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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Website Feedback and Info » Downloads Central: Guidelines, Reviews, and Reporting Ill-Deeds
Topic Subject:Downloads Central: Guidelines, Reviews, and Reporting Ill-Deeds
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King Jared
posted 16 January 2006 08:24 PM EDT (US)         

The Downloads Section

Guidelines, Reviews, and Reporting Ill-Deeds

After KS, and then the wise and benevolent King Jared, Papaya has also grown weary of the task. Now it is the time of Yeebaagooon the orange. He is cold, cruel, calculating and c word based. Bask in his infinite glory, peasants.

Anyway, we've decided to turn over a new leaf by creating a new and revitalized Downloads Section thread.

Submission Guidelines

All new submissions to the Downloads Section must be approved by a moderator before becoming available to the public. There are several guidelines one must follow to ensure approval of one's file.
  1. Obviously, as stated when one submits a file, all new submissions must be contained in a ZIP archive. Countless free ZIP utilities are available on the Internet, the most popular being WinZip; simply Googling "free" and "zip" will get immediate results.
  2. Always follow the CoC when submitting. That means no illegal content, no porn or sexually explicit material, no cracks, and so forth. 'Nuff said.
  3. Do not submit a file more than once, unless you're explicitly informed that there was an error uploading the file. If you make a mistake in the title, or description, or the file itself, or whatever, simply wait for it to be approved and update it accordingly; we'll get more into that later.
  4. Do not submit other people's work as your own, unless you have permission from the author to do so. Any file found to be stolen and submitted without the original author's permission will be deleted.
  5. Do not submit crap. Please. The definition of "crap" will vary from moderator to moderator, but generally it means anything that, (a), serves no purpose, (b), shows no indication of having anything that could be construed as effort put into it, and (c).... just really seems crappy.
  6. Provide a good, detailed description with your file. The better the description, the better the chances someone will download it. On that same note, also provide a good title for your submission; something like "Bjorn: A Norseman's Tale" will likely spark far more interest than something like "my furst secnario".
  7. Last, but certainly not least, always remember to use the Update feature rather than submitting a new file. To update a file, go to your original submission, and look for this button....

    Above the File Description section. Click it and proceed as directed.

That about covers general submissions. Remember, multiple files, stolen files, crappy files, and files that don't fall within the CoC will not be approved, or will be deleted upon later discovery.

Review Guidelines

The old desciption for this is still adequate, I think:
As many of you have hopefully noticed, the Review Guidelines have been posted for some time now. All reviews submitted to the Downloads Section must follow the guidelines that have been outlined.

Before you review, please take a few minutes to read over the guidelines, and make sure that you understand them and are capable of following them. Doing so will ensure that the reviews remain of high quality, and that you don't run the risk of having your review removed or converted to a comment.

Remember that a low-quality review reflects directly back on you. When people read a review that may be lacking in some areas, not only does it bring down the quality of the Downloads Section, but it also may cause you to look bad.

We appreciate your reviews, and are grateful that people are willing to take the time to submit their comments on a scenario. Just remember that if you are looking to make a brief note about what you thought about the scenario, make sure that it is a comment and not a review. Reviews should only be written by those who are willing to take the time to write a detailed commentary on the scenario.

The Downloads Section exists and thrives only based on the efforts of you people. Thank you for your time and effort!
The bottomline, you ask? Read the Review Guidelines, embrace the Review Guidelines, caress the Review Guidelines, love the Review Guidelines, worship the Review Guidelines, and above all, follow the Review Guidelines.

Design Team members....

Aside from following the guidelines, I'll also note that members of Design Teams may not review their teammates' work. You see, in the past, certain people wrote high-ranking reviews soley to increase their team member's submission's rating, and in turn increase the "prestige" of their Design Team. Certainly not all team reviews were made for that purpose, but no matter how objective a team member might be in their review, some form of bias generally creeps in, and thus the practice is unethical. And while one might argue that other forms of bias might creep into reviews, such as from envy of or friendship with the author, we have no way of judging such a bias; we can judge whether a reviewer is on the same Design Team as the author, though.

So, please, no team reviews. If any such reviews do occur, though, judgement upon whether the review is just or not will depend on the moderator.

Reporting Bad Reviews, Ill-Deeds, and General Skullduggery

Finally, the main purpose for keeping this thread open to replies. Obviously, not everyone who submits a file will do so without malice or ignorance, nor will everyone who posts a review have read the guidelines, nor will all who post comments be of the utmost maturity. So, though moderators do sift through the submissions and do periodically scan new reviews and comments, we can't keep track of them all.

That's where you, the forumers, come in. If ever you come across a file that contains less-than-proper material, a review that doesn't quite meet the guidelines, or a comment that's simply uncalled for, let us know about it by posting a reply to this thread containing a link to the file/review/comment, the name of the ne'erdowell-in-question, and your reasons for finding fault in it/them.

That should about cover it. If there are any questions or problems regarding the Downloads Section, feel free to email Yeebaagooon. And, again, if you come across any bad files/reviews/comments, let us know about it here.

Remember, stay on-topic, boys and girls. That is all.

Your Divine Overlord
Aw, hell, I dunno, she had some tig-ole-bitties, d'int she?

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posted 04 July 2014 05:48 AM EDT (US)     811 / 814       
Oh what a surprise this guy is back again rating modpacks 1.0 because he has no idea how to install them properly..

(waits to see if stephen caines somehow obtains a warning for this LOL..)
EXCO Emeritus
posted 04 July 2014 07:31 AM EDT (US)     812 / 814       
No because Stephen isn't flaming anyone.
I have emailed Isten to clarify the review guidelines and informed him failure to adhere to them will lead to more serious consequences.

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posted 23 February 2015 09:18 PM EDT (US)     813 / 814       
That AoM Guy
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posted 08 July 2015 05:23 PM EDT (US)     814 / 814       
Just wanna remind people about this, any comments or reviews you're unsatisfied with can be removed, doesn't even have to be on your own files.

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