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Topic Subject:Post-evolution thread
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Spartan Jason
posted 11 August 2001 04:07 PM EDT (US)         
This is a dead post
Ok, first off, you are a post evolution civ. you start in a small area, and expand. please no flames, no post that ignite flames. It takes a day for an army to get to a place.
and you can have names for units and your Mu's, god attacks. and it takes a day to sack a place.

Gaul:Lief Ericson
Etruria: Tarquinus Priscus(Me)
Britannia: Irish colony
Rome:Being split
Carthage:Spanish colony
Spain: Archangel
Eygpt:Etruscan Colony
Japan: Slayer
Korea: Japanese colony
Iceland:Felix the Defier
Greece:Zeus being split
Cuzco: Spainish
Corsica:Etruscan colony
Cav archers
Chariot arhers
fire galleys
transports- carries 400 units
trimeme(upgrade of galley)
Sea creature(chose your own)
Temple- for 500 favor per day and MU's
Barracks- for infantry, and cavs
Archery range- all archers and siege weapons
Capitol city- required for all buildings
Storage pit- required for upgrades
dock- for boats
Long sword- add +1 speed to infantry (takes half a day (5 hours) to reach a place)
light boots- +1 speed to archers (see above)
horseshoe- +1 speed cavalry
Monthiesm(temple)- Mu's move +1 FASTER
Trimeme- ships +1 speed

1000 UNITS per day (ships(except transports) cost 10 units)
All buildings take a day to build, you can build two buildings per day after your capitol is built. You can colonize after you build a barracks and dock. You can have 2 Mu's and 2 god attacks. 1 god attack no per week, per 3 days. 1 upgrade per day


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posted 14 August 2001 04:30 PM EDT (US)     151 / 231       
I accept, I give you 10 transports, RETREAT TO SYRIA I CAN PROTECT YOU THERE!!!
Felix Morningstar
posted 14 August 2001 04:32 PM EDT (US)     152 / 231       
Ahh sorry bout that. I take the three transports start the trek to Syria. Another Three start to go to Cuzco. That way if my three to Syria get sunk the three to Cuzco and make it and then get fresh supplies and go to Syria the long way. I leave three amnassodors in Iceland to see what the Irish want and see if we can arrange an agreement. I will have to comply with his demands if I want to keep Iceland, which I do. State your demands when your ships arrive tommorow Attila. I only send enough people to start a colony in Syria.

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Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 04:35 PM EDT (US)     153 / 231       
He gave them to you there with you now. He didn't say i send he said give. you got them. Just pointing that out. Attila i've created a winary and am pumping out lots of it for you.

You don't have any boats. I don't think anyone will give you boats.

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posted 14 August 2001 04:50 PM EDT (US)     154 / 231       

I wish for the proposed trade route to be established and Gaul will be the second person to join the ring of trade

Since my arrival into Japan 2 days ago, I went to my secluded retreat on one of the Islands, and left the High Chancellor with all major imperial powers that I had. He also ordered the training and where trained of 200 kamikazzees and 50 Fire galleys and 300 Chariots, all sent to the base of Korea. He also ordered the building of a storage pit and towers. All which have been completed. This was yesterday.

I have returned and finished forming the constituition allowing for the first democracy-monarchy-authoritarian state with at most freedom as possible. More to come!

I have also have add 500 Cavalary, and 25 Galleys and 250 Kamikazees. I also have ordered the building of several additions to my main palace, and the building of a Great Structure for the upcoming world Summit to be hosted in the fine capital of Tokyo.

The pacificist Japanese in colonial possecion of Korea have formed the opinion of two division of the Korean People. 1 of those who will submit to the superior pacifist ways of the Japanese and 2 those who will continue to rage war fare on there brotheren. The newly formed Japanese Senate and Highcouncil with the backing of I have agreed to implement a plan to reduce, recycle and reuse(the 3 r plan) of the Second faction of fierce warrios. 1 will be the random extermination of Korean 2 villages. 2 will be the force ment of many able men in korean 2 villages into the Japanese armed forces. The forced relocation into camps in Japan to use there labor to benefit the Japanese empire and to change there ways. The Govt of Japan is quite honor at the plan we wish to proceed with our conquered bretheren.

We will also be sending many Japanese Priest to accompany the Japenese colonials to convert the Koreans Pagan religion(still primarily in both factions) into that of the true Giea religion. We also have the plan for the building of second colony close to the chinese korean border. Plan in progress.

also there has been an exploring decree sent out that half of all able ships(both private and govt owned) shall help with the exploration of new lands. This is due to the journey I took around africa. We found many new areas and new products, but this was only a fraction as to what is really out there. Plans to sail west have been holted after the previous attempt by Japanese Explorer Shaa Jgai, in his attempt to find new land, horrible encounter of a Tsunami, this tells us not to sell west until a new sign from Giea tells us other wise.

-Japanese Emperor

posted 14 August 2001 04:53 PM EDT (US)     155 / 231       
[color=white]Rome and co conqueror of Germany I have a request, I wish to have the rights to build a trade center in Germany for the European Market, the city will be known as Frankfurt. It will dispurce all goods from the east into the west, and will send all goods from the west into the East. This will alow for greater trade between our peoples. [color]
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 04:54 PM EDT (US)     156 / 231       
Slayer, I send you grape juice
Will you be attending the Greece is defeated party?
posted 14 August 2001 05:02 PM EDT (US)     157 / 231       
What areas are currently under conflict? I will decide if there is a good reason as to take them as conquered. I also expect payment in the form of land for my services also!

Leif, the summit is to be held in Tokyo! If you do not recounce it, the japanese people shall not have the patience to stand a alliance treaty with someone who has stolen the proud day of hosting a world summit. This is a warning.

Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:05 PM EDT (US)     158 / 231       
I'm not asking for your services. I just wanted to know if you were coming i'm inviting everyone even if they don't help . And i'll be attending the summit if there is one.
posted 14 August 2001 05:07 PM EDT (US)     159 / 231       
"Slayer, I send you grape juice
Will you be attending the Greece is defeated party?"

Grape Juice, is that the best you can think of or have! I am disappointed.

I also have the request to those in the middle east, I wish to build a trade center there too for the middleast, if granted access to travel to this area, the city of Thebves Egypt will be created in glory for trading to this area. This area will also use the nile to transport goods to the entire meddertannian.

I also ask those who threaten the people of Egypt. Although they are leaderless, I shall defend this tiny province as to the wealth of culture that they hold. DO NOT MESS WITH THEM I REPEAT DO NOT!

posted 14 August 2001 05:09 PM EDT (US)     160 / 231       
I wish to ask why is it that Greece is being attacked. As you may notice the leader has not shown any discomfort to any of you. I wish for you to please reconsider your efforts in Greece.
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:11 PM EDT (US)     161 / 231       
I'm not provoking them. I'm asking them to be annexed. and if my hospitality isn't welcome, i won't send any gifts. But would you like some non-alcohalic pina colada smothies?

Quoted from Nickelback:
"could never make as a wiseman; couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing"
Wouldn't you want to wake up to that in the morning...
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:15 PM EDT (US)     162 / 231       
Greece has been idle, hasn't asked to be allied, and is arrogant. He says "i'm a god."

Quoted from Zeus:
"I build a temple so the greeks will worship me, the greatest god ever!

Japan, is that right. Making people worship you. People should freedom of choice, isn't that what you believe?

posted 14 August 2001 05:16 PM EDT (US)     163 / 231       
But what gives you the right to intefere with this country? Sponsor a revolution if you are so tired of this form of leadership, dont turn the people into mindless slaves for your empire.
posted 14 August 2001 05:18 PM EDT (US)     164 / 231       
Egypt should independent from any empire as long as possible, if they are to join an empire, this joint meant will be utmostly be avenged towards the empire that does it.
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:19 PM EDT (US)     165 / 231       
I'm sorry this is what he said
of a temple so that they can worship me, Zeus, the greatest of all gods!

And tell me what gives you the right to interfer with our plans.
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:23 PM EDT (US)     166 / 231       
Why do you ruin my storylines and not Tyr's ithought you really hated him. The Eygptians said that if i show them i have power. they'll join my empire by there own will.

P.s. I only have alcohal every 2 weeks.

Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:28 PM EDT (US)     167 / 231       
What? can't find a good answer for me. And you were very rude when you told me my hospitality wasn't good enough. I wouldn't do that to you
Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:31 PM EDT (US)     168 / 231       
I know your here
posted 14 August 2001 05:39 PM EDT (US)     169 / 231       
I am on different forums spartan not just this one...

Egypt will be indepedent! However we may compromise on something. I will allow you to claim up to 50% of egypt as to yours, however the other will be independent, and will be a protectore of Japan. I also want full trading rights to all of the middle east, and the unoppose building of Thebes in Egypt. deal?

Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 05:49 PM EDT (US)     170 / 231       
H*** No. You haven't even tried to claim it. You can't have trading rights. You can kick your little pacifist toush and send it back home. You aren't acting pacifist at all-
Quoted from Dictionary:
Pacisfist,n. Strongly opposing confilct& war

  1. You are speaking for others(Eygptians,Zeus)
  2. Meddling with other storylines
  3. Your igniting a conflict (Me!)
  4. Asking for trade rights when your not even there
  5. Finnaly, You are no pacifist, and put the "fist" in the word

Your an enemy of mine, fool

posted 14 August 2001 05:58 PM EDT (US)     171 / 231       
"Strongly opposing confilct& war" am I not doing that? you started a war with zeus, I am trying to prevent this, you wish to annex every little island known to man, I am preventing this!

I am now an enemy of yours? Youcant even compromise! Who ever controls egypt, controls the world. Keep it independent!

(btw where the hell is your island or nation located?)

you will not let me pass through islamic area? my lord. I will definitly have a upcry about this at the next summit.

Spartan Jason
posted 14 August 2001 06:05 PM EDT (US)     172 / 231       
Your meddling with every single aspect of everyone but yourself. A pacifist does things calmly. i see no pacifist here. and you are and i are starting to flame. Oops, i took a chill pill. P.S. Everyone hates you anyway. Etruria is in italy.
posted 14 August 2001 06:06 PM EDT (US)     173 / 231       
my trade people are right in india, asking for permission to cross the middle east and to enter egypt with no conflict from other empires.

ok, do you have anything in the middle east ?

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posted 14 August 2001 06:39 PM EDT (US)     174 / 231       
First of all, your transports could not get to Iceland before me. One because i'm a hell of a lot closer to Iceland than you. Two I set sail before you. So my transports have landed on Iceland while yours are still half way there.

Okay here are my ententions...

-Iceland will be subjugated into the Celtic Empire, which means they will give me a part of there producings and can NOT wag war on me (EVER!). Also there will be restictions. 1. You may not build more than 500 soldiers total. 2. You may not build any transport ships. I will make Flex my governor of Iceland, if he agrees with these terms.

Felix Morningstar
posted 14 August 2001 07:04 PM EDT (US)     175 / 231       
Speaking of speedy transports how did yours get here so fast? Read the rules please.
lief ericson
posted 14 August 2001 07:21 PM EDT (US)     176 / 231       
The summit will be tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will not disrupt the party in greece which I am all for. But may I have the greek islands. I will send you my first 1000 cavs to help you take Greece. Also I sending settlers into the lands of Belgium and the Netherlands. These lands(including Luxemborg and tiny pieces of German land) Are called the Nürthern §trip. I would like to ask both Japan and Etruria to stop this fight over land. If we want to have my summit and Jason's party then we need to stay allies. And will Etruria and/or Japan ally with me?

1000 cav(to be made) that will be sent to help take over Greece
Barracks-being built
Docks-being built
Spain: Good Allies/asking for trade
Etruria: Peace/asking for alliance
Rome: Peace/NA
Syria: Peace/NA
Greece: War/Sending troops to attack
Ireland: Peace/NA
Japan: Peace/Trade/Asking for alliance

NOTE:For my Diplomacy I have a new system shown below:

[Name of Country]: [Diplomatic Stance]/[Any other info]

Former Leader of the FPH Clan
Acting-President of AoMH
posted 14 August 2001 07:38 PM EDT (US)     177 / 231       
Hey leif, did you read some of my past posts? I was going to be the next summit city! whats going on here?
posted 14 August 2001 07:41 PM EDT (US)     178 / 231       
you can have it nm, something bigger in plan I get 3 rd summit though! I will accept a limited alliance, and as part of this alliance, I want support in building a trade center in Germany and in Egypt which are to be called Frankfurt, and Thebes. I also wish for you to talk to your italian friend about the unprovoke attack on Greece.
posted 14 August 2001 08:12 PM EDT (US)     179 / 231       
I did read the rules Flex... It takes one day for ships to get place to place, and thats how long I've been sailing. And it doesn't make a differance, you still cann't build an army in time. Do you accept my offer?
posted 14 August 2001 08:18 PM EDT (US)     180 / 231       
I send 10,000 bottles of tangerine juice to japan. I send all my men except for 500 cavalry (in greece) to transports that take them to Cuzco- quite sorry I won't be able to destroy Greece with ya fellows but I must fortify cuzco Leif I wish for you to guard Spain while my men are busy- Try please guard Carthage and Germania for me- thank you very much. My ten transports land in Iceland- as felix said earlier he hops in em and i take off towards Syria where I ask ALL my allies to guard him till I get back. Quite sorry britain but I shall guard felix you may have iceland- felix has evacuated and if you continue to prosecute him- youll have to get through me and my allies-

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