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Topic Subject:A guide to the Scarab
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Darth Persia
posted 16 March 2004 07:30 PM EDT (US)         
According to the votes I recieved from my other guides (This will be my only one this week) people wanted me to make a guide to the Scarab. I'm sorry for spamming guides on Sunday, and I will not do that again. In this guide, I have taken the suggestion several people and 1. Used the upgrades for Hopolites etc. 2. Compared it to other units. And 3. compared it too other siege, both myth and normal. Also, I would like to say I feel no ill will towrds any who flamed me and I hope we can put this all behind us. Oh, one more thing. i don't know how to put those neat pictures Artemis Chimera does, but I would appreciate someone telling me how. Now, on with the guide.

First, the stats. The guides I used were Isis and Zeus. (Greek opponent)

Cost: 300 food, 18 favor
Population: 5
Hitpoints: 670
Crush Armor: 80%
Hack Armor: 30%
Pierce Armor: 75%
Crush Damage: 12
Hack Damage: 6
Special atttack\ability: Acid Blood, when killed, damages all un its around it.

There. That looks ok so far, but let's see how the test results come up. Note: I used Heavy Hopolites and Toxtotes and used Copper and Bronze upgrades.

Test 1: 1 Scarab vs. 3 Heavy Hopolites

The Hopolites wiped the floor with the Scarab. The Scarab was killed in 30 sec. and only one Hopolite was killed. The other two had 116 out of 143 hitpoints left because of the Acid Blood.

Test 2: 1 Scarab vs. 3 Heavy Toxtotes

The Scarab did better here, although, if you look at the pierce armor, that's not surprising. The Toxtotes were killed in 48 seconds and the Scarab had 451 hitpoints left.

Test 3: 1 Scarab vs. 1 Zeus house

WOW!! The Scarab took it out in 4 hits and 6 seconds. Attacks every 1.5 seconds.

Test 4: I compared the House killing abilities of the Scarab, Heka-Gigantes, and the Benemoth.

Benemoth: Cost: 300 food, 25 favor population 5, Has HP regeneration, 1 per second. Killed house at same time of Scarab.

Heka-Gigantes: Cost: 300 gold, 25 favor, 5 population, killed house about half a second before Scarab.

Test 5: I used two of each against 1 hillfort and two Helopolis against 1 hillfort. The hillfort has 1900 hitpoints.

Scarabs: 12 seconds
Benemoths: 14 seconds
Heka-Gigantes: 11 seconds
Helopolis's: 21 seconds, cost for 1 Helopolis, 300 food, 200 gold, 5 population.

Well, we've seen how they shape up against buildings. It seems clear that the Scarab is superior to the Benemoth, which will become clearer in the next test.

Test 6: 1 Scarab vs. 1 Benemoth

Scarab won in 44 seconds with 95 hp. left, despite the 1 hp. per second regeneration of the Benemoth and the fact their stats are nearly identical. I was surprised, however upon careful examination, I saw the Scarab attacks slightly faster.

The Heka-Gigantes is a slightly better building killer, but how does it fair against hopolites and Toxtotes??

Test 7: 1 Heka-Gigantes vs. 3 Heavy Hopolites

The Hopolites were defeated in 24 seconds, although the Heka-Gigantes took more damage than I expected. 656 of it's 850 Hitpoints were left.

Test 8: 1 Heka-Gigantes vs. 3 Heavy Toxtotes

The Heka-Gigantes won here also in 31 seconds with 639 hitpoints left.

That concludes the end of the tests.

Now I will give some uses for the Scarab.

Vs. Norse: Heh heh! This tears through norse buildings. Their lack of ranged heroes makes the Scarab much better siege than anything else the Egyptians can get. As long as you can keep a good meat shield around it, it'll mow down those Hillforts and longhouses

Vs. Egyptians: Not as useful. They have lots of long ranged heroes, so it's alot more vulnerable to attack. Although it is still better than any other sige the Egyptians can get.

Vs. Greeks: Here is where it gets dicey. The Greek heroes, especially Bellpheron, Perseus, and Oddesyous, will tear the Scarab up.(Watch out for Bellpheron's leap attack, so be sure you have slingers or Chariot archers to take out heroes around it.

Vs. Atlanteans. It's really a mixed bag. If they use hero Arcuses, you are in trouble. They have incredible range and will eat it up quickly. Be sure to keep slingers around it and maybe some Chariot Archers.

That nearly concludes my guide to the Scarab. Finally, I will talk a little bit about Sekhmet's God Power (which slightly pertains to the high pop cost of the Scarab).

Sekmhet's GP: Citadel: This God Power is often misused by those who don't think about it carefuly. Although it would look like an awesome idea to use it on a forward base, if it's destroyed, it's gone permenantly, along with the ten extra population points you get from it. Take my advice and use it on your original TC! The ten extra pop points you get will give u room for two Scarabs.

That concludes my guide. Please don't put a bunch of flames in here. If you didn't like my guide, then please kindly suggest how I can make it better. If you liked my guide, then please vote on one of the following things I should make a guide for.

Bellpheron(Greek hero)
Perseus(Greek Hero)
Son of Orisis(Egyptian Hero)
Fire Giant(MU)

Thanks for reading

P.S. Please tell me how to put a picture of the unit here.

posted 17 March 2004 11:08 AM EDT (US)     26 / 36       
sorry, I meant those norse ballistas.

pictures: upload them to some site (eg:
There you can make a free account and upload some pics.
Then you have to place a link to that site (make sure you made it public and not private!)

edit: you must use [Image URL not allowed: url%20of%20pic]
you can use the pics of the AOMH game info section


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posted 17 March 2004 12:51 PM EDT (US)     27 / 36       
Scarabs are a much under-rated unit b/c there is only a narrow "window" to use them in. The best time and situation to use scarabs is in the early heroic peroid. If you are Ra, used rain wisely, and have 2 monuments up, you have enough food/favor to afford 2-3 additional scarabs to add to your free scarab upon reaching heroic age. They are the best siege in heroic age on a unit to unit comparison. Like Chrono_JJ said, you get them out very quickly as you reach heroic age, and the citadel gives you enough pop to afford 2 of them even if you are popped out. Get fortified TC upgrade right away, and that gives you enough extra pop for another 2 or 3 as well. Combine them with chariots to take out heros and you will do some serious damage to your opponent in early heroic. You then want to transition to siege towers after your scarabs die, however, because you will want to spend the favor on bone bow and to save it up for expensive mythic age techs and/or to research secrets of the titans.

When I watch experts play Ra, I am very interested that most of them pick hathor, yet often times they don't bother to make even one petsuchos. They raid with the roc and the free petsuchos and wadjet, but they don't tend to make any more pets. This must mean that they get a larger overall game benifit from roc - raiding then from the extra 10 pop from the citadel. The sun-dried mud brick tech usually seems to be researched in mid heroic in the games I have seen. I'm still not sure that you're going to get much of a benifit from spending 300 wood and 20 favor at that point in the game (all of your farms and most of your buildings are up by that point.) The extra 300 or so hp to a TC that it gives also does not seem to be that big of a deal. There must be an overall large benifit, though, because pretty much all of the expert Ra players will go that route.

posted 17 March 2004 02:26 PM EDT (US)     28 / 36       


There must be an overall large benifit, though, because pretty much all of the expert Ra players will go that route.

mabe because you can forward build easier? the locust gp is lethal against villies at a gold mine, too.
just a thought.

posted 17 March 2004 04:11 PM EDT (US)     29 / 36       
also, darth, to insert pics and stuff, look here:
posted 17 March 2004 06:54 PM EDT (US)     30 / 36       
great guida FOR ANOTHER SCARAB GUIDE. Just look for Artemis' onde. Try different MU and its fine.
posted 18 March 2004 11:57 AM EDT (US)     31 / 36       
Very nice guide Darth Persia, it's simple and goes right to the point.

The only thing I recommend to making guides, would be to add a section of how efectively counter such unit. Not just what the in-game-help gives you (send some heroes) But a real way to counter mythological units.

I vote Son of Osiris

posted 18 March 2004 12:15 PM EDT (US)     32 / 36       
GJ. Except Helepoli cost wood.

Its tourist season, get your rifle.
Foreign tourist meat is good.
Who cares what you do? We will all be dead in a few decades.
Dont run from your fears and sorrows.
Drown em in soda
Darth Persia
posted 18 March 2004 06:53 PM EDT (US)     33 / 36       
Looks like the Son of Orisis is winning.
Phat Fox
posted 18 March 2004 11:48 PM EDT (US)     34 / 36       
Someone should do a guide to HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!

AOM Titan Info.
Rating: 1650+
Civ. : #1 Thor #2 kronos #3 Odin
ESO : Blunt_69 aka CV_KiNGPiN
Darth Persia
posted 19 March 2004 10:12 AM EDT (US)     35 / 36       
If Son of Orisis wins, there will be a guide for him. Also, I will remember to find ways to counter units in my guides.
Darth Persia
posted 21 March 2004 08:39 AM EDT (US)     36 / 36       
It looks like the Son of Orisis won. Expect to see a guide soon.
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