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Topic Subject:Top 5 infantry major gods
posted 02 May 2018 06:49 PM EDT (US)         
As on my other topic about archer major gods: One god per civilization, and "infantry" is defined as all units to take bonus damage from anti-infantry units, like the Hypapsist. What also means, that Norse heroes, and Atlantis heroes that are infantry, will be considered as "infantry", but myth units like the Minotaur will not. So, lets get started:

#1: Uranus.

Fanatic Heroes are arguably the ultimate meele unit, capaeble of tackling just about any meele unit that does not specializes on killing infantry. On their standart mode, Fanatics can actually beat standart anti-infantry units in one versus one, though admittedly they usually arent population effective against then. And although the Fanatics may be the stars of Atlantis infantry, dont you ever, even for a secound, think that it means Atlantis infantry only gets good on the Mythic Age: Atlantis infantry is good from the beggining to the end of the game. The reason why Uranus specifically was chosen is both because his speed bonus slightly improves infantry against its main and, arguably in the case of Fanatics, only true counter( Archers ), and because this same speed bonus also gives him some decent options for Classical Age rushes, particularly with the decently fast and yet still quite powerfull Murmillo. In general, Uranus has many ways to make up for the infantry normal weakness of low mobility.

#2: Thor.

With all of the myth and Armory upgrades, Ulfsarks become one of the best meele units in the game, rivalling Fanatics in terms of population effectiveness. Of course, it is quite a investment to get then to be-That-Good, but Thor still has undoubtedly the best Ulfsarks the Norse have to offer. The Norse and Atlantis are also the civilizations with the most versatile infantry, being both able to tackle both infantry, cavalry and archers with it.

#3: Zeus.

In any situation where your opponent is not also plaiyng as the Greek, the Myrmidon acts as a sort of "Mini-Fanatic" of sorts. The Hoplite, although lacking the brute power of some of the units described above, is still quite powerfull for a Classical Age unit, too. Admittedly, when you look at the minor god upgrades, Zeus is actually more of a "jack-of-all-trades" god then a infantry god per say, but his Hoplites are still strong and durable. I know it sounds like I am not giving him all that much praise, but it is simply because the Hoplites are fairly "standart" where infantry is concerned, being a bulky but slow anti-cavalry unit. It is simply that, on this quite standart role, they are really good at it.

#4: Ra.

Ra and Set are one of two Major Gods to have access to Horus and Ptah, whose respective upgrades greatly improve the Axeman and especially the Spearman, which becomes one of the most cost-effective anti-cavalry units in the game. I choose Ra over Set however, because of its fastest boom, in virtue of its ability to use Priests to empower as well as its ability to use Rain to boost its farms production. Though using Rain while still on the Arcaic Age might be a unconventional tactic, if you keep in mind that the Egyptians are the only civilization that actually-Can-Build farms on the Archaic Age, it might not be a entirely stupid idea, considering how much of a edge you will get if you get to be the first player to advance to the Classical Age.

Unfortunatelly, without god upgrades, the Spearman and the Axeman are essentially worst versions of the Greek Hoplite and Hypapsist. ... Okay, maybe I am being a bit strict here. After all, the Spearman is both cheaper, faster, and has a bigger line of sight then the Hoplite. So it makes for a better scout( Priests suck for purposes of scouting ) and raider( What goes well with a possible early Classical Age Spearman rush, if you ever feel like triyng it out. ). But in direct combat, it still falls flat against most infantry units. This is why Ra is still below Zeus: Hoplites are kind of great by default, whereas you have to work to get your Spearman to be good.

#5: Fu Xi.

Personally, I am the kind of player who strongly values versatility. So of course the last place would go to a Chinese major god, as the Chinese have only one infantry unit, the Halberdier, which is honestly nothing to brag about: A cheaper but weaker version of the Hoplite, basically.

With that said, that doesnt mean it is -Useless. As both of Fu Xi Classical Age gods have upgrades dedicated to boosting Halberdiers, God Powers which help with rushes( Call to Arms and Great Journey ), and Fu Xi himself has a great economy and is particularly good at aging up to the Feudal Age quickly, he can pull a very powerfull early Classical Age Halberdier rush. For a supposedly so defensive civilization, I find the Chinese to be surprisingly good at rushing. One could argue Nu Wa is capaeble of a similar tactic, but the difference is, Fu Xi Halberdiers can stay viable through the game thanks to other minor god upgrades( Like Zhong Kui and Ao Kuang ones ). And though Shennong has similar upgrades, its boom up to the Classical Age never hit me as being quite as fast as Fu Xi one... So I am going with Fu Xi.
(id: Lilitu)
posted 02 May 2018 09:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 11       
Also someone here has some serious Set Bias. :P

You need to keep in mind that egyptian farming is nerfed until they get the Plow upgrade.
If you're talking about egyptian classical pressure, Set is kinda strong on that. You could use his animals and other you convert either to aid you, or as a food source.

Aaand you ignored Anubis who is used for early Spearman action.

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posted 02 May 2018 09:21 PM EDT (US)     2 / 11       
... Maybe, a bit. But, if you think my Set bias is bad, that is because you havent seen my Anubis bias yet .

Basically, my opinion about Anubis is that Ptah just offers more and better upgrades. And yeah, Set is a good god for early agression, but honestly, I would say it is less because of its infantry and more because of its Slingers...
posted 03 May 2018 07:59 AM EDT (US)     3 / 11       
No. With Zeus, infantry counter buildings as well as any destroyer, and are leagues faster.
Haven't actually checked numbers, but when I play Zeus, I don't bother with siege. 20-30 hoplites can decimate a well defended city. Trashing houses, towers, and palaces/fortresses/hill forts etc.
posted 03 May 2018 09:22 AM EDT (US)     4 / 11       
Honestly, the real reason why I barely bother with siege on this game( At least, on its actual intended role at tearing buildings apart ) is because many Myth units can take a similar role at destroiyng buildings while being much better against actual units :/. Exceptions to this rule would be "anti-unit" siege weapons like the Cheiroballista, the Ballista and the Fire Lance. What I am triyng to say here is... I dont care that much about Zeus bonus that gives extra damage to Hoplites against buildings because I prefer Colossus for this role :/

Dont forget that the Destroyer also has a enormous pierce armor that renders it viable against archers, a luxury that the Hoplite does not have. And that Uranus Murmillos easily outspeed Zeus Hoplites while being almost as strong. And, most importantly... Running the risk of sounding repetitive, but I cannot stress enough just how powerfull the Fanatic actually is late game. It makes the Myrmidon look like a complete pushover by comparisson, and Hoplites dont stand a chance. Hypapsists-Do-Counter Fanatics to a extent... But that is because countering infantry is sort of the only thing they are good at. Honestly, the mere fact that a Fanatic can defeat a Hypapsist in one versus one is already impressive in my eyes, even if the Hypapsist is cost and population effective against it.
posted 03 May 2018 12:15 PM EDT (US)     5 / 11       
I'm just sayin'.
There's more to the Zeus hoplite than bulky and slow. He boosts them speed wise too. And in most measurements, the cost and speed of the Greek infantry is what people point to as cons. Zeus infantry is faster.

I'm not saying they're better than fanatics. They aren't, but when playing Zeus, go infantry/myth. A few minotaurs and a couple dozen hoplites with the four heroes, and you won't have many problems.

I love the colossus as much as the rest of us, but they're slow and expensive. The Minotaur is much faster, has a good special attack, and while they can't demolish buildings like the colossus, the hoplites can.
Legendary Raider
(id: avaget)
posted 03 May 2018 02:17 PM EDT (US)     6 / 11       
you should put set>ra if it's purely lategame infantry list - anubis provides +10% attack compared to +10% pierce armour for spearmen from ptah making set spearmen better than ra's when fully upgraded
posted 03 May 2018 02:36 PM EDT (US)     7 / 11       
The problem with Anubis is that it upgrades-ONLY-The Spearman, whereas Ptah upgrades all Egyptian Barracks units. And... Honestly, I do not believe Anubis upgrade is that much better to make up for the difference. Even looking only at infantry, Ptah also improves your Axeman, for a example( And at the Classical Age, it is better for the Egyptians to have-All-Their Barracks units be good, then for then to have just one be good, with how specialized they are. )

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Legendary Raider
(id: avaget)
posted 03 May 2018 02:58 PM EDT (US)     8 / 11       
if you extend it to "best barracks units" set still wins out, seeing as his slingers have more hack armour and produce faster
(id: eine_gurkensalad)
posted 05 May 2018 02:21 PM EDT (US)     9 / 11       

nothing else

you can't be better than a scandinavian and i should implement also loki.
they have more infantry units than others and it's basically their speciality.
You are able to have incredible ulfsarks as well as very good huskarls which are far more efficient than destroyer or fanatics if you have a decent look on the cost and pop cost.

Then Zeus is just good because he can destroy buildings, but his inf has nothing better in battle, except the powerfull myrmidon which is more complete than the fanatic, though a beat weaker.

Poseidon and hades do have potentially better hoplites and hypaspists, because of the very efficient upgrades from ares.

Atlanteans have only anti cav units (+anti inf fanatic), or if you count the destroyer also siege units. It's not complete and the most important thing is that you need palaces for fanatics AND destroyer which isn't practical, while greeks are able to build their inf everywere !

and of course egyptians have no place here because they are more cav and archer based, they have only 2 weak infantry which can be efficient with the cost but not that much compared to other peoples.
Horus give good improvments, there is nothing very good before (the up from anubis cost a lot...) but when you are at the age 4 you have powerfull migdol units and you begin to look at the pop cost of your units, where the very very cheap and weak infantries are definitively bad...

and finally, the chinese halberdier is completely cheated, since it's better than a hoplite for a ridicule cost

you do see 5 hp and 1 hack attack less, but they have +0.1 speed and this stupid *1.3 bonus against cav hoplite haven't.

but it's true that this single unit isn't sufficient to make chinese a good infantry civ.
posted 05 May 2018 03:08 PM EDT (US)     10 / 11       
I am not sure if I would call the Myrmidon "More complete" then the Fanatic. Granted, its attack bonus also applies to archers, but, the thing is... A attack bonus against archers, on a fairly slow unit, with unexceptional pierce armor, tends not to be relevant as often as one would think, especially once you factor in whatever will be standing between it, and the archers . Though I always wondered why doesnt the Fanatic gets a attack bonus versus archers as well, but oh well. I also kind of hate the restriction of Myrmidons attack bonuses not appliyng to Greek human units.

The Halberdier indeed has the potential to be one of the most cost-efficient anti-cavalry infantry in the games, but again, as I said, it is basically a one-trick pony. With the proper upgrades, it might overwhelm other infantry units through sheer strenght in numbers, but I value versatility. And I still stand by my point that the Destroyer huge pierce armor should not be underestimated in battles where ranged units play a large factor.
(id: eine_gurkensalad)
posted 06 May 2018 10:38 AM EDT (US)     11 / 11       
fanatics doesn't have anyb bonus against buildings and myth units, that's why they are less complete.
And the bonus against archers for myrmidons can be useful sometimes, because they can actually beat them faster than a cav if you reached the archers without too much loses (you should add some mu or cav to take the hits
I'm not saying that they beat archers, they lost in most cases, but sometimes they can, and they are more efficient than fanatics anyways, for this.

And you may say that fanatics hero can beat mythic units, that's true, but then their cost and pop cost make them very bad against human units so...

and destroyer can be interesting to use in battle, but other peoples have always better (huskarls or even rams, hippikons, colossus or even helepolis, war elephants or even siege towers and ok chineses doesn't have this kind of things but they have cheated fire lances...)
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