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Topic Subject:Civ Equality & Blood Idea
posted 11 March 2003 07:11 PM EDT (US)         
I am thinking of a blood that each player gets a certain amount of resources and can build up an army to send forth to battle. My question is, if each civ was given say 500 of each resource, would they be able to build equally matched armies? That is to say, if I play a 1v1 match with one Civ as Set and one Civ as Hades, would the two armies built from the same amount of resources be a good match?

The recent threads on the AOM Sim have given me some food for thought. My idea is a blood where there are 3 timed matches. Each player gets 2 minutes to build an army. That army is then teleported to a battle arena and a 3 minute long battle commences. At the end of 3 minutes, the players are awarded bonuses based on the number of surviving units (or something along those lines -perhaps favor, but I don't want to do another norse-only blood!). The bonuses can be used for unit upgrades for the next match.

With some extremely fancy trigger coding, it could be done as a 6 player game with random 1v1 matchups in 3 battle arenas & eliminations until the final player is victorious. This would require hand coding triggers and using AOMED to inject them.

But do armies built with the same resources by different civs equal out?

an add on question:

Is there anyway to teleport a unit that a player creates at a military building? I can't seem to see the combination of triggers that make this possible. It seems that the only way to teleport a unit created during the game is by creating it using an army deploy and then using army teleport. I am missing something?

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