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Topic Subject: First day with AoM, what will you do?
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posted 23 May 2002 11:42 AM EDT (US)   
Sorry if some other thread exist already on that subject, I checked superficially only and found nothing. If it exists, it is old. I knew that some related discussion occurred in a thread on a different topic, I don't remember where exactly.

The long and interesting thread about RM versus DM (started by DeadlyDentures) made me think that I might ask what we expect to do when we first play the game. RM or DM?? Team play or 1 vs 1?? Multiplayer or single player?? Type of map ??

Here what I did when I got AoK followed by what I plan to do when I'll get AoM :

AoK :

I played a single game, 3 vs 3 on rivers (I was frank and rivers was a new type of map then), the comp was on medium. It was a RM game. By the way, my team won but it was a long game.

AoM :

I will also play a single game. Probably 3 vs 3 vs 3 (including all civs, a greek team, a norse team and an egyptian team). It will be RM. I'll be either norse or greek, may be simply Zeus to get fast the feeling of MUs and myth techs that need favor. I'll try to use one of the new maps. Can't say if I"ll win this time, but against the comp I hope so... I'll put it on medium again, to have a decent opponent who know how to play but who is still weak enough for me to spend half my time gazing in wonder at the screen, half the time actually playing and still win it.

la guerre comme la guerre

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posted 24 May 2002 00:56 AM EDT (US)     31 / 36  
Ha! It already is May 24th!
posted 24 May 2002 01:00 AM EDT (US)     32 / 36  
not here 2 more hours

now back to your regular scheduled topic...

posted 24 May 2002 02:27 AM EDT (US)     33 / 36  
When the game comes out I'm going to be in the military and commanding my squad and they are going to suffer from my aggression, since i won't be able to play the game. When I get some free time of from the military, I will go home and be commanded by my girlfriend. When she is asleep, I will install the game, reading the manuel cover to cover, by the time the install is complete I will be sleeping, due to lack of rest.


I will probably stop at a temple for a short paryer, greek style, to get God favor. I'll need it to be in control... But, hopefully I will not try to get it the norse way.

Since I belong to the norse culture, I am going to do what god did, He said "there will be pain and suffering" and there was pain and suffering.

When children blow themself up it is called stupidity. When soldiers do it is called Heroism.

It is with mixed feelings you sit down on a hot toilet seat.

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posted 24 May 2002 06:35 AM EDT (US)     34 / 36  
I'll rip open the wrapper, lick the box until it disintegrates, encase the remnants in carbonite, frame the manual, use a butter knife to open the cd case wrapper (don't want to damage the jewel case), use felt gloves to insert the cd into the newly cleaned cd-rom, and then insert exact movements and exact settings to be used while playing!!! Won't That be fun!!!!
posted 24 May 2002 09:07 AM EDT (US)     35 / 36  
I'll play a couple of RM games on easiest setting, all visible, starting in Archaic, just to get the feel of the game. Then all of us FPHers will have a big multiplayer game of AoM.

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posted 24 May 2002 01:47 PM EDT (US)     36 / 36  


ps guess what? TOMORROWS MY B-DAY! may 24 ill hit the big 13!

I'll be celebrating...but not because of your B-day, but because school is out! j/k, but here's a shout out to our good buddy ATF!

Anyways, if you stand back and look at all of this, its really amazing how much there will be in AOM, and to add to that, how much we dont know... well, I cant wait!

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The only reoccurence in every AoM games you lose, is you.
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