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Topic Subject:Limiting god powers...
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posted 18 January 2002 12:15 PM EDT (US)         
A lot of people are complaining about god powers being limited to only 4 per game (or one per age) ever i think i got an idea (im not saying its good...but just hear me out for a second) that might add a new tactic and solve a few problems.

Now people are complaining how you can only have 4 god powers per game (like 4 meteor showers) but what if they didnt limit them 4 per age but decided to give us a diffrent twist to limiting...

what if they didnt limit the amount of god you can have, but how many times you can us them?

they could either:

A) make it where you can only use each god power once time per game.
B) limit some of the stronger god powers once per game and some of the weaker (like some of the economy ones) to 2-3 times per game?

i like "B)" better, making it where the weaker godpowers could be used 2-3 times while the stronger ones (meteor showers, tornadoes...ect) could only be used once...of course ES would have to balance to see which god powers would be limited to only one and which ones should be limited to 2 or 3...

tell me what you think...

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posted 23 January 2002 09:46 PM EDT (US)     31 / 34       
Kindergarten? I learned that at age 3 I'm impressed that you learned to *bow* though

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posted 24 January 2002 10:23 AM EDT (US)     32 / 34       
Three or four MUs sounds really a bit little, but that are two or three UUs more than in AoK, so it's good.

Although I still think it's a bit little...

Btw, do you really say "Kindergarten" in english?!
I knew it but couldn't really believe it, now I know that it's right!
It's completly german!
It's funny to read an english text with a german word in it.

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posted 24 January 2002 10:57 AM EDT (US)     33 / 34       
i could also call it kleuterschool if it makes you even happier

come on!, correct my dutch!, i dare you!!!!!

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posted 24 January 2002 04:31 PM EDT (US)     34 / 34       
Good reasoning there Smileyhelper . All the pieces come together very nicely, and that cannot be a coincidence. Hmm... 4 MU per civ...fits quite well for 4 ages too! Can that also be another coincidence?
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