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Topic Subject:Combined advantages
posted 11 July 2005 06:50 PM EDT (US)         
Perhaps this has been discussed before, not quite sure, my question is refered mostly to 2 vs 2 games, ive been reading some strat guides but havent found already some mention to some uber strong combination of civs, i mean, In your opinion, which 2 civs you think become a really strong team? judging from particular advantages or minor god powers i mean... like carrying an oranos team-mate citizen into your roc along with your troops, alowing him to descend somewhere so he creates a forward sky passage while your troops attack and keep the enemy entertained away, right before oranos reinforcements appear on scene through the passage? or combined god powers, is it better a huge 2 norse teams ragnarok? or maybe a ragnarock+flaming weapons player while the other uses his massed cavalry/toxotes + bronze god power, to attack anti infantry units? i know possibilities of combinations are huge but, well if you have seen, think or know about some good advantages/diff civs GP's combo you like feel free to post em here

posted 11 July 2005 08:48 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Odin - Set sounds good.
Seraph (in absentia)
posted 11 July 2005 08:57 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Combined god powers is always something a team ought to have in mind. For example, in DM some people double one of the opponents with Vision + Elephant Drop accompanied by an Underworld Passage to quickly wipe him or her out.

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posted 12 July 2005 09:43 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
one of my favorites is frost and forest fire....

However I like team games of where I am thor and get flamign weapons while my ally gets bronze.

Out Reach
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posted 13 July 2005 04:09 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
generally douuble isis (chossing differwent gods up to mythic then both picking Thoth) Is extra deadly (i know they are overpowered!) one will ellie roc drop, the other will ansestors eclipse at the same base, then they both meteroite the other.

My favorite (possible not as strong) is the Odin Set combo. Odin saves Great hunt till Set has made a small army of animals (normally as soon as going classical.) set has some priests a wadjet and as many animals as he can muster.
odin forward builds and starts raidding. then set vission+shifting sands in with his animals and odin casts great hunt on them adding about 5 more animals to the army. The animals deal with buildings, priests Myth units and Odin deals with Normal units and Heroes, with a baqlanced army of Ulfs Taxmen and RC. Soon 1 enemys out, and its only a matter of time (seing Set has only spent some gold on a few extra priests till he hits Heroic, and starts Elli spamming with his cheap Midjodols. durring the wait Odin keeps up the preassure on the the last oponent. This Works Best on more early defesive gods, Like Hades, Isis and gaia.

Normally though its easy to counter. If you face Odin and Set and odin does not use great hunt soon and set advances with Phat you know its comming. Normally then If odins raidding me i tell my ally to Raid Set as much as possible, Forcing Set to build a defensive force Will slow his heroic. Next you simply mass heroes to destroy sets first force. All further animals will be in smaller groups and slower to arrive. Next start building a few towers. Force Odins Raids to Retreat more oftern to go heal. FInally pull out yourself and take odin and set.

Out Reach
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