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Topic Subject: What's your favorite new concept in AOM?
posted 14 May 2002 02:25 AM EDT (US)   
Not your favorite new unit but your favorite new concept that ES has put into the game. For example, some of the ones that I am fond of are:
-Norse having to kill to gain favor
-16-player support
-the addition of Starcraft-like specialty units (the myth units) in general
-the move to a 3-civ org in which each civ is very different (again like Starcraft and unlike AoE or AoK)
-many of the UI changes
-and the potential (maybe) for ships to be generic and extensible.

But I have to say that my favorite is the fact that the Norse infantry builds their buildings. In some ways this is combined with their kill-to-gain favor, but I think it will just add a tremendous element to the game to be able to be entirely offensive. Gone are the days of having to decide between keeping your villi count up at the pop limit or go for the throat with army at the expense of infrastructure! It's a subtle change yet very novel in my opinion and should really change the way the game is played. Which isn't to say I will necessarily be a Norse player, either, in Starcraft I always played random and actually most enjoyed the Greek-like yet unpopular Terran, and my defensive Age playing style has always fit the Egyptians' strengths. But I think the Norse concepts might be just what the doctor ordered to bring out the nasty in my game!

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posted 14 May 2002 03:31 AM EDT (US)     1 / 9  
For me it is the huge range of choice in the game. The worst thing about AOE and AOK was that there were only 12 or 13 civs and they were very similar. In AOM there are three completely different cultures, 9 civs, and 27 minor gods. All up, there is a whoping 72 different combinations of cultures, civs and minor gods ! The fact that you can choose to worship different minor gods during the game means that even if two players play as Ra, they can still have different MUs and GPs.

I also love the egyptian monuments and of course the whole mythology thing.

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posted 14 May 2002 06:00 AM EDT (US)     2 / 9  
I have to agree with Throbin in that the diversity is my favourite thing. AoM presents such a wide range of choices, not only in civilization differences but in the tactics that they make you use. In AoK I could use the same tactics with practcally any civilization, but obviously it will be very different in AoM. I also like that ES has chosen to make the special abilities different to other RTS games. GP's are strong but rare, and the player has no control over special abilities from MU's.

I honestly cannot say that I have found anything that I do not like about AoM.

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posted 14 May 2002 07:02 AM EDT (US)     3 / 9  
My favorite factor is the one that they went back in time and chose a much more interesting setting than ideas like moving towards the renaissance and other boring gunpowder ages. The ground concept in AoM is much more fresh and inspiring than most other recent games in this genre.
posted 14 May 2002 09:45 AM EDT (US)     4 / 9  
anythin new is really cool...many of this stuff hasnt been tried out in games b4 and itll b neat to c what its like

posted 14 May 2002 10:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 9  
AoM has lots of impressive features in their game, as well as breath-taking graphics which has always been a big turn on for me in a game.

Working on our game, we are always looking for features and trying to work them into soemthing better. Common soldiers and hero gain expierence from battles, units can switch weapons etc.

posted 14 May 2002 10:23 AM EDT (US)     6 / 9  
I agree with Throbin and Head Cheese
posted 14 May 2002 12:44 PM EDT (US)     7 / 9  
well, my favorite new uni.. ohhh damn!!!
the thing that i love a bout AOM is the stuff that Throbin has said

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posted 17 May 2002 02:40 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9  
Personally, I like the way you choose minor gods to help build your techtree depending on the events in a specific game. Some of our players always pick the cav-heavy minor gods when playing Poseidon, others like to throw their opponents off by choosing archer or infantry gods, and still others pick a god to counter a strategy by another player.

It adds an amazing amount of strategic depth and replayability in the game. We can have All Odin playtests, and still see many different units and strategies. In AOK, an All Goth game would pretty much mean a whole lot of Champions.

posted 17 May 2002 04:33 PM EDT (US)     9 / 9  
settlements. No doubt.

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