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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » News » Battlefield Briefing: December 2015
Topic Subject:Battlefield Briefing: December 2015
AoMH Seraph
(id: aom expert)
posted 02 January 2016 02:00 PM EDT (US)         

Hey there! Happy New Year! As I've finally obtained a Super-Advanced Processing Unit of Computations (aka a computer), I can finally switch to full throttle and get back to posting and hosting regularly for all of you.
(Any posts by me prior to November and the past 6 months were done on my phone.)

  • Let's start with out with something fresh! The Alphabet Patch is a mod which combines alpha and beta material from the game (which Steelion69 has uncovered for us) to form an extensive patch for the Voobly community; a way for the players to take advantage of the new sights and sounds of various units and concepts, in a practical way, fitting for supremacy. Expect to see updates regularly, and don't be afraid to share your input!
  • Steelion69 continues to give insight into beta-related material, as he discusses the history of the University building, something that never made it into the final version...
    Want to see more? Check out the latest broadcasts of the AoM Improvement Mod on his stream!
  • Nikita23 has been speculating strategies of Poseidon, sharing what seems to be very effective ideas for gaining the edge with a god who we seldom consider viable. Go post your own input!
  • Want to time travel through the history of AoM's patches and changes? Pascal9872 has created a thread which contains all the details! A great read!

  • Prepare yourselves for a cinematic with eye-opening eyecandy that you'll never forget. Anraheir's Divine Satisfaction is the story of a farmer who journeys across the world in search of the perfect Christmas tree, to save his people from the wrath the gods. Amazing work.
  • In addition, a lot of other great creations have been released in our download section! Check them out!

  • ind10s continues his talented and fantastic work on modifying the textures of units. This time it's the Greek civ! These things are amazing...
  • phantom31014 has created "Ramos", a new unit that looks great just by the screenshots alone. Very detailed work, and very unique.
  • Scorpion ra has proposed an challenge for us - create a unit that resembles you. This could prove interesting as many forummers all have different tastes. This is open to everyone, and you don't necessarily need modding knowledge to pull it off. Why not try it out?
  • Popular RM creator Milkman Matty is coming out with a new random map - Team Slayer, which focuses on a more practical teamplay game, by putting players on the same team next to eachother. Some screenshots are up, and this looks like it could be fun...
  • This Christmas, Scorpion ra gave us the Mythmas Time Mod, a holiday-themed creation which gives your game Christmas cheer. A fun mod for sure.

    That about wraps it up! Before I finish, I'd like to share this: - my twitch channel. I'll be streaming all sorts of AoM-related things that I think many of you will find enjoyable.

    Enjoy 2016!

    Check out my YouTube
    For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.

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  • AuthorReplies:
    (id: TheBronyKing11)
    posted 02 January 2016 07:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
    Latest Broadcasts of Back to the Beta
    They were broadcasts of the 1.2 development build of Improvement Mod, Mate.

    Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
    AoMH Seraph
    (id: aom expert)
    posted 02 January 2016 08:23 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       

    Check out my YouTube
    For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.
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