0. The only option I have that works, and I'm not a big fan, is making these units have a base pop of 0 (even on the first age) and scrapping the 2nd age upgrade.

Can someone help me? If it's impossible to do what I'm trying, then just let me know. Thanks!
posted 24 October 2018 09:14 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Wouldn't that be too unfair for some civilizations? Ragnarok God Power would be infinitely more powerful.
You can duplicate the villager proto unit and transform all villagers but I am not sure, if its a good solution.

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posted 25 October 2018 08:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Thanks for the reply... I didn't think of using a transformation, but that could work.

As far as the balance goes, I'd need to test Ragnarok out in an actual game to see if it would be overpowered. The heroes of Ragnarok are garbage versus normal troops, and are only good against myth units. Also, they take 3 pop, which would immediately lock up your pop and put you WAY over the limit, effectively meaning you wouldn't be able to create any new troops for quite some time.

While it could deal a devastating blow, it has just as much potential to backfire, as your economy is halted, as well as your troop production. And with all teams having massively larger armies in this mod (most of which will be human soldiers), it shouldn't be THAT overpowered.

All of this is hypothetical though, as I haven't tested out that power to see how overpowered it would be. I'll have to do that. Thanks for the concern!
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posted 25 October 2018 10:21 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Already experimented with technologies that lower population counts below one, didn't yeah

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posted 26 October 2018 07:23 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Is it possible to have the research make the units cost more pop and grant it twice causing it to overflow?

Thinking about the exploit I did to grant players infinite population by overflowing the current population.
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