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Topic Subject:Bolting Ulfsark?
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posted 12 October 2008 07:51 AM EDT (US)         
I'm a new Zues player and I used to play Isis before. So, when I read about Bolt, the guide told me to bolt the ulfsark, specially if it was building a house. I understood that that was the best thing to do with bolt so I started a game against hard (random) and he was Loki. I was gonna save bolt for nidhogg but when I found some huntables and head for him, his ulfsark was bulding a house. I was like "Wtf, let's try it out". I bolted the ulfsark. My advance was about 4:30. At 6:05 he said "how do your civilatzion get the recourses to advance so quickly?". My points was 1100 and his 400. At 10:00 I had a farly good army, about 15 hipps. I attacked his tc. So, When it was down, his points was in 645. He gave up. So, he lost in archaic at 11:00. I can't watch the rec game, dunno y...
Is this a glitch or can bolting the ulfsark be that effective?
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posted 16 October 2008 04:43 PM EDT (US)     31 / 38       
then how come i still see it
Har har... Not funny. You're still supposed to be toeing the line.

posted 16 October 2008 05:32 PM EDT (US)     32 / 38       

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posted 17 October 2008 01:35 AM EDT (US)     33 / 38       
Do you? Personally, I do not always mine at the closest mine to my base. Mining farther away decreases the chances of being discovered.
No, but I meant that you can know {with scouting) where his 2nd gold will be.
posted 17 October 2008 02:55 AM EDT (US)     34 / 38       
As I mentioned before, successful unguarded remote mining occurs even in some elite games. For an archaic GP, always knowing where he is mining, with how many vills, to what mine his vills are traveling, and how much military he has at that place is excellent value. IMHO easily more valuable than to kill a single enemy unit (unless it is a special mythic GP unit ).

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posted 19 October 2008 01:54 AM EDT (US)     35 / 38       
I was gonna save bolt for nidhogg
You should have beat a hard comp way before he has a chance to cast nidhogg, even if he does, an Odysseus or 5 100% toxotes can take care of it.

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posted 19 October 2008 07:14 AM EDT (US)     36 / 38       
hard computer? We are talking about human players here.
posted 21 October 2008 10:16 AM EDT (US)     37 / 38       
Yeh, but the ones doing that are going OT. I was playing against computer.
posted 21 October 2008 11:02 AM EDT (US)     38 / 38       
But there is no fruitful discussion to be had - for the vast majority of posters here - about vs computer games, because they are simply too easy. You can do anything against them and win.

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