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Topic Subject:Need Help With RM coding
posted 07 August 2019 08:59 PM EDT (US)         
I am still working on Snowy Roofs TechTree. The technology works fine in custom scenarios, but I can't edit that code into the Random maps. [I am using a strange work around]
Here's how the actual Tech Tree works: I used 9 distinct technologies, to make this work, each age gets two techs, one for the anim file, and one persistent tech that checks the age.]

As long as the first tech "Snow Main" is active all the remaining 8 technologies are triggered. [I am using the Weaken Trojan Gate, as my Snow Main for the time being. It's normally not used, and there is no risk that it would mess something else up] [Deathmatch option is still a problem. For some reason it unlocks this code.]

Here's the real problem. I don't know how to insert a custom code to the random map script
I looked at the available rm codes and noticed that some of the tech id's are different from the ones in the Tech Tree file.

Is it even possible to insert a new technology into the RM code?

I copied this code from existing scenarios, The Tech ID 386 is nowhere to be found on the Aom Extended Edition. I got the list using these forums on this, url:

for(i=1; <cNumberPlayers) {
rmCreateTrigger("Set Tech Status"+i);
rmAddTriggerEffect("Set Tech Status");
rmSetTriggerEffectParamInt("PlayerID", i);
rmSetTriggerEffectParam("TechID", "385");
rmSetTriggerEffectParam("Status", "4"); /* active */

My Snowy Roofs on Snowy Maps, Mod is coming together nicely thanks to this code. But I really wish that there was a nicer way of doing this.

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That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 23 August 2019 01:15 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Maybe take a look at nottud's random maps for a reference? I know he's used things like the transform trigger.

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