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Topic Subject: New to the forum? Introduce Yourself Here!
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posted 17 September 2007 06:06 PM EDT (US)   
If you're new, and want to introduce yourself to the community, introduce yourself here!

Be sure to check out the Age of Mythology Heaven FAQ and Guide. It contains the answers to some of the more basic questions like "How do I play recorded games?" and "How do I play random maps/scenarios?".

Head over to the Scenario Design forum if you have any questions on designing your own scenarios,

or to the Community Forum to discuss anything that isn't Age of Mythology!

Everyone got AIDS and shit

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posted 21 June 2008 06:33 AM EDT (US)     271 / 776  
Hey, egyptianhippos
Hope you stay long enough to get to know the place..

I LOLed at this:
i would be considered a noob, but I am pretty good
Love you.

"First, Jackpb isn't in the game. (Check the list of players in the main post). Thus, Night Actions targetting him/her will never come to fruition.", Dragon Lance Mafia.
posted 22 June 2008 12:41 PM EDT (US)     272 / 776  
well, i'm not as good as you peoples, so....Put it this way, if you are worse then me, you suck.

posted 22 June 2008 01:42 PM EDT (US)     273 / 776  
Sup people.

Thats it...
posted 22 June 2008 02:20 PM EDT (US)     274 / 776  
Wow. There's loads of new forumers recently.

"First, Jackpb isn't in the game. (Check the list of players in the main post). Thus, Night Actions targetting him/her will never come to fruition.", Dragon Lance Mafia.
posted 22 June 2008 05:55 PM EDT (US)     275 / 776  
My name is Old Bachus, and I am an alchoholic

Old Bachus, Napoleon of Spam turned half decent forumer
>>Winner of Most Improved AoMH Forumer '09<<
~If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it isn't in Danish, thank King Alfred.~
>>My work<<

"Once you've stooped to Cash4Gold type stuff, you no longer are a celebrity." - Mozzy
posted 22 June 2008 06:11 PM EDT (US)     276 / 776  
Dragonsign, Norwegian Viking!

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
posted 22 June 2008 10:23 PM EDT (US)     277 / 776  

posted 25 June 2008 12:41 PM EDT (US)     278 / 776  
Jir198 Im working on a main god but need Suggestions and guides!!!
posted 25 June 2008 06:29 PM EDT (US)     279 / 776  
posted 25 June 2008 06:30 PM EDT (US)     280 / 776  
1. Turn off caps lock. It seems you've gotten it stuck.

2. Online is free.

posted 27 June 2008 05:25 AM EDT (US)     281 / 776  
Hello I'm Greywraith. Been playing and lurking for a couple of months now. Don't want to "carbon date" myself, but the last game I played was Super Mario Brothers. Have really enjoyed discovering this game, and just recently started using the editor...loads of fun!
posted 01 July 2008 09:30 AM EDT (US)     282 / 776  
Hi everybody. I'm new here, so I thought it was a good idea to introduce myself. I'm an italian guy who got hooked on Age of Mythology. I've just finished its wonderful campaigns and I was looking for some additional material. Then I found this site and I can say it loud and clear: it's awesome! Not only for the downloadable stuff, but also and primarily because it's a gold mine of informations. Congratulations to creators, mantainers, modders. I hope I (and You too) will enjoy my stay. See you around!

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posted 02 July 2008 05:14 AM EDT (US)     283 / 776  
Hello guys
my name as you see is Odysseys and
I would like some advice about AOM
my favorite gods are the Greeks
posted 02 July 2008 06:19 AM EDT (US)     284 / 776  
Welcome to the forums all... glad you like it here

"The next turn I attacked those that had been attatched, fiendishly fracturing the friendly faction fraction"

"Why not do the exciting thing and sit back, boom to a rag and use flaming weapons? - Who would have thought a Thor player could show this level of innovation?"
-Vagabond Tom.

posted 06 July 2008 00:31 AM EDT (US)     285 / 776  
i'm Scrubs McGruff and i'm a scrub.

nah i was pretty good when i had my other disk with a working CD key, i think i had like a 1712 rating when i stopped playing. i mainly used egyptian but now i'm working on getting good with Loki and play as Gaia for fun sometimes.
posted 06 July 2008 00:35 AM EDT (US)     286 / 776  
Welcome to AoMH guys!

posted 08 July 2008 10:02 PM EDT (US)     287 / 776  
hmph I suppose I should do this too.

I'm VaxtremeLegacy, I just made this account to talk on ere simply because it is so Über

I've played AoM before for a few years but in February my computer asplode and I -err- left the cd in it when I chucked it out and I finally got a new AoM but I realised about all the CD keys being the same for Gold Edition, yea

so hi
posted 10 July 2008 09:15 AM EDT (US)     288 / 776  
Hello, Im new n' such. Name's over there <.<
I'm here to find players to...well play against online and to share scenario editing and strategy tips.

I have 2 starting questions, I appreciate any help on answering these:

1. (Opinion) Do you think voiceacting in fundamental in cinematis with dialogue or do you think written text and a nice music will do the trick?

2. The gold edition has the same key? Did they ever fix it?
Does it mean I can't play against anyone with the G.Edition?
posted 10 July 2008 02:15 PM EDT (US)     289 / 776  
Hello, I'm new. This place looks cool, and I like AoM.
posted 10 July 2008 02:58 PM EDT (US)     290 / 776  
Hello guyz! I R MasterBeef aka HaloMaster!!!
Just so ya know, (I ain't lyin' to ya) I beat Halo 3 in 1 day!!! I also released a cool, beginners RPG and suggest you try it. (I'm not sure if the upload to download central worked but who cares!?)

I've been raiding forum parties over the last months and am nw an official AoMH member!
posted 10 July 2008 03:15 PM EDT (US)     291 / 776  
Nice forum you guys have, I've only had the game for about 4 months, I bought it in an airport to kill time on the way home from a client's house, but I'm addicted!

posted 10 July 2008 10:46 PM EDT (US)     292 / 776  
Welcome, guys!

posted 12 July 2008 00:52 AM EDT (US)     293 / 776  
Heya, I'm Nic, I'm from Western Australia.

Excuse the username I signed up years ago when I first got the game but never really posted here. I'm "new"... Took about a 2 year break since I last played it, I only really just got into playing the game legit (used to do campaign and cheat in single player because I was stupid like that)... I'm pretty terrible, can beat a 1v1 computer opponent or a FFA on Medium but no more than one opponent on their team and I'm less than 50/50 chance of winning on Hard mode. I like Hades and Isis...

Yeah. That's about it. Hi ^__^

EDIT: Forgot, my name online is nictheman, simply enough...

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posted 12 July 2008 12:28 PM EDT (US)     294 / 776  
Hello I'm Hafrsfjord! Been lurking here a bit, but glad to see this forum is alive

I Decided to hit up AoM again for's been a few years. But it's just ellie spam all over again

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posted 12 July 2008 01:56 PM EDT (US)     295 / 776  
Yo Im TrIpPiN' DaWg
I pLaY WoRlD Of WaRcRaFt
AgE Of MyThOlOgy
AgE oF EmPiReS (IiI)
( AnD A LoT MoRe! )

Im GrEaT aT MaP DeSiGnInG - I pLaY GeNeRalLy EvErY gAmE FrEe eNoUgH tO AtLeAst CrEaTe A CuStOm MaP

-Runescape sucks-


Legend tells that Thor's Hammer was used for Crocket...
posted 12 July 2008 02:44 PM EDT (US)     296 / 776  
I think your finger had a spasm on the shift key.

"First, Jackpb isn't in the game. (Check the list of players in the main post). Thus, Night Actions targetting him/her will never come to fruition.", Dragon Lance Mafia.
posted 13 July 2008 12:02 PM EDT (US)     297 / 776  
Hi my screen name or handle here is Bigdad978 and i am a newbie i was wondering that in AOM I cannot seem to build an army any suggestions or ways to build my army?Whats the process of creating an military?
posted 14 July 2008 01:00 PM EDT (US)     298 / 776  
Well, from one new guy to the rest, welcome aboard. Sweet, my AV came up.

[e s o t e r i c]
posted 14 July 2008 10:07 PM EDT (US)     299 / 776  
Hello everyone! I wish to learn how to be a great Loki player!

Loki is the god of Chaos, so I guess that makes me the Hero of Destruction.
posted 15 July 2008 06:56 PM EDT (US)     300 / 776  
hi im gameliker9
i play AOMTT and im a skilled mapper
i have made about 25 champaigns most have more then 10 levels.
i do lots of unit editing.
im not good at scripting
i made signal and multiplayer mini games for AOMtt
i also use fpsc x9 and x10 to make games.
only under requast i will release and chmapigns or mani games under requast of the person im making them for.
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