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Topic Subject: Some good ideas for ES about the X pack and AoM.
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posted 01 April 2002 04:26 PM EDT (US)   
They must Return to their original ships' idea in AoM.
Fire must burn units.

Then for X pack:

1. Israelite culture's not bad option I've some Ideas for it:
a) Sigle G-d culture which gains favor by praying and animal sacrifice, divided in only two civs: Abrahamanic and Moses believers.
Abrahamanic- Traditional ones, who believe in all aspects before Moses appered.
Moses Believers- Decalog believers.

b)MUs: Galemi also called Golem MU.

c) Heroes- Abraham, Jacob, Isaac- Abrahamanic. ( If Abraham is killed then Isaac will be next hero, and then if Isaac is killed Jacob will be next hero.)

Moses, Isaiah, David, Solomon, Juda, and all
12 Tibes leaders- Moses Believers.

d) Army: Swordsmen, Archers and slingers are the options.

e) Buildings: Temples, Fortressses, houses and TC's and markets also granaries.

f) G-d Powers: Since this culture's single G-d, they may have chance for more G-d powers than other culture's maybe two each age.

Well why I think this can be good option- Egyptians vs. Hebrews (Israelites.
This won't be offensive for the Jewish community and may be taken as a complement for many jewish guys that like this games. I'M JEWISH SO I KNOW THAT.

2. Add the Moeso Americans.
3. Add the Mesopotamians.
4. Add Chinese.
5. Add Romans.
6. Add Hindus.

Well here're some ideas for AoM and it's X-pack. I know it'll take too much for X-pack's release but these are good ideas.

posted 01 April 2002 04:45 PM EDT (US)     1 / 45  
I like the idea but if you add all those civs your gonna need allot more gods, and minor gods. And thats allot more gods, and gp's.

Also AOM hasn't come out yet, and we'll have a long time before they do an X pack.

Whoever reads what I said above should disregard whatever I said, because I probably don't know what im talking about.
posted 01 April 2002 04:59 PM EDT (US)     2 / 45  
Welcome to the forum and happy passover .

I don't think they'll change the whole ships concept in the expension pack. I guess we'll have to wait for the next game for that...

Fire: there's a forest fire attack, and enough pyro units to burn everything (dragons, chimeras...) .

The main problem with the Israelite civ, is that more extreme believers (Jewish or/and Christians) won't the idea of biblical stories represented as mythology, and many trivial things in the game will touch sensitive points (for example: a screenshot of Moses being attacked by Cyclopes can make problems).
We've discussed widely the Israelite option in this thread.
I think the Israelites would perfectly fit in a historical game in ancient times (like AoE1 was).

I don't think they'll add more than one culture in the X-pack (although I hope they would ), and Mesopotamian\MesoAmerican\far-east cultures have a good chance to be added in the X-pack.

And of-course, we can't even imagine when will the x-pack be released...

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posted 01 April 2002 05:05 PM EDT (US)     3 / 45  
LOL, that would be funny to see a Cyclops attaking Moses, wait im a Cyclops and i resent that.

Whoever reads what I said above should disregard whatever I said, because I probably don't know what im talking about.
posted 01 April 2002 05:15 PM EDT (US)     4 / 45  
Thanks about the passover.

Well, the Egyptian Pharaoh can banish enemy MUs, what about Jewish Heros?

ES can make them the most powerful Heros, maybe untouchable by MUs or immune to their attacks, however weak to regular units attacks, and all religions have Mythology even mine, I mean have you ever seen stories about the sight of any Golem?

And I mean in the fire stuff to massive fire arrows rain, catapults' hits and ballistas' hits too.

And well as I told you I know many Jewish guys who like these games would love this, just as I do.

Well, for example we could have here like a campaing's mission the Exodus, Moses would guide a lot of peolpe through the Red Sea using a G-d Power (You know what I mean) and as G-d Powers maybe the 12 Plagues the Most devastating G-d Power in all the Game.

Then I meant ES would have to make their beautiful big ships in AoM not only X-pack but in AoM.

posted 01 April 2002 06:04 PM EDT (US)     5 / 45  
A parting of the red sea would be an awesome GP. You could split any water way so that people could walk through it. Then whenever you're done with it, you click a button and it closes. Any units caught in it when it closes will die.

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posted 01 April 2002 06:29 PM EDT (US)     6 / 45  
See, it would be a fantastic G-d Power.

I mean things like that it would be good to add Israelite Culture.

Look I have ideas too for some Israelite GPs:
1. Waters Split- Split Water from edge to edge, and closes when your units and allied ones have passed, or as Leif Ericsson said, you click on a button to close and kill enemy units there.
2. The Twelve Plagues- Locusts: Destroy farms in a certain Area; Blood River: Any enemy Ships will be destroyed or converted to yours; Frogs: Give any ideas! ; Meteror Shower included; Death of the Major son: kills all enemy villagers when used. Etc.

Also I've some ideas for MUs.

1. Galemi or Golem: A Stone Giant who's immune to archers, medusae, and can be used as siege weapon.

2. Tread: Just as the Norse tread a tree that has live and you can control, but with fire... You know what I mean, when G-d talks to moses burning one bush.... Like the Israelite Fire Giant...

And the Army.

1. Swordsmen- Maybe chaeper and faster than any other.
2. Archers- Faster and cheaper.
3. Slingers- More powerful than Egyptian ones.
4. No Cavalry.
5. No siege weapon- Maybe Golem could be used as that.
6. No naval units.
7. Spearmen- Fastest and cheapest,but weakest.


1. Moses, and all sucesors.
2. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
All with the MU banishing ability.


Really simple- TC, Market, Fortress, Barracks and Temples.

Favor Gathering.

Praying and Animal Sacrifice.

Wel more detailed Ideas of creating the Israelite culture.

posted 01 April 2002 08:10 PM EDT (US)     7 / 45  
i think an Israelite culture isnt such a good idea...many ppl r isrealites or they r hebrew (r those the same?) and they might b offended by havin their culture made in a game...just what i think

posted 01 April 2002 09:00 PM EDT (US)     8 / 45  
Israelites would be all of Israel. Hebrew or jewish would be more correct.

What is Golem? it sounds familier but I can't put my finger on it.

MU's. Angels?

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on Black Forest? Who dragged you out on a 6 hour
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posted 01 April 2002 10:06 PM EDT (US)     9 / 45  


This won't be offensive for the Jewish community and may be taken as a complement for many jewish guys that like this games. I'M JEWISH SO I KNOW THAT.

I'm Christian and despite what I think other people would believe, I never cease to be amazed at stupid objections people of my own religion have because of that said religion.

There is always SOMEONE who will complain, I think...

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posted 01 April 2002 10:17 PM EDT (US)     10 / 45  
Not bad, but I'd much rather see some Asians or Assyrians in the X-Pack.
posted 01 April 2002 10:40 PM EDT (US)     11 / 45  
Golem is a stone Giant.

Assyrians are Mesopotamians- (Could be a civ. in the Mesopotamian Culture).

I've art concept for Israelite culture.


Angels wouldn't be a good MU option for Israelite culture I'll tell you a little secret, most of Jewish people don't believe in Angels. That's why I said the Golem (STONE GIANT).

Well let's go to my art concept idea:

Do you remember AoK's villagers?
Obviously yes if you've played the game or seen it.

Well my art concept is this:

1. Soldiers (Any) and male villagers would be AoK villagers dressed in brown tunics, and a coloured belt to show the player which it belongs. For example.

Soldiers- Swordsmen: Brown tunic, arab type head gear with blue and white strips. (like the one Saudi Arabians Leaders use) (I don't know this head gear's name)and a long silver coloured thin sworld, with a wooden shield.

Bowmen: Brown tunic, black arab head gear, bow.

Spearmen: A swordsman with spear and shield.

Villagers- Male: Unarmed white arab sttyle head gear swordman.
Female: White tunic covered hair.

posted 02 April 2002 00:04 AM EDT (US)     12 / 45  
What do you think about this ideas?

I've Ideas for technologies:

This one may be a Cultural tech: Circumcition pact- Makes your population limit bigger (From 200 to 250 or 300) or makes your units equal half their population value.

Money: (Invented by Phoenicians) each trade cart returning from an allied market or neutral one to yours will give twice or three times the gold it carries.

Another idea for art concept:

Buildings: Similar (NOT SAME) to Egyptian, but with more courtains, and wooden sticks.

Galemi (Golem): A stone Giant which in Jewish religion means "Unperfect". The Golem's legend is the "unperfect" life created by rabines, which were used as protectors of people. In AoM, it could be immune to arrows but very suceptible to siege weapons and heroes.



Abrahamanic- Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: If Abraham dies his son Isaac becomes hero, and if he dies then Jacob becomes hero.
Abraham- He could banish enemy MUs, empower buildings (Maybe a Hebrew Pharaoh). And replaced by Isaac if dies.
Isaac- Same as Abraham.
Jacob- Same as Isaac.

Moses believers: Moses, his brother, the Judges and the Tribe leaders.

Moses: As Abraham, with the poer of Cast the Spliting Waters GP on any water mass.
Isaiah: An armed Abraham kind unit.
Samson: Swordsman with great strenght- Most powerful than Heracles....


posted 02 April 2002 00:36 AM EDT (US)     13 / 45  
I think it is a bit offensive, a game where people standing for your culture could lose.

I am Christian (Catholic if you wanted to know), and I woulld be heavily offended if I saw a Pope like figure being come upon by an army of horsemen, infact I probably wouldnt sleep that night. Im not religious, but its just wrong, and it doesnt digest well with me. And, I dont think Jewish people would like to see Moses in that same situation.

but my number one reason is: You can hunt pigs for fod in the game, that wouldnt digest very well with the Jeish population or your troops (need a Jewish person to confirm this but I dont think most seafood is kosher either).

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posted 02 April 2002 00:45 AM EDT (US)     14 / 45  
I agree with X-Crash...I'm not Jewish but i dont think that I would like to see a biblical hero getting squashed by a mountain giant. But i like the other ideas. Also i have a siege unit idea: In the bible there was a story where a weak little army brought down an enemy citie's walls with nothing but the sound of their horns. The unit could be dressed like a swordsman except no sword, all he has is a horn and a torch, and he has a bonus against walls and towers, kinda like the Hun's Tarkan (i think thats what its called) in AoK:C. Also a GP called the Ark, where every animal within a certain radius doubles and goes into a huge boat and goes to your nearest dock and then unloads and then you can hunt them.Another GP would be called "Garden of Eden" and it would make all of the agressive and hostile gaia units passive or player controllable. Also for some MUs they could have the four winged animals that represented the parts of the bible: the ox(or bull or cow) with wings, and eagle, a lion with wings, and i forgot the last one, but there's 4 of them and they would be good flying MU's. This time, it's biblical!

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posted 02 April 2002 00:56 AM EDT (US)     15 / 45  
I'm Jewish and's not offensive!

Look I've suggested Moses could banish MU's and maybe could make him really strong.


posted 02 April 2002 01:05 AM EDT (US)     16 / 45  
Well we could make a lower religious stuff by making Heroes stuff like:
Samson, David, Solomon, etc.

But G-d Powers' idea is good, like "Spliting Waters" or "12 Plagues".

For MUs well Galemi is the only option since we have no other mythological aspect.

posted 02 April 2002 03:32 AM EDT (US)     17 / 45  

Quoted from Bernardo:

But G-d Powers'...

Bernardo reminds me of a HG cherub when he partially spelt the word "God" with the dash replacing the "o": G-d. Why can't u just spell the whole thing man? Some of you jewish people (not all, just some) are strange...

posted 02 April 2002 04:20 AM EDT (US)     18 / 45  
Wait, what the hell?

Quoted from Bernardo:

DON'T MAKE X PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 02 April 2002 12:28 PM EDT (US)     19 / 45  
For Socrates You're right I've told not to do X-Pack but I liked the Idea of Israelites.

About the Dash in the word G-d, well is to show respect to him.

posted 02 April 2002 01:12 PM EDT (US)     20 / 45  
sorry guys, its not going to be in the game and anyways...

Jews cant eat any Unclean animals. the can eat animals that have split hooves (sp?) and that animals that eat the cud of the earth (cows eat grass)...

for example, the cow has a split hoove, and eats the cud of the earth, so the jews can eat them.

However, the pig ALSO has a split hoove, but it doesnt eat the cud of the the jews cannot eat them...

So obviously that is one reason they do not want to the Jews in AoM. They (the jews) do not want to see the culture "sinning" (by eating unclean animals) in a game.

Also, people that are not jewish would use this game to represent what they think jews are like, and i know the Jewish (and ES) DO NOT want that to happen.

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posted 02 April 2002 01:26 PM EDT (US)     21 / 45  

Quoted from Bernardo:

About the Dash in the word G-d, well is to show respect to him.

Is this another mythology again? LMAO

posted 02 April 2002 01:28 PM EDT (US)     22 / 45  
Go meditating or you're not reaching Nirvana....

If you were a good Budhist you wouldn't be using a computer.

posted 02 April 2002 01:44 PM EDT (US)     23 / 45  

Quoted from Bernardo:

Go meditating or you're not reaching Nirvana....

Are you smoking crack out of your butt hole again? Only monks and priests meditate; people who are of their religion don't.


If you were a good Budhist you wouldn't be using a computer.

?!? If you're a sane human being (which I doubt you are), take a brake from your computer, because I think the electromagnetic waves from the monitor are making your brain functions like a pile of cow dung...

posted 02 April 2002 02:55 PM EDT (US)     24 / 45  
Well, then let me correct this:

Go meditating or you're not reaching Nirvana.

Well, get away from the human pleasures or you're not reaching Nirvana.

posted 02 April 2002 04:15 PM EDT (US)     25 / 45  
Pardon me, but I find putting Judaism into AOM's Xpack is highly offensive to the religion. Killing their religious figures? You've got to be kidding me! This is a really bad idea!

Nope can't do that. The better choice, obviously, would be the meso americans or the ancient chinese.

posted 02 April 2002 05:42 PM EDT (US)     26 / 45  
Bernardo and william_chen_: I am telling this to you as both a critcizer and a friend. STOP making fun of each others religions or you will get banned, though I obviously dont have that authority, people with authority can and will do that as they dont like to see this sort of stuff anymore than we do. If you want to see a religious war, watch the news... people come to these forums in order to enjoy a respectful community, not to fight over our differences. This is getting out of hand and I would rather not see usually good people banned over silly reasons. Please be mor conservative in your posts.


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posted 02 April 2002 07:30 PM EDT (US)     27 / 45  
MS made Enemble remove the Jannie's hat, how do you think this would go down...?
posted 02 April 2002 09:18 PM EDT (US)     28 / 45  
Hey XCrash_Fish, you're right but however that guy started.
posted 02 April 2002 09:38 PM EDT (US)     29 / 45  
Julius Caesar could have started it for all I care, I just want to have a happy smilie forum..... like this one >

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posted 02 April 2002 10:03 PM EDT (US)     30 / 45  
Oh I see:

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