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Topic Subject:Thor FH
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posted 14 August 2003 08:38 AM EDT (US)         
After playing Odin for a while, i'm practicing Thor for rated.

He's very fun, actually, I've been pondering a dwarf build that i need some suggestions on.

Basically, i put my first 6 dwarves on gold, then alternate dwarves between food and wood (and if i'm low on gold later i put those dwarves on food/gold while i make vils for wood)

Okay, so i go to Classical. I don't spend any resources on getting econ upgrades like Husbandry, Pick axe, etc. What i, is put down an armory while i advance. This gives me a very decent 8-9 min Heroic. Then i'll get the upgrades and such..

Is this a start with some potential? Being up an age against an opponent is always helpful, the econ upgrades would screw me a little, but my hopeful mil advantage should make up for that..right?


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posted 14 August 2003 09:21 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Thor is usually not considered for a FH, but I think hes quite ok with it since he can have a 3000 gold mine put anywhere in safety when hitting heroic, none other can do this.
I think u should hit heroic at between 7-7.30.
I have used a thor fh many time and if going skadi u get a great rush stopper in the frost (not much idea going bragi for a fh since flaming weapons use depends on how big army u have, and with a fh u clearly have less than a classic rusher hitting your base at normal classic speed).
I do tower upgrade during transition to heroic and put up a few houses/walls around towers. I make 1 longhous also during transition, u need a few units. Then put up a hillfort asap. Problem now is how to use the fh? u clearly have a worse eco than a classic rusher, so I prefer to have just a few on food to keep up villager production and put more to wood. now I begin to spam huskarls/ta, which requires alot of wood but no food. These units can take care of almost anyting together. I get medium infantry (rather cheap) and put up 1-2 more longhouses or 1 longhouse and another hillfort.

From here on the eco shouldnt be any problem as your units dont require food. expand and take control. Put the hillforts stragegically, covering wood/gold. U might wanna wall the hillfort so it wont get spanked by a few melee units. huskarls do beat classic cav pop effectivly and archers and ta beat infantry. When I get to much wood I shift woodies to farming and from then on its totally unknown. And yes the dwarven mine with 3000 heroic golds come in handy at this stage if rushed badly.
Just my 2 cents.

posted 14 August 2003 09:22 AM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
unless you are up against eggies, FH is not usually a good idea. Believe me..i learned this the hard way, nothing is more frustrating when you meet 30 or so RCs when you just reached Heroic..
posted 14 August 2003 09:25 AM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
and prolly yes, vs eggy its a possible tactic. the rest is rather risky. Its also possible to make a few rc and then fh like 2 minutes later against eggy.
But then again, u can always frost those 30 rc.

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Evil Dragon
posted 14 August 2003 05:20 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
I don't know about Thor FH in general, but on water it's good. He already has a rocking water game, and if you can get heroic by 7:30ish (my best was 7:18) you can pump arrow-ship counters, and have a good econ by getting econ techs.

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posted 14 August 2003 05:29 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
ive gotten a 623 with thor, a decent eco, considering i am more advance then the enemy and since u can go with more dwarfs then u dont waste the precious food for gathereing herdables.

ps there was alot of hunt so i got hunting dogs, pigsticker, and husbandry, so that was good

husbandry isnt good, since they dont return as fast it put me behind atleast 20 secs because all i needed was 14 food.

posted 14 August 2003 06:40 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
here'a a BO for a 6.17 thor HEROIC water build, and u dont tost dwarven mine either. 3 docks up, one hersis out and wood upgrade. If you're interested:

G = gatherer
D = dwarf
Ox = oxcart
SD = starting dwarves

2G + SD+ Ox - Wood
2D + Ox - Gold
2G + Wood (6)
4D - Gold (6)
6D - Food

Secret is to make 1st dock asap, then 1 house then 2nd dock asap. now pump boats form both docks till around 4.30.
u dont get food with dwarves till the 6 last so u should have enough herd by then. make armory during transition to classic, make 3rd dock during transition to heroic. u should be able to click heroic button exactly when u hit classic. Now u can make a hersis and get wood/gold upgrades. Also shift some food dwarves to wood and some to gold. Yes anti arrow ships cost 100 wood/ 100 gold so u need same of both. Hey it works actually!

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