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Topic Subject:Make a Unit trainable
posted 17 November 2018 07:26 AM EDT (US)         
Hello everyone,
(Using AoMEE w. Tales of Dragon)

as the title says, i want to make some units Trainable, like the guardian or the statue of poseidon.

I've put:
(effect type="Data" amount="1.00" subtype="Enable" relativity="Absolute")
(target type="ProtoUnit")Guardian(/target)
into my techtree for the 2nd age.

(train row="1" page="1" column="5")Guardian(/train)
for the temple

(unit id="476" name="Guardian")
(footprint>Giant Footprint(/footprint)
(icon>Scenario Sleeping Guardian Icon 64(/icon)(initialhitpoints>20000.0000(/initialhitpoints)
(portraiticon)Scenario Sleeping Guardian Icon 64(/portraiticon)
(cost resourcetype="Food")800.0000(/cost)
(cost resourcetype="Gold")500.0000(/cost)
(cost resourcetype="Favor")50.0000(/cost)

and this are the lines a changed for the unit.
but now the unit isn't trainable at the temple for the egypts at the 2nd age.

Yes i know, but for display i had to change the < to (

what did i wrong?
can anyone help me?

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posted 17 November 2018 12:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       

I did something like this before.
Using Shrine or some other building is more useful because, Egyptian building and temple slots will be quite full by Age 4.

You also have to edit the temple proto file and allocate a slot for the myth unit. Or maybe it was the tech in the data file.

Creating a brand new unit is always simpler.
posted 17 November 2018 04:39 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Ok i understand, but is there a possible way to make the Guardian trainable?

and how can i allocate a slot?


I added:


now it's working

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posted 17 November 2018 06:53 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
I copied this from the Atleantean Villagers, you have to create something like this. It's from the proto file. If you have trouble training the guardian, simply duplicate colossus, change it's sound files replace its skin and replace its icon.

<train>Temple Overgrown</train>
<train row="2" page="1" column="2">Tower Mirror</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="2">Guild</train>
<train row="2" page="1" column="4">Sky Passage</train>
<train>Titan Gate</train>
<train row="1" page="1" column="3">Barracks Atlantean</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="1">Settlement Level 1</train>
<train row="2" page="1" column="1">Palace</train>
<train row="2" page="1" column="3">Wonder</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="3">Manor</train>
<train row="1" page="1" column="2">Tower</train>
<train row="1" page="1" column="1">Armory</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="0">Farm</train>
<train row="1" page="1" column="4">Counter Building</train>
<train>Wall Long</train>
<train>Wall Short</train>
<train>Wall Medium</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="5">Wall Connector</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="4">Dock</train>
<train row="0" page="1" column="6">Temple</train>
<train row="2" page="1" column="0">Market</train>

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