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Topic Subject:possy/zeus bo
posted 08 March 2010 03:30 PM EDT (US)         
i've forgotten my possy bo for some reason and what im trying isnt really working.

3 starters + 5 food.
3 gold
1 house then gold
3 wood
2 gold
4 mins in~ temple
put a couple on wood/gold before advance

usually end up with 8 food 8 gold 5~ wood 1 praying and an advance at 5-6 mins which is late. i used to have a possy bo downpat but since i played last (last year) i seem to have forgotten it haha.

also whats a good zeus bo?

ps this is all for the original

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Mr Martel
posted 08 March 2010 04:52 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
A good 5:10 BO:

5 food (including the starters)
1 wood
1 gold
1 wood
2 food
2 wood (build house with the first wood vill before going to wood)
2 food (grab Pickaxe about now after having built your first house)
2 gold
1 builds temple
1 food
2 gold
Hero/another vill that you can put where you want, I recommend either wood/food as you will be aq'ing vills to gold until about 9-10 in Archaic.
Advance through Hermes. (research Hand Axe and Husbandry about now and have your temple builder build 3 more houses before you get to Classical)
Plop down three stables and aq to gold for a bit and you're set.
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