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Strategy and General Discussion
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Topic Subject: New to the site? Check out this thread and introduce yourself!
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posted 18 May 2014 09:56 AM EDT (US)   
old thread here

Welcome to Age of Mythology Heaven!

If this is your first time joining the site, hello! We hope you will enjoy your time with us as you become involved in the community and experience new possibilities with the game.

Before you do anything, it's a good idea to review the code of conduct here so you know what you can and can't get away with.

Why not introduce yourself to the community? Post a comment in this thread saying hello and tell us a little about yourself

If you have the Extended Edition version of the game, we encourage you to head over to this thread and post your steam name with us. This is also another welcome thread which may have some more info for you.

Now, to help you with navigating the site...

AoMH has many, fun places to visit. On our homepage you will see a column of such places on the left side. I'll quickly run through these with you:

This is the place to check out the reviews of the game, interviews from the creators, some past contests, as well as an introduction to the game. All news for the website is posted here as well.

Our forums are in here! The fourms are the #1 way to interact with aom-lovers alike and be seen as a part of the community. You can learn alot just by browsing them, but feel free to ask or share anything.

Download creations from the fans at the Downloads Central! We have a vast selection of scenarios, campaigns, mods, recorded games, and utilities which you may find very interesting. If would like to post a review on one of these, be sure to check out the review guidelines. You can even upload your own material to the site! And don't forget to check out our Downloads Spotlight for the most interesting and unique uploaded content from the fans.

Got a question about the game? These faqs and in-game info will give you answers to those pressing questions. If you don't get the info you're looking for, you can always visit the scenario design forum faq, and shoot us a question there.

Trying to brush up on your supremacy skills? This is the place for you. We have all sorts of guides written by the experts of supremacy. A lot of them have some good strategies to share, and many helpful tips. If you want to submit your own strategy article, click on Submit an Article.

This section is packed full of instruction on how to be a designer, and put your own twist on the game. Learn from some of the greatest and legendary scenario creators, modders, eyecandiers, and more. If you're new to designing, or looking to spice up your current creations, these are worth the read.

If you don't have The Titans xpack already, well... Kronos is not pleased. With The Titans expansion comes a ton of new features that you can check out in this section. Even if you have the gold edition already, you still may learn something that you never knew.

The Age of Mythology guide for dummies. 'nuff said.

You can grow to really appreciate these fancy works of art. Much of what you see in this section is done by the fans - artists, where AoM was the inspiration for numerous artistic creations. You'll see amazing hand-drawn sketches, out-of-this-world screenshots from the editor, as well as some attractive pre-release screenshots from Ensemble Studios.

Looking for a good laugh? Check out these hilarious gags from the fans known as "AoM toons". You are more than welcome to submit your own as well! If you're feeling funny, and AoM is on your mind, why not throw one together and give us some entertainment!

Last, and definitly not least, we are Age of Mythology Heaven. We take pride in giving you the best experience possible for as long as you're with us. We don't want you to feel unwelcome on the site, so stay true the guidelines, and we will assist you in your journey through AoM and AoMH. If you would like to contact us, there are some links in this section.

That about wraps it up! Thank you for reading and thank you for being a part of the AoMH community!

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posted 07 August 2015 02:10 PM EDT (US)     31 / 115  
Hey everyone,

My name is Wouter and I'm from Belgium, the tiny chocolate empire.
Age of Mythology: The Titans has always been my favorite game. I remember how I, 13 years old, used to stay up late playing this game on the old ESO server, usually ignoring my mother's complaints and sighs. Now nearly 10 years later I reinstalled the game recently and have fallen in love with it over again.
The biggest issue is, though, that my gameplay really needs to be improved. I have read all kinds of strategies about all gods and on all maps, but still I'm below 1600 on Voobly. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.Even watching recorded videos and livestreams doesn't seem to help..
So I hope every member of this community can give me constructive criticism and useful advice to become a great player!
posted 23 August 2015 09:37 AM EDT (US)     32 / 115  
A little late here, but welcome to both of you!

ConMeo, hotkeys are the way to go. They can turn an okay player into a good player in a month.

posted 08 September 2015 05:51 AM EDT (US)     33 / 115  
Hello guys im new there. I have created account beause i need to know one thing. How is with MULTIPLAYER of this game? Is there some active players? Is it worth to buy STEAM edidion of AoM or just stay with basic? IS There any more popular Multiplayer that this one created by STEAM? THanks for every reply.

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posted 12 September 2015 06:42 PM EDT (US)     34 / 115  
Hey, I replied to your other post

posted 27 September 2015 10:25 AM EDT (US)     35 / 115  
Hello everyone! I'm Agnis, I play AoM since I was 13 years old (I'm 24 now), but only recently been trying to improve.

I also like watching replays and "study" the player's build orders. And sometimes I like to commentate games just for fun, and because it's good exercise, to keep remembering the different gods and civs features. I would really like to get better at commentating

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to share AoMTT related content. C' ya!
posted 27 September 2015 02:47 PM EDT (US)     36 / 115  
Cya? This whole forum is dedicated to strategy discussion, and I think you'll find alot of the topics interesting. Why not share your ideas?

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posted 27 September 2015 07:13 PM EDT (US)     37 / 115  
11 , I'll try to stick around the forum
posted 01 November 2015 05:46 PM EDT (US)     38 / 115  
Wow, this is awesome!
I recently bought the game on Steam and was looking for some advice on improving my gameplay since whatever I did, I was getting crushed by Bots on normal difficulty.
This right here seems like the correct place to look for information at; there's just so much stuff to read through!

My name is kll4 on here of course (as you can tell).

If anybody can teach me something, please add me on Steam! My account name is kll4 as well.
posted 01 November 2015 07:41 PM EDT (US)     39 / 115  
Welcome to the site! We love new faces and will do our best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Glad to be of service.

posted 14 November 2015 01:35 PM EDT (US)     40 / 115  
Hello! My nickname is dolly_cat, but you can simply call me dolly, and I am 16 years old. I play Age of Mythology: The Titans and I like this game very much. I discovered this fansite on Google while I was searching for AoM cheat codes.
I hope I'll have a great time reading threads, downloading mods/maps, and maybe one day, I'll upload some maps myself.
posted 15 November 2015 07:01 AM EDT (US)     41 / 115  
You'll fit right in. Looking forward to what you have to share.

posted 30 January 2016 07:25 AM EDT (US)     42 / 115  
Hello everyone!
I am from South America.

After some years of playing on GR. Voobly and Hamachi, and since last year I finally got the original Extended Edition for Steam which made me quite happy xD

I'm nor a pro neither a noob, but I like playing and improving, my main playstyle involves a bit of booming and turtling I must confess, but thanks to guides I tried rushes (sometimes successful ones), with Hades, Gaia, and even the vill's one which is quite funny. You must know that Steam players from AOM tend to be medium or newbies, nevertheless I've also found some pro- ones which kicked my ass too. I think there's an interesting mix of levels.

I really wanted the original version for years, and when I looked for it I couldn't find a way to find it. I could play on Eso for a couple of times tough with a borrowed key but later eso died.

Now I play quite often on steam, mainly rated 1v1 games.
I play Hades who is my main god, but I also like Gaia which as everybody knows is terribly up.

Btw some days ago I acquired the TotD expansion and despite being quite buggy I like it and think it has potential to trigger new civ/expansions, and why not to dream with a renewed AoM2!!!

I've been visiting this forum many times for years but never made an account. Now I did (btw I used to read a guide on this site something like "Hades vs Poseidon FH where the author explained the disadvantage in this match and the idea to get prodromos to counter Possey's rush with rush till FH now I can't find it, any idea?)

Greetings to all the AOM fans

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posted 30 January 2016 10:14 AM EDT (US)     43 / 115  
Welcome! We hope you'll post regularly with us as we enjoy newcomers and their uniqueness they bring to the site.

Is this what you're talking about?,29708,,10

posted 31 January 2016 11:10 PM EDT (US)     44 / 115  
Ty Cease, but not. It was from Hades' perspective to counter the Possey's rush. Casting pestilence on the stables, going FH with Hades and getting prodromos + toxotes.

I don't know if it was erased or something

I just try to find and read/study every Hades and Gaia's strategy guides but some which I remember reading some time ago, seem to have been deleted :'(
posted 19 March 2016 04:05 AM EDT (US)     45 / 115  
im from Slovenia and one of AOEO4EVER team members.

I came here to find talanted and willing to work people to work with us on Age of Empires Online

More info on or contact me via Skype/email

There is always another way !!!
posted 29 March 2016 11:57 PM EDT (US)     46 / 115  

You plan on spending any time here?

posted 02 April 2016 05:25 AM EDT (US)     47 / 115  
Hello there!

Im new here but I've been playing AoM since I was younger. Just recently started playing again. Played through all the campaigns on moderate.

I tried playing online these past couple weeks and I'm getting crushed :P. Hope I can get better with some tips here. I've been also watching some youtube videos and training the use of hotkeys. If anyone wants to play with me, feel free to add me on steam. My ID is Verixon.

The day Microsoft starts making vacuums is the day they make something that doesn't suck!
"Government is not the solution to our problems, Government IS the problem."

-Ronald Reagan

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posted 30 April 2016 08:35 AM EDT (US)     48 / 115  

I'll be adding you

Edit: I can't seem to find you... did you change your name?

2nd edit: nevermind. By the way, your steam name in your HG profile should not be a link, it should just be your steam name.

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posted 21 May 2016 02:40 AM EDT (US)     49 / 115  
Hi guys! my name's Oli. Been playing for a couple of weeks, after a friend convinced me to get the new expansion. Looking maybe for people my skill level to play with? and just generally trying to get better and have some fun with the game

Got led here from Strategygamevideos who I think knows the owner of aomHeaven?

anyways, enough blabbering xD look forward to getting to know you guys, my steam is oli.h2907 (greatly creative) add me if you want a match or something.

P.s. I also have a ts for anyone who wants to play some team matches or something.
posted 22 June 2016 04:07 AM EDT (US)     50 / 115  
Hi everyone. My name is Vadym and I played aom, aoe2, and aom tt for some time. I kinda recently had a problem with the Titans so I deleted it, and I lost the download thing, but i don't need it because I'll buy the expansion pack on steam soon enough, or until my subscription ends in a game of mine.

I actually have a question, but it isn't about anything here. Why does everybody thing Hades is evil and some even hate him. He is the only Major god you hasn't cheated on his wife. Plus, it isn't his fault that he is ruling the underworld, you actually should like that. He keeps (by aom series, he kept) the Titans from escaping into the human world. Also keeping the dead in his realm, If he wouldn't, the evil souls would go to the human world and kill, I mean by the myths. Plus, he actually didn't pick that job. I searched a lot about Hades, and most threads say he was forced by his brothers to rule Erebus, and guard Tartarus, while Zeus and Poseidon had fun being the #1 gods, and telling everyone he's evil. And the Persephone thing, Zeus aloud that, so it's his fault, plus anyone would've done that. I mean really, the only ones he is with is dead souls, and he got lonely, so he took someone alive in, that's probably the reason he let some heroes in, too. I'm annoying myself, wherever I go, I type to much.

Edit: anyone know why evil is so slow always, anywhere, cause in real life, it is ussually faster than the good. Anyone tell me why arkantos became a god, oh yeah, Zeus only lets people who like him to be immortal.

Edit: got a very big problem, I bought age of mythology extended edition a few minutes ago, but it tells me the card is blocking it and I can't buy it, but the card says I bought it 2 times, even though I bought it once.

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posted 15 July 2016 12:46 PM EDT (US)     51 / 115  
New to this site, been playing AOM for a few years and looking to with some like minded people. Not sure where to look on this site but would like to 1vs1 or teams. Skill level is hard to determine since i only play with a small group at the moment. Let me know how we can hook up.
posted 18 September 2016 05:27 PM EDT (US)     52 / 115  
This is a dead message board isnt it
posted 09 October 2016 05:37 PM EDT (US)     53 / 115  
Well I'm the guy he's talking about but I'm not the owner
I could be though...
Couldn't find you on steam. Maybe open in browser and paste link to profile here?

Hades = Hell, nobody likes hell.
I would definitely take your problem up with Steam.

@screw you
What's your Steam?

Hey there, this thread itself is pretty dead but the forums have some new posts once in a while.

posted 23 October 2016 12:52 PM EDT (US)     54 / 115  
I have used this site many times in the past when AOM was much more popular than it is now, but I never registered until now. I still play AOM quite often and dont really have anyone to play with. I have a discord if anyone would like to join and play sometime.
posted 25 October 2016 09:26 AM EDT (US)     55 / 115  
Welcome and thanks for registering!

Do you play on the Extended Edition?

posted 26 October 2016 09:46 AM EDT (US)     56 / 115  
@Captain Obvious yes I use the Extended Edition through Steam. steam user name is Revenge488
posted 30 October 2016 03:21 AM EDT (US)     57 / 115  
Hello everyone.

I am Dodge, and I have been playing AOM since I was 13 way back in 2009 lol. I'm 22 and still play it today, and I absolutely love it. Has to be the best strategic/action video game I have ever played, and the diversity in which it's based off is great!
I've always been a fan of Mythology and this game just seals the deal.

Even though I have played this game for many years, I've only just discovered this website recently! I made my very first post not long ago asking for assistance, and I got great feedback on the matter from CaptainObvious and WollieWoltaz ! So I'm here to stay, and hopefully I too can help others by passing on my knowledge of the game to those who need it.

Thanks everyone nice meeting you!

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posted 01 November 2016 05:47 PM EDT (US)     58 / 115  
Good to have you! A good start would be to get your avatar set up.

If you click on the "my account" tab at the top-left, you can go into your account settings and click the Gravatar link to set it up. Make sure you use the same email address that you use for heavengames.

If after setting it up you don't see it immediatly, use Ctrl + F5 to refresh.

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posted 14 January 2017 06:34 AM EDT (US)     59 / 115  
Hello ^^

I'm Huso from Turkey, Denizli. I'm 18 and I am studying last year of high school which makes me to study a lot. Except a few weeks tho. My brother bought AOM on steam to me and i started playing it a lot. And I'll stop playing it until summer from Monday. But I'll be here again soon! I just need to study a lot to get my scholarship on university ^^. Then i can play whenever
I like xD
posted 14 January 2017 06:25 PM EDT (US)     60 / 115  

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